This 2017 LG OLED TV continues to be able to compete keenly against the very best new TVs in its price bracket as a result of its overall versatility and its own strong performance in both SDR and HDR. IT does a fantastic job of displaying crisp and vivid colors as a result of its high color volume, has good peak brightness, and satisfactory color accuracy. It produces excellent blacks because every individual pixel could be completely turned off because of its OLED display technology.

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The LG B7 also works perfectly as a gaming TV because of its high responsiveness and low input lag. The TVs high overall uniformity and low full pixel response time make it an excellent option for fans of fast-paced and dynamic content like sports. Additionally, it supports all of the primary HDR standards, including DolbyVision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log Gamma.

Ideal for HDR content
The B7A may be the perfect choice for HDR content. Along with its exceptional display quality with properly deep blacks, it has everything necessary to an outstanding HDR experience: an OLED panel, wide color gamut, and high peak HDR brightness levels.

Shadow details are perfect and highlights are actually stunning, making for an immersive experience. The OLED panel can manipulate pixels individually, this means it has control over every little bit of the picture.

The panel may also reproduce the colors essential for true HDR, and these colors will really pop because of its high peak brightness degree of ~700 nits.


Great at handling reflections
The B7A is excellent at handling reflections. It could fight glare pretty much in bright environments, because of its anti-reflective coating on the panel.


Interface is intuitive and user-friendly
The B7A works on the webOS smart platform, known because of its intuitive and fully customizable UI. It’s built around a Launch Bar that delivers quick and easy usage of the TV’s apps, settings, and inputs. This could be custom-made and re-organized to the user’s liking.

The B7A looks good from nearly every angle because of its OLED panel, so that it is a great choice if you usually watch it with large sets of people.

Its viewing angle is wide enough for several audience to experience pretty much similar display quality when watching from multiple angles off the guts of the screen. The black levels and brightness only starts degrading at ≥75°, this means the picture quality will remain roughly the same whichever angle the screen is viewed from.


Great color reproduction
The B7A can reproduce an extremely wide range of colors that are necessary for HDR, which does mean it has zero problems with SDR colors.

It’s with the capacity of reproducing ~70% of the typical colors for 4K HDR, the Rec. colorspace. That is among the highest in the 4K TVs market.

Additionally, it may display these colors at different brightness levels accurately that conveys a lot more HDR details than its direct opponents can.

Aside from games, the B7A is ideal for movies and sports. Its top-notch display quality, combined with features it offers, helps it be perform effectively across different types useful cases.

Movies look excellent because of the exceptional display quality, and it’s also an excellent pick for watching sports as the motion blur is non-existent and the panel is very uniform.

It has near-perfect pixel response time of ~1.0ms, leading to nearly no motion blur, so fast-moving objects like football don’t leave any trails on the screen. The panel can be uniform enough that it does not have any problems with displaying large, same-color objects on screen, like football fields.

As the B7A can seem to be rather expensive, the display quality and features it includes is top-of-the-line and can’t be beaten. The performance easily outclasses all the TVs in this price bracket.


Suitable as a computer monitor
The B7A can display clear and crisp images from a computer because of its full 4:4:4 color support. For that reason, text or shapes with clear, hard edges won’t be blurry.


Excellent at handling dynamic content
The B7A can display extremely fast-moving objects smoothly without the blur or lag, because of its OLED panel which has near-perfect pixel response time of ~1.0ms.

The B7A is great for gaming because of its suprisingly low input lag and near-perfect pixel response time that provides it nearly no motion blur.

It’s ideal for all sorts of games, even fast-paced action games. The knowledge will be really responsive and fluid. Players could have no issues keeping their actions in sync with what’s on the display because of the truly low input lag of ~20ms, and fast-moving objects won’t leave any trails on the screen for the reason that panel includes a response time of ~1.0ms – it could fully change its pixels color for the reason that tiny period of time.


Remote is well-designed
The B7A includes LG’s Magic Remote, touted because of its easy-to-use design.

It works much like a NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLE remote where in fact the on-screen cursor follows the remote’s movement, rendering it simple to navigate the UI and choose menu items.

The remote also offers an integral microphone for the voice command feature, which also supports content searching with voice input.