Back August, Lenovo announced it could utilize the Yoga name that’s become synonymous with convertible laptops for premium types of a variety, including a Chromebook and a normal clamshell laptop. The Yoga C930 is actually a two-in-one notebook computer however, and the follow-up to the generally awesome Yoga 920. It will never to be confused with the dual-screen Yoga Book C930 which is interesting, but considerably less awesome.

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Last updated on June 21, 2022 12:08 pm

A signature design little bit of past premium Yoga models since 2014 was the watchband-style 360-degree hinge that helped decrease the thickness of the convertible laptop. That hinge has been replaced with a 360-degree sound bar hinge that’s eminently more useful when compared to a slightly slimmer body (and it still looks cool). There are always a handful of other extras that improve usability and performance remains impressive because of its size. It really is, perhaps, the very best ultraportable two-in-one right now. Nonetheless it ain’t cheap.

The C930 currently starts at around $1,149, £1,199 in the united kingdom and AU$2,399 in Australia direct from Lenovo. My $1,400 system is offered by Best Buy, even though that isn’t cheap, you’re paying extra for the slim, attractive design and premium features. In the event that you care more about pieces than looks, there are less costly options including the Yoga 730 or, if you want more ports and storage, Dell’s Inspiron 14 5000 two-in-one. But if you are cool with the purchase price, the Yoga C930 is very worth it.

That hinge tho
It’s pretty rare to encounter a notebook with speakers that are actually worth using, especially a notebook computer as thin as the Yoga C930. As a two-in-one, the C930 includes a 360-degree hinge that means it is possible to carefully turn it from a notebook computer right into a tablet. Adding more function to the proper execution, Lenovo caused Dolby to carefully turn that hinge right into a rotating sound bar.

The hinge speakers are paired with another group of downward-firing speakers at the front end edge of the keyboard to strengthen the overall sound. This also ensures that whatever the position you’re using the screen in, you get clear audio. However, they do sound a lttle bit thin until you apply some Dolby Atmos magic to them.

A preinstalled Dolby Atmos software enables you to quickly tune the audio tracks for whatever you’re hearing — music, movie, game, voice — or you can create three personal profiles or set it to Dynamic and allow software do the guesswork. Turning on Atmos adds the punch most laptops this size are missing. You’ll still want good headphones or external speakers for thumping bass, but also for general hearing music or watching videos, this setup works effectively.

A pen with parking
Lenovo added active pen support to the Yoga 920, but most configurations didn’t add a pen. In the event that you did get yourself a pen, Lenovo included a clunky, better-than-nothing holder that match the only real USB-A port on the notebook and, when stowed, the pen would block the energy button.

The Yoga C930, just like the company’s high-end ThinkPad X1 Yoga, not merely posseses an active pen, but includes a garage in the trunk right edge of your body. The pen has 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity with little to no discernible lag. It charges in its garage and it’s really always paired and prepared to be used.

The pen is comfortable because of its size, nonetheless it is short and slender. Using it for extended periods may cause your hand to cramp (at least that’s what happened certainly to me), but having a pen handy, charged and ready outweighs the tiny size. If you intend to put it to use for a lot more than just quick sketches or jotting notes, you may want to invest in among Lenovo’s full-size pens.

Privacy matters
I take advantage of my laptop’s web cam a few times a month. All of those other time I keep a tiny sticker over it to block it. That isn’t so much to safeguard me from hackers, but from accidentally seeing myself on my screen under bad florescent lighting. However, if privacy is a problem for you personally, Lenovo’s trickled down another key feature from its X1 Yoga: A privacy shutter.

Built into the most notable of the thin display is a web cam fitted with a physical shutter that slides to block the camera. It’s perfect in the event that you just want just a little peace of mind. Increase that that you could quickly mute your mic with a function key or shut it down totally in the laptop’s settings and you could easily keep eyes and ears blocked when you work.

It’s all good
The pen, the privacy shutter and sound bar hinge will be the biggest design changes between your Yoga 920 which new model. The C930 is just a little thicker — 14.5 millimeters in comparison to 12.7 at its thinnest point — nonetheless it weighs a comparable at 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms). Because it’s a 13.9-inch notebook in approximately the same space as a mature 13.3-inch model, it feels hefty because of its size. Still, it’s miles from a burden and slips easily into bags designed for 13.3-inch laptops.

The entire HD display I tested gives a nice picture for office work and entertainment. Its color gamut coverage is sufficient for general use, but if accuracy is crucial, you will want to keep looking. Brightness is shy of 300 nits, which is to state it’s bright, but working outside or about office windows will leave you battling reflections.

The backlit keyboard looks (and feels to the very best of my recollection) just like the 920’s. It’s more comfortable with decent travel and a nice bounce to the keys to keep it from feeling mushy. Taking into consideration the system’s thinness, it’s impressive and the precision touchpad is reliably excellent aswell. A fingerprint reader to the proper of the touchpad enables you to register quickly with Windows Hello.

The 930 includes a minimal port assortment and they are all on the left side. You will not discover a direct video output like HDMI or an Sdcard slot, for instance. However, the machine has two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports that may power the notebook and support up to two high-resolution external displays, data transfers at up to 40Gbps and fast charging. Gleam headphone/mic combo jack and one standard USB 3.0 port, the latter which supports always-on charging to help you keep your phone or tablet juiced up even though the computer is off.

Performance is solid, too
Just like the Yoga 920, the C930 is available with Intel’s eighth-gen Core i-series processors, the 1.6GHz Core i5-8250U or a 1.8GHz Core i7-8550U. My review system’s Core i7 paired with 12GB of memory and a speedy 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD drive delivered generally excellent performance on our benchmark tests and in actual use without real bottlenecks for processor-intensive tasks. Choose the memory you will need upfront, though, as it’s up to speed and can not be expanded. The SSD could be upgraded, though.

This isn’t something for demanding graphics tasks or games. It could be nice to eventually have a low-end discrete graphics option in this line, nevertheless, you could do some everyday gaming on the system’s integrated Intel graphics in the event that you play at low detail settings. Squeezing in a couple Fortnite matches between meetings or classes isn’t unthinkable and neither is minor processing of image files or doing simple video edits.