The UJ7700 is very the entry model in to the top quality of the LED-LCD TVs made available from LG. You get almost all of the best features like the new Web OS3.5 system, 4K, a broad color gamut, and the magic remote.

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as of April 21, 2022 9:25 pm
Last updated on April 21, 2022 9:25 pm

One downgrade is less music system power at 20W instead of 40W on both top end models models.

For an LCD, good side angle viewing quality
Good gaming input lag performance
Upscaling of SD signals
LG WebOS3.5 one of the better Smart TVs on market
Magic Remote is exceptional
Picture quality is merely average with mediocre gray scaling/black levels not great
Local Dimming not so effective
Slightly disappointing HDR performance
DISPLAY QUALITY Rating: 86/100
Tru 4K Upscaler – Mastering Engine
There is absolutely no more important element of a 4K UHD TV compared to the video engine – specially the capability to upscale/upconvert resolution to the native resolution of the panel. LG’s UJ7700 does an extremely nice job in this regard, and with much improvement over last year’s models. Processing artifacts are cleaned up nicely. Having less 4K content will continue well in to the future, so stellar upconverting all types of HD resolutions 720p, 1080p, 480p is vital. The bigger up the HD chain you go, the better the clarity and detail showing off the native 4K resolution. This Video engine and upscaler quality can be among the differentiating factors upgrading the purchase price scale between models within LG. The UJ7700 runs on the 4 step process to examine and enhance broadcasts, recorded video, and home gaming consoles.

Side Viewing Angles (IPS Panel)
LG’s UJ7700 uses an IPS (in-plane-switching) panel, albeit a fresh one for 2017/2018. The IPS panel permits much better display quality from side angles without degrading color saturation and contrast much. That is among the standout top features of this TVs display quality. You may still find weaknesses in both with side angle viewing as contrast degrades, but usually the IPS panel is 20%-30% better from angles than non-IPS panel LED TVs. Reflections are also subdued by the IPS panel and front substrate.

Color Prime / Color Rendition
Colors do to render more depth and slightly better saturation in these new 4K HDR models. The UJ7700 comes with an expanded color gamut meeting HDR standards. LG contends that is because of their new Color Prime technology-which uses phosphor (colored) based LED lighting. Out from the box colors are over saturated but after calibrating the picture settings or using the cinema (user) setting with contrast at around 80% you get natural, crisp colors. Black levels are hurt by the IPS panel. In a dark room environment, you will observe they are not pitch black. That is a drawback of the IPS panel – a trade-off for the better side angle viewing.

What is HDR?
The big focus TV feature for 2017/2018 is HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR extends the number that a pixel within an TELEVISION can show. This pertains to the brightness and luminosity of images. Contrast is increased by increased brightness instead of deeper blacks. Instead of just improve the brightness of the picture overall though, the true reason for HDR is to improve contrast in a variety of image regions of the picture. It boosts the presentation in the brighter elements of the picture which creates more contrast with surrounding darker elements of the picture. Since picture contrast is among the primary features in bettering perceived depth, HDR is known as a major display quality improvement though it might not raise the overall contrast of the panel a whole lot. Bright colors receive increased purity. An excellent HDR image will show better shadow detail, and the scenes that you’ll notice the the majority are people that have light illuminating images, like a room which has sunlight to arrive through a window and illuminating elements of the area. HDR content is and you will be in short supply for some time.

The studios, distributors (Netflix, Amazon) and TV manufacturer must all be on a single page so that you can see HDR content. Some Amazon Original series are offered. Vudu currently offers 30+ Dolby Vision titles. Dolby Vision is HDR plus wide color gamut.

Front and Center Viewing
The same IPS panel that triggers the UJ7700 to excel from side angles performs in mediocrity in black level depth and contrast. IPS panels are specially proficient at side angle viewing capability, but eliminate from black levels. If you are a nighttime, center view, movie watcher this may well not be the very best TV for you.

Contrast and Local Dimming
The neighborhood dimming feature could be fired up or off and influences contrast much. It’s adjustable in High, Medium or Low setting and you may spot the picture darkening progressively from low to high with all the feature. It generally does not really enhance display quality much and we recommend the reduced or medium setting if you’re going to utilize the feature at all.

TruMotion/Fast Motion/Judder Settings and Performance
The TruMotion feature setting can be used for judder reduction. Our recommendation is to carefully turn the TruMotion settings feature off with all but sports programming. It adds that kitschy fake turn to the picture by detatching an excessive amount of the intended background blur. Among our readers called it the “Telenovela” effect to provide you with some perspective. It’s especially distracting during BluRay movies. It could sharpen older DVDs and present you a fresh perspective on them.

The UJ7700 does a good job of eliminating judder generally in most content despite having the Trumotion setting switched off. Streaming movies and older DVDs may show some, especially in scenes that pan slowly laterally.

The UJ7700 does not have any problem with fast motion video scenes due partly to it’s 120Hz panel.

Quick Picture Settings
LG’s LED-LCD TVs are incredibly simple to setup a great warm display quality. The settings below get you very near D65 and never have to worry in regards to a 10-point white balance adjustment. Obviously, for anyone who is in a brightly lit room, try the Expert Bright Room Setting instead or maybe crank up the backlight setting.