Good price
Large amount of menus and options
Standard connections
Basic design
Average image quality
60Hz panel
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as of May 20, 2022 5:11 am
as of May 20, 2022 5:11 am
Last updated on May 20, 2022 5:11 am

Today we are making our initial TV review as this is the only major part of an entertainment system that people still hadn’t touched upon. 4k UHD TVs are beginning to mature enough as it’s recently been 4-5 years since 4K has started becoming mainstream and therefore not merely top tier models are worth looking after but also lower tier models offering enough to be future proof without breaking the lender. Because of this we made a decision to review a TV that belongs on the low degrees of the center tier offering enough for all those that aren’t crazy for the brand new format but also need to get some features that generation of technology offer without needing to spend plenty of money.

Therefore we made a decision to review an LG 4K TV namely the LG 55UJ6300 and more exactly the 55″ model. For Europe we get almost the same actual model therefore the LG 55UJ630V review is specifically the same for both TVs.

What we arrive here is an extremely basic LG 4k TV design. Everything is manufactured out of plastic and even though it will definitely not be the center little bit of you room it isn’t bad looking. Just don’t expect anything spectacular as of this cost range but it’s enough enough for what it had been designed for. The stand is nearly as wide as it and crafted from plastic. It feels cheap but its enough to carry it steady. What i didn’t like was the inputs on the trunk. I would prefer another box as we enter the bigger tier models since this might make easier hanging it on the wall but however not here if you stick it on the wall make certain that you will not want to improve inputs on the trunk of the TV on a regular basis. Nowadays we are being used to have TVs almost as thin as paper but what we get this is a a lot more than average thick design. This gets somewhat worse on underneath as that’s where all the inputs are put. Also the borders of it are a lttle bit thick. It may be better but i’ve seen worse. Generally the design isn’t bad but it’s nothing to brag about. And for it’s cost range it’s natural never to expect any other thing more fancy.

Video Quality
Being truly a low-middle tier TV the LG UJ6300 includes a very average display quality. Here are a few aspects of it that i’d like to indicate. Firstly it includes a suprisingly low contrast ration and therefore it creates darker scenes show somewhat beaten up as black color appears more grey than actual black. When it is being found in more bright rooms the effect is way better as the light really helps to reduce the aftereffect of low contrast. IT does not have any local dimming and therefore the HDR hasn’t the same powerful effect as other TVs with this feature. The peak brightness in both SDR and HDR reaches best mediocre. Viewing angle is quite good at least in comparison to other TVs on a single price range however, not good enough in comparison to more costly IPS TVs.

Testing it at different resolutions didn’t show any obvious artifacts from SDR to 1080p to 4K resolution everything looked sufficient. The signal was clean with enough details. From SDR, to Full HD 1080p and 4K signals with or without HDR everything played great and with low input lag. IT are designed for 10 bit signals sufficient without very obvious distortions or imperfections. Color Gamut is significantly less than average making it battle to show enough of the DCI-P3 colors. IT supports HDR10 however, not Dolby Vision which means you should consider this should you be thinking to get it. LG UJ6300 runs on the 60Hz panel with a default backlight flickering. Most 24p content as DVD, Bluray and 4K UHD has smooth motion with only minimal judder. Generally i would say that a lot of content play without the big problems which is very important whenever we are talking about a minimal priced TV such as this.

So far as inputs can be involved what we arrive here is all of the basics. We get 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 digital music optical out, 1 Ethernet port and last but not least composite inputs for video and audio tracks as well as the antenna input. 2 of the HDMI ports together with 1 USB are privately of it and provide a tiny bit easier connectivity when compared to types on the trunk particularly if you intend to use them on a regular basis. The HDMI ports are HDCP 2.2 compatible and support the brand new UHD format with HDR but however the USB isn’t the most recent 3.0 but instead the older 2.0 which is considerably slower in reading files and data.

OS, Apps and Features
What we arrive here may be the basics for a LG 4K TV. It uses LG’s WebOS 3.5 offering plenty of menus and options. It’s rather a little bit difficult initially to find all you might need but after some time it’s becoming much easier to navigate. It offers all of the famous applications like Netflix and youtube nevertheless, you can download a lot more using the LG store. The handy remote control of the TV includes a wide selection of buttons but lacks any smart features just like the pointer or microphone that exist in the bigger tier LG TVs. All buttons are close together rendering it somewhat difficult to utilize the navigation buttons which are constructed of rubber and feel poor compared to the more costly smart remotes. Overall it’s just satisfactory for it was designed for.

This model will come in 43″, 49″, 55″, 60″ and 65″ variants. In america the model is called the UJ6300 while in Europe as the UJ630V. I couldn’t find any distinctions in the specifications therefore i guess both models are specifically identical with the difference being only in name.

Final Thoughts
4K is just about the best new thing and i assume everyone want to have a TV that gives the most recent technologies. However the top models cost considerable money and it’s understandable that many of individuals aren’t with the capacity of buying these new beasts. The LG 55UJ6300 4K TV can be an average TV that supports the brand new UHD format with a minimal price rendering it affordable for a number of people. It’s not really a TV which will wow you with it’s quality or specifications but if you wish to get a taste of the brand new format and it’s capacities but and never have to spend a lot of money to get among the top tier models then that is a good enough entry way.

4K looks good and HDR is satisfactory although not much like the more costly models. It will surely provide you with a taste of what UHD may offer but the insufficient local dimming, wide color gamut and Dolby Vision isn’t allowing it to demonstrate all it’s glory. If you don’t care to really have the best of the greatest but wants to get a TV that may offer you an excellent UHD viewing experience but also make make use of it for gaming and local channels viewing then this is obviously for you as the purchase price is very affordable and the product quality is sufficient for a standard good result across all categories.