LG UJ6300 LED TV is a favorite TV with a viewing angle that’s wider than usual. These LG UJ6300 will be the best TV well suited for video games as a result of their low input lag. Therefore the persons who wish to play more games get an improved gaming performance. It has excellent motion handling capability. It really is simple to navigate smart TV having the ability to cast content to screen from a tablet or smartphone.

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Generally, the LG UJ6300’s display quality is not as effective as the bigger series but is wonderful for its price range. Among the primary advantages proposed by the LG UJ6300 TV is that the wide viewing angle coverage which makes perfect when the viewers watch it from different viewing angles. The only drawback in this model may be the image will not appear bright and the black isn’t uniform. It has passable display quality and a decent viewing angle, nonetheless it doesn’t get very bright in SDR.


Suprisingly low input lag
Low motion blur
Easy to navigate Smart TV having the ability to cast content to screen from a tablet or smartphone.

An extremely average contrast ratio of light and dark images.
Average HDR (high dynamic range) color brightness.
Key Features:
Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 38.5″ x 22.6″ x 3.2″, TV with stand: 38.5″ x 24.2″ x 7.4″
Smart functionality offers you access to your selected software and content using webOS 3.5. Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
Direct-lit LED produces great display quality
TruMotion 120 (Refresh Rate 60Hz) allows fast-moving action scenes to be observed with reduced motion blur
Inputs: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, Component Shared w/ Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical. Smart TV Operating System-webOS 3.5

The look quality of the LG UJ6300 smart TV is easy and looks very basic, and all comprises of plastic. There are no stylistic pieces just like the LG UJ7700’s higher-end model. If mounted near a wall, a number of the rear-facing inputs could be difficult to access.

The stand is nearly as broad and feels as though the 2016 LG UH6100. It’s manufactured from plastic, but it perfectly supports TV. The TV’s rear is easy, and the design is comparable but slightly less reflective compared to the LG UJ7700 Model. A number of the inputs facing the trunk of the television could be difficult to gain access to if the tv set is positioned nearby the wall or mounted by VESA. LG UJ6300’s model construction is good. Everything is made from plastic, but under normal use, these parts will surely not break.

Picture quality:
The LG UJ6300 LED smart TV comes with an average display quality performance. When it is watched in the darkroom the image that appears is quite disappointing, the black Images have a tendency to look gray. And it includes a suprisingly low contrast ratio therefore the picture won’t get much brighter and in addition has low black uniformity. Both of these areas of the image quality are slightly less problematic if put in a bright room, as the ambient light can decrease the effect of the reduced contrast ratio.

Even then, if the light continues to be too bright, the lower-average brightness might not exactly be adequate to fight glare. The gray uniformity could possibly be better, but fortunately, the clean display effect isn’t too problematic and paired with the passable viewing angle quality, the LG UJ6300 could possibly be used in a broad living room to view sports with a broad group. Finally, the caliber of the HDR could possibly be better This can’t produce saturated colors, it comes with an acceptable HDR peak brightness, looked after needs local dimming so that it doesn’t stick out from HDR content.

Movies – This model is Subpar option for watching movies in a dark room. The LG UJ6300’s blacks aren’t very deep and lack uniformity, triggering black letterboxes and darker scenes to often look blotchy. In addition, it lacks an area dimming feature to greatly help control these problems.

TV shows – IT shows performance is quite decent. It isn’t bright enough to be utilized in a bright setting, and the screen finish’s handling of reflection isn’t great either.

Sports – Decent sports-watching TV. Since display quality is maintained from the medial side greater than normal, it renders the UJ6300 very best for game watching parties with several visitors. Addititionally there is decently fine uniformity in grays and shades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get really warm, which might be a concern in a sunny living room for afternoon sports.

VIDEO GAMING – The UJ6300 gives a satisfying gambling experience. It has low motion blur, which renders rapid motion smooth and clear, and is among the lowest possible input lags, and it looks quite responsive.

HDR Movies – Passable output on HDR. The visibility of the UJ6300 is just a little higher in HDR than in SDR but it’s not perfect yet. Having less local dimming and a multitude of colors also restricts its capabilities.

HDR Gaming – Great performance in gaming on HDR. Although the HDR impact isn’t quite powerful, even in HDR the input lag and the entire gameplay performance remain good.

PC Monitor – Decent PC Monitor. The UJ6300 has suprisingly low input lag and motion blur, so it’s sensitive rather than disruptive to use desktop. The viewing range is wide enough to be observed from up close. It can’t get very bright, however, so its RGBW pixel design may cause perfect on-screen objects never to look very clear.

The motion handling in this model is way better, and also it includes a very good fast response time. The image appears on the screen doesn’t devote some time for loading as a result of faster response time. Videos from a Blu-ray player and DVDs are obvious with no influence on the clarity of the image, however when watching videos from an HTPC or cable hook controlling ought to be done. This is simply not known by most of the people so it’s no problem. The TV includes a 60Hz screen which permits lower frame rate video to be interpolated.

Sound quality:
Unfortunately, the LG UJ6300 doesn’t produce good sound. It’s advocated to employ a soundbar or any speakers to see an improved sound.

Smart Features:
The LG UJ6300 model runs the net operating-system 3.5, which includes many advanced functions and simple to navigate. The remote has several buttons that access simple menus to adapt common settings easily, but going deeper in to the software reveals a whole lot of low-level options. Unfortunately, the included remote is simple and lacks the smart remote LG’s microphone and pointer functionality.

The LG UJ6300 includes a very decent display quality. It has a suprisingly low input lag, therefore the persons to prefer to play games experience better performance. It has excellent motion handling capability. The LG UJ6300 LED TV is a favorite TV with a viewing angle that’s wider than usual. The gray and color uniformity can be decently good. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright which might be a problem in a bright living room for games. The LG UJ6300 includes a satisfying gaming experience. It includes a low motion blur, that allows fast motion clear, and is among the lowest available input lags, so that it looks quite responsive.