Lenovo Yoga 920 detailed review
Most laptops have the same guts, perform the same, feel the same and sadly look the same. On the other hand, Apple MacBooks have their own charm, however in the realm of Windows laptops, it is merely the most notable of the line laptops or gaming laptops, that have that distinct character. Take the HP Spectre, for instance, it isn’t perfect, nonetheless it has some charm to it. Dell’s XPS 13 is an identical beast. In the same fashion, Lenovo 900 series Yoga laptops are also different, they will have been, but with this iteration, it really is getting near being perfect. Lenovo does things by the book here. It has mixed a whole lot of guidelines from its Thinkpad line, bettered after what the Yoga 720 is with the capacity of and wrapped everything in among the finest looking ultraportable designs. In a few ways, the whole connection with using the Lenovo Yoga 900 was clinical, yet, for having less an improved word, ‘enjoyable’. I want to walk you through it.

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Last updated on May 22, 2022 5:39 am

Build and Design
It always starts with the looks and here Lenovo does what it can best. The Lenovo Yoga 920 is pretty this is the best looking thin and light convertible notebook on the market. Yes, the HP Spectre x360 does give that one a tough competition, however the simple truth is that the Spectre’s Copper and matte-black look is more of an acquired taste rather than the more aesthetically pleasing look of the Yoga 920. One peculiar facet of the laptop computer may be the glass lid cover, gives the laptop computer a distinctive look. It’s not only the prime design aspect here however the glass also integrates well with the all-aluminum chassis and the signature watch-band hinge.

As the aluminium chassis reaches par with other flagship lightweight notebooks, allowing zero flex whatsoever, it’s the improved hinge which catches our attention. It is pretty stiff and can stay static in place without drooping for the most part angles. In fact, so far as convertibles go, this is actually the best hinge we’ve come across ever.

One thing which appears a little overdone will be the laptop’s edges, which are slightly sharper than we’d have expected. The edges don’t cut into your wrists, however when you transform it around to use as a tablet, you can’t hold it from the edge for an extended time. It might not exactly be a major issue with some, but we believe that it is worth mentioning.

Opening the back, you might find everything soldered on the motherboard or at least it seems in order everything is buried below the massive 70 Whr battery, which would require further disassembly. Having said that, the machine includes plenty storage and RAM, and you don’t have to void your warrantee and open the trunk cover.

Display and I/O
The exquisite looking hinge holds a 14-inch touchscreen display set up supplying a 3480 x 2160 resolution. The display gives us no reason to complain since it is well calibrated out from the box and offers an extremely constant brightness over the panel. The viewing angles are great and even though the touch-sensitive display is glossy, it isn’t highly reflective. The brightness levels on the display are decent but might have been better. Fortunately that the notebook computer adjusts brightness automatically, exactly like smartphones and we wish to see more laptops adapt this feature. What we don’t completely approve of may be the 4K resolution, the display carries. Inside our opinion, this is a complete overkill for just about any laptop computer offering significantly less than a 17-inch display size. You will find a definite bump in image quality from 1080p to 4K while you’re watching media, but if you don’t have trained eye, you won’t find any difference.

Lenovo Yoga 920 @1080p resolution

Lenovo Yoga 920 @ 4K resolution

When you are into fine arts and also have a penchant for drawing, the bundled pen will last well. It includes a very minimal latency and connects automatically without the issues. It is effective and if you don’t are professional, you won’t wish to upgrade. Lenovo includes a tiny 3D printed plastic pen holder which fits in to the only USB Type-A port the device has.

This brings us to I/O, which would need you to upgrade your wire stash (everyone has one) with a USB Type-C dock. The Yoga 920 offers an identical I/O as the Yoga 720, offering two USB Type-C ports and an individual USB Type-A port. The only difference here’s that, both USB Type-C port support Thunderbolt 3. Yes, this also signifies that this notebook computer supports external GPUs and lets the GPU take good thing about four PCIe lanes, this means better speeds.

Anyway, we were hoping that the slightly larger chassis may provide some additional ports such as for example an Sdcard slot, but such ports have become a thing of days gone by now, with most notebook computer makers leaving them behind.

The hottest feature in this notebook may be the far field microphones, that allows you to call Cortana even though the lid is down, from over the room. It really is still a fresh feature and can not work sometimes, but almost all of the days Cortana will answer the decision, albeit with a delay. Having said that, Cortana’s functionality continues to be a little limited, though it can hear you with the lid down, that you must fiddle around with the settings. Maybe Alexa will join Cortana on your computer to assist you later this year.

Keyboard and touchpad
In this 14-inch avatar, we still have the same chiclet-style keyboard as the Yoga 720. Lenovo is doing a fantastic job using its keyboards which one just excellent. The keys are slightly lighter to press when compared to Yoga 720 keyboard and comparatively, we find that one better. The typing experience is slightly improved and helps it be as effective as Thinkpad keyboards without the concave keys or with the red nub in the centre. Two-stage backlighting is fast becoming a business standard in fact it is no different upon this machine. The 1.5mm key travel is ample for touch typists and general users alike and if you don’t are used to a mechanical keyboard, you won’t find any problems with this keyboard.

Below the keyboard, you have large glass touchpad, which is pretty smooth and tracks equally well. Lenovo uses Windows Precision drivers and it appears slowly but steadily most notebook computer makers are adapting to Microsoft made drivers only. This results in better swiping and multi-finger gesture support. Both left and right click buttons are very tactile and press down with an audible click.

Inside the machine, you’re getting an Intel Core i7-8550U processor. That is an extremely capable quad-core processor and is among the finest processors on the market on laptops. Paired with 16GB DDR4 RAM, the notebook computer can handle almost anything unless you are discussing gaming. Like a great many other ultraportables, this machine can be not designed for gaming and the integrated UHD 620 is merely good enough for a few everyday gaming at best. Having said that, one can attach an external GPU with this notebook computer and which will work just fine. Anyway, so far as a standard office or day-to-day tasks go, you can’t really fail with this laptop. Furthermore, there is 512GB Samsung NVMe SSD drive storage which just like the CPU, is among the quickest we’ve seen on a notebook computer to date.

Lenovo in addition has done an extremely good job with heat management in this machine aswell and during our tests, the notebook never crossed a lot more than 40-degree Celsius under normal usage. Both fan cooling system will not get noisy even under full load using Prime95, which will be highly appreciated by professionals, who want to understand this machine.

Battery life
With an enormous 70Whr battery inside, a (work) day-long battery life was expected out of this machine and it generally does not disappoint. Inside our normal day-to-day usage, we easily got during the day with the notebook computer pushing out 8-9 hours of battery life at 50-75 percent brightness. Inside our PCMark 8 battery test, the notebook computer easily achieved 4 hours of battery life at full brightness, which is fairly good great deal of thought is powering a 4K display. This is why we believe that the notebook computer could experienced better battery life with a 1080p display. However, the notebook supports fast charging and you virtually charge it completely in under two hours.

With that said, the Lenovo Yoga 920 does everything right, ‘too right’, actually. It includes a good display, commendable battery life, stellar performance, includes a impressive keyboard and has simply the best design you’ll find on a thin and light convertible today. Every hardware facet of this laptop computer and even the look and build of the machine is precise. It offers the impression that it’s meant to be considered a serious notebook computer first and a great convertible second. So, for anyone who is in the market to obtain a thin and light convertible where in fact the budget isn’t an issue, this could possibly be the most uncompromised machine you can aquire today.