If you are buying a gaming mouse that’s best for each and every game, especially shooting games, the Logitech G502 Hero should be one your radar.

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Last updated on May 19, 2022 8:10 pm


Gamers, who desire a top-notch gaming mouse that gives excellent sensitivity, greater customization, and versatile performance, shouldn’t your investment Logitech G502 Hero.

Every gamer loves Logotech’s peripherals. Not because they just look fine, but because they have outstanding performance, appealing design and constructed with durable material. Every new gaming gadget, whether it’s gaming keyboard, mouse or headphone, is equipped by remember the needs of gamers; and soon the merchandise, after catching the attention, becomes just about the most popular gaming peripherals available in the market. This is exactly what we saw in Logitech G502 Hero, that provides everything a gamer seeks in a gaming mouse.

Whether you are an basic level gamer, an intermediate, or a specialist PC gamer, you desire a high-end gaming mouse to take your gaming to another level. Could be you curently have a gaming mouse that requires an ideal upgrade to keep carefully the pace of technical advancement. Regardless of in any case is, the G502 Hero may be the perfect upgrade for your gaming setup.

Built with whopping 16,000 DPI optical sensor, 11 customizable buttons, and further level precision the mouse gives what’s offers in true letter and spirit. We are discussing all of the features on by one.

G502 Hero VS G502 Proteus Spectrum
The G502 Hero is in fact an upgraded version of previously released G502 Proteus Spectrum. Those that already own the Proteus Spectrum would understand how good the mouse is in its features and performance is. Though both are similar in lots of aspects these, both main variations that produce G502 Hero an upgraded version are: the improvement in DPI Optical sensor from 12,000 to 16,000 and the improved strength that means it is an everlasting mouse.

The upgrade of DPI optical sensor from 12,000 to 16,000 is very a huge upgrade regarding number, and statistically a rise of 20 percent in improvement and precision. This improved degree of sensitivity will do to beat any competitor in level playing field, regardless of whatever title you are playing.

The second advantage G502 wins against its sister mouse can be an improvement in durability. Previously, the G502 Proteus Spectrum created a whole lot of nuisance among Logitech users because of its coarse weave on the cord sheathing, which soon breaks and withers away. The G502, alternatively, includes tight weave and durable material that doesn’t break away, at least not inside our case that you can see in this video review.

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Impeccable Design
Since you can plainly see in the picture, that is an enormous gaming mouse; it suits well for gamers with large hands. Measuring at 1.6 x 3 x 5.2 inches, the mouse covers a lttle bit more space than a typical mouse. Be aware that a mouse that’s equipped with a whole lot of features and built for power, will be heavy and large.

Built-in a (customizable) hefty weight of 140g, this could possibly be a pain for many who want a lightweight mouse such as for example Razer Viper Mini and Razer Deathadder Chroma, V2, both weighed below 100g. But also for me the weight was quite comfortable, as I were able to customize the weight, and didn’t feel pain in my own fingers or the muscle fatigue even after using it for a lot more than five hours. Incidentally, the weight is a matter of personal choice.

The great thing about the weight, however, is that, it could be reduced as per your individual preference, by detatching 5 chevron-shaped, 3.6 gram weights, kept beneath the thumb grip. This will certainly reduce the weight only 121g which is absolutely impressive.

What I liked the most in G502 Hero’s design, were its curved shapes along the proper and left buttons, which gave me a comfortable fit around my fingers. The mouse fitted so nicely that I became used to the monster in under 1 hour. Though not the offer breaker, the only problem I faced was the claw grip since it didn’t feel ergonomic in my own loose fingers. For all those with tight grip, this may work well and present some extra edge in comfort.

Durable Buttons
The G502 Hero features durable and comfortable buttons. The performance and longevity of both right and left buttons has been increased from 20 million clicks to 50 million clicks. Which means, the buttons could be clicked constantly for just two years. The performance beats the other popular mice available for sale.

Those that need separate buttons to adapt their DPI while gaming, would find this mouse most handy, as the mouse features two default buttons on the upper left side. But, other people who don’t like DPI buttons on the mouse could find it a pain because of accidental misclicks.

Apart from default buttons and the DPI buttons, G502 Hero also includes customizable scroll wheel which can be locked or unlocked according to the necessity and circumstances. Besides, the scroll wheel isn’t only comfortable used but also built with two buttons which can be activated by moving the wheel on either side.

Why is G502 Hero unique and progressive mouse is that’s is particularly suitable for shooter games. Two of the full total buttons are made for this purpose.

First may be the most popular sniper button. On the left side, specifically behind the thumb, the button, when clicked, quickly activates the sensitivity setting to 200 DPI. This, subsequently, enables you to fire at maximum rate and with maximum accuracy.

Second buttons dedicated for shooters, may be the already discussed scroll wheel lock button that enables you to one scroll at the same time. The lock features helps a fairly easy navigation in scrolling menus or inventory menus. When unlocked the scroll wheel again restores its normal movement.

Flawless Performance
As the Hero is excellent in its features, then why wouldn’t it be perfect in performance? Performance wise, the mouse is extraordinary even beating some popular gaming mice, especially in shooting games. In its improved sensor, greater DPI, higher comfort, I must say i saw no point that could hinder its performance.

While testing Hero for the titles, like Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Killing Floor 2, and GTA V what I felt was extreme comfortableness in pressing the keys. The scroll wheel moved whenever I needed to go it, and the buttons never gave me a lag of a good microsecond. In each game the click especially the sniper button and the medial side DPI sensor buttons proved the very best helping hands for me personally, though I accidentally misclicked the buttons for just two or three times.