Lenovo introduced the Miix 520 with Kaby Lake-R back August to supplant the Miix 510 carrying Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs. As the refresh was thought to carry both Core i5-8250U and i5-8350U options and LTE connectivity, current SKUs of the Miix 520 are limited by the i5-8250U without LTE for the present time. Nearly the rest about the tablet has remained unchanged from the Miix 510 like the 12.2-inch 16:10 FHD touchscreen, 8 GB LPDDR4 2133 MHz RAM, battery capacity, and Yoga-inspired hinge stand. Get amazing black friday & Cyber monday deals, offers, sales, in this website, don’t go anywhere just find great deals right now.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 8:15 pm

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The tablet detachable is currently available in simply a single configuration for $999 USD with double the inner storage capacity of the Miix 510. It really is among the first Windows tablets to ship with Kaby Lake-R and it competes directly with the top Pro series, HP Elite x2 1012, Dell Latitude 7285, XPS 13 9365, and the Asus Transformer 4 Pro. More manufacturers are anticipated to unveil Kaby Lake-R Windows tablets at CES 2018.

The Miix 520 can be an internal update over the Miix 510. Thus, we recommend looking into our existing Miix 510 Pro review because they both carry identical chassis features and keyboard docks.

As described inside our overview of the Miix 510, the aluminum chassis of the Miix 520 feels tight and representative of the high four-digit starting price. It isn’t properly rigid, however, as wanting to twist the tablet from its sides will cause slight creaking and obvious bending. Fortunately, the amount where this occurs is minimal and doesn’t detract from the construction of the tablet. Nonetheless, users who would like something firmer and more unyielding may choose to consider the Surface Pro or Latitude 7285 because they feel better in the hand.

The wristband hinge-stand has translated well from Lenovo’s high-end Yoga 900 series. The stand is uniformly firm at all angles up to its 150-degree maximum without teetering when typing or transporting. If we are to nitpick, the stand could be difficult to deploy because it sits tightly against the tablet when closed and its own opening notch is somewhat too small for users with larger hands.

No changes have already been designed to the ports from the last generation Miix 510. Still, it could have already been great to start to see the USB Type-C Gen. 1 port be upgraded to Thunderbolt 3 as Lenovo recently did the same to the Yoga 920. Competing convertibles just like the XPS 13 9365 and HP Elite x2 both offer Thunderbolt 3 as the Surface Pro notoriously omits it.

The spring-loaded MicroSD card reader is tucked within the flap for quick access when needed. Transfer rates average about 86 MB/s with this Toshiba THN-M401S0640E2 MicroSD card to be much like the MicroSD slots of the HP Elite x2 and ThinkPad X1 tablet. Copying 1 GB worth of photographs from the card to desktop will need about 14 seconds.

WLAN and Bluetooth 4.2 are given by a 2×2 Intel 8265 module commonly entirely on mainstream Ultrabooks. We’re able to record a real-world average transfer rate of 528 Mbps when standing one meter from our Linksys EA8500 test router. Connectivity is steady and without dropout issues.

4G LTE options are supposedly in the works and so are not yet available for purchase during writing. There are no plans to include NFC.

Included extras certainly are a carrying bag, Active Pen 2 WACOM stylus, pen holder, AAAA battery, two button batteries, and the detachable keyboard dock. Lenovo bundles all Miix 520 systems with the keyboard dock which is a lot more than what we are able to say for the top Pro series. Docking stations predicated on Thunderbolt 3 will never be fully compatible with the machine.

There is a group of T5 Hex screws along underneath half of the trunk plate. Despite having these removed, however, the plating is latched tightly around the edges and corners in fact it is very hard to safely remove for the finish user. Compared, the HP Elite x2 tablet was made to become more easily serviceable as the Surface Pro series has even poorer serviceability.

The typical one-year limited warrantee applies. Strangely enough, Lenovo isn’t offering additional warrantee options for the Miix 520 when ordered through Lenovo.com at the moment.

Please see our Guarantees, Return Policies and Warranties FAQ for country-specific information.

The backlit keyboard (~28.0 x 10.5 cm) offers a key travel of just one 1.5 mm with the Precision visual style similar to the Ideapad series. Keystroke is firm but uneven for the reason that entire surface of the keyboard dock will rock or shake slightly each and every time an integral is pressed. The instability of the keyboard base in comparison to a “proper” notebook computer keyboard implies that the guts keys of the Miix 520 can feel softer in accordance with the edge keys as the center keys will rock the keyboard base a lot more intensely. Without a deal breaker, normally it takes some used to and is a potential area for improvement on future model revisions.

Another more minor complaint pertains to the backlight itself. The light can only just be toggled on or off not unlike on the HP Spectre series, however the glow is quite uneven around the keys as proven by our image below. The guts keys are noticeably brighter whereas practically every other notebook could have a far more uniform light.

The trackpad (8.5 x 4.8 cm) is disappointing not merely as a result of its small surface also for its cursor tracking and feedback. First, our onscreen cursor would sometimes stop or jump for seemingly no apparent reason when simply gliding along the smooth surface of the trackpad. We’re uncertain if that is a series-wide bug or a concern with this specific unit, nonetheless it is very annoying rather than something we experienced on the Miix 510. Even if the trackpad is working as intended, its integrated mouse keys are much too spongy and with very weak feedback for an unsatisfying feel when pressed. It will be appears as an afterthought when compared to otherwise reliable touchscreen and WACOM pen.