Cats were always an undeniable fact of life growing up, so when I moved out, I adopted a few my very own. Home just didn’t feel just like home lacking any adorable little kitty nausea hair ties on my bed at 3 am. Cats are excellent and I really like them. No, really. I’ve a large number of cat paw pins on my various shoulder bags. I’ve several Pusheens; I understand all of the words to “Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat” and “Rum Tum Tugger.” But in so far as i love cats, as important because they have been to my entire life, I cannot stand the smell of litter.

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I don’t even just like the smell of clean litter. I could always feel it tickling my nose, but there’s nothing worse when compared to a litter box overdue for a cleaning. Due to that, I’m a fastidious litter scooper. It’s simply a household thing that must have finished, but I sort of hate it. THEREFORE I spent the past month or two letting the aptly-named Litter-Robot 3 Connect do it for me personally.

Never Was There a Box So Clever

The Litter-Robot is accurately what it sounds like-a robotic cat toilet that appears like a spaceship. Once I’d arrange it in my own living room, every houseguest remarked how much it appeared as if just a little space pod prepared to blast off to the Heaviside Layer. (That’s cat heaven, if you are unfamiliar.)

It’s an elaborate machine but very easy to create, use, and clean. Right from the box, it took no more than 10 minutes before it had been all set, and I sat crouched behind the couch watching the cats explore their new toilet robot.

Here’s how it operates. Your cat steps in and does its cat business, as soon as it exits the kitty litter box waits a couple of minutes before whirring alive. The central barrel-imagine a cement mixer but packed with cat litter-will rotate, forcing the litter through a filter that separates the waste from the unused litter. Since it rotates it drops the waste right into a drawer concealed within the barrel, and it rotates in the contrary direction to put the new litter back to place for another kitty.

To keep it clean, you line the poop drawer with a garbage bag or among the included Litter-Robot litter bags. It’s just like the drawer you grab of a toaster to completely clean out the toast crumbs, but packed with cat waste rather than burnt bread. The robot will let you know when the drawer is full and must be emptied; with the Wi-Fi enabled version, you may get a notification on your own phone and smartwatch letting you know when it’s due for a cleaning. To achieve that, you merely pull open the drawer, tie off the bag, and you’re done. No scooping necessary.

I was concerned about the smell initially, because you’re essentially putting several days’ worth of cat waste right into a drawer instead of losing it in the trash, so it’s gonna loaf around for some time longer than it usually does. Thankfully, the drawer comes with an air conditioning filter that keeps odor in order. Actually, the only time I smell litter is when I’m emptying the drawer.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Litter-Robot also features an app, because what doesn’t have an iphone app nowadays? The interface is easy, straightforward, and will be offering detailed data how often your kitties are doing their business. It’s simple to laugh at that, but when you have a mature cat or a cat with medical issues, it is usually information that’s nice to have for your veterinarian.

From the app, you can remotely control the Litter-Robot to cycle litter manually or tell it when you’ve washed the poop drawer-you may also put it to use to provide your Litter-Robot a name. I named it Mr. Mistoffelees since it makes poops disappear as promised. Yes, that’s another Cats reference, and yes you is going view it. No, it’s bad, but it’s sort of great.

The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees

Like any robot made to take over among your everyday chores, there’s a trade-off-a financial one. An excellent kitty litter box is maybe $40 if you need one that’s enclosed. The Litter-Robot is $500. That’s a whole lot for a kitty litter box, but it’s only in the midrange of the purchase price scale for a completely automated appliance such as a name-brand Roomba. So, according to how you consider it, it’s either astronomically overpriced or not that harmful to a bit of home automation tech.

Still, it’s more technical than a standard kitty litter box, and which means there’s room for more what to fail. I never encountered any mechanical faults during testing, but if you shop around on support forums, it’s not unusual for pieces to fail or need replacements as time passes. Autopets, the business behind the Litter-Robot, sells individual elements should you have to replace a part occasionally, which I appreciate.