Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 is a concise, 10-inch convertible with a removable keyboard dock, making these devices versatile. Lenovo offers three different base configurations of the IdeaPad Miix 320 in its web shop. All models use Intel’s Atom x5-Z8350 central processing unit with a built-in Intel HD Graphics 400 for video output. Differences are located in RAM, screen, and storage device capacity. Its black friday sale is here now you can get awesome deals, offers, discounts right now.

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Last updated on January 7, 2022 3:33 pm

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Our review sample may be the most expensive device coming in at 459 Euros (~$350). As well as the named processor, it includes 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128 GB SSD. Also, this the only model whose 10.1-inch panel includes a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. The LTE modem is merely as present as a Windows 10 Home 64-bit license. Lenovo will not offer any optional hardware configurations through the ordering process.

We selected identically configured convertibles for comparing Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 in this review. A synopsis are available in the next chart that also contains the comparison devices’ most significant technical specs.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 is a tablet and keyboard dock combination. The tablet becomes a little notebook computer that’s very compact in a folded state. The weight of both elements results in just 1049 grams (tablet: 566 grams, keyboard dock: 483 grams). Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 emerges in two colors: Steel gray like our review sample, and pearly white.

The 10-inch tablet is nice to carry and the silver plastic cover hides fingerprints outstandingly. The stability can be good; the tablet can only just be warped marginally with a relatively good effort and responds to these attempts with a quiet cracking noise. The keyboard dock makes an identically good impression although twisting is more challenging because of higher stability. The materials make reduced impression and convey top quality.

The tablet is linked to the keyboard dock with a magnet. Unfortunately, the tablet wobbles slightly when connected, which reduces the positive quality impression slightly. Otherwise, the hinge does a trusted job and keeps the tablet well constantly in place.

The connectivity of Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 is good and satisfactory because of its intended purpose. Unfortunately, the tablet doesn’t have a full-sized USB port, that could be annoying in routine use. However, we found a USB Type-C port and a micro-HDMI port that underlines the multimedia properties on the proper. Connecting the keyboard dock adds two USB 2.0 ports to the connectivity.

The Wi-Fi performance of Intel’s Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 module is substandard. We measured typically 272 MBit/s when transmitting data. The reception speed of Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 is slightly better at 289 MBit/s. Our review sample carries an LTE modem by Fibocom (Fibocom L831-EAU) for mobile data connections. (THE UNITED STATES model apparently lacks such a module).

The keyboard dock for Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 is roofed and turns the tablet right into a small, useful laptop/netbook. Unfortunately, the maker does not use a subtle backlight that could help employed in unfavorable light conditions.

The keys are level with the wrist rest that consequently ensures that the keyboard is lowered slightly in to the keyboard dock. The letter keys have a pleasurable size although the numbers in the first row are somewhat cramped. A condition that’s tolerable in routine use. It really is more annoying that the enter key is relatively small. Alternatively, the keyboard convinced us with a plainly palpable pressure point and a pleasingly short drop. The keyboard easily copes with typing without making a higher noise level.

The ClickPad includes a size of 9×6 centimeters and uses the area below the keyboard ideally. The top matches to all of those other appearance and is properly suited to fast navigation because of the sleek texture. However, clicking noises are incredibly audible. We found the slightly loose gliding area that clatters somewhat because of a marginal play unpleasant.

The touchscreen in Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 includes a favorable work surface area of 10.1 inches, which will do for simply browsing the web on the sofa. The screen is responsive in fact it is fun to utilize it.

Our review sample is furnished with a 10.1-inch IPS panel with an answer of 1920×1200 pixels. Lenovo offers the IdeaPad Miix 320 with an IPS screen which has a resolution of just 1280×800 pixels.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 achieved the average screen brightness of 244 cd/m² during our measurements. That places it right before Acer’s Switch V which has the cheapest rate in this comparison with 239 cd/m². The common screen brightness is dimmed to 210 cd/m² in battery mode. The screen’s black level (0.33 cd/m²) isn’t convincing, either. Furthermore, we need to strongly criticize the illumination of 79%, which is far substandard. However, the rivals only execute a marginally better job than Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 here. We were very surprised that people did not face clouding. The measured PWM frequency (19000 Hz) can be high, which is favorable for the screen.

The high black value that results in a minimal contrast ratio of 761:1 covers dark scenes with a light grayish haze. The colors look somewhat pale, but this will not restrict everyday use strongly. The DeltaE 2000 rates of 5.34 and 6.04 are plainly increased in state of delivery. This means that that the maker ships the screen to the client without prior calibration. Calibrating increases the color shifts. We’ve provided the corresponding ICC profile for download.

Concerning color space coverage, our review sample can reproduce 81% of the sRGB color space but still 51% of the AdobeRGB color space. That is a sooner mediocre outcome which will be enough for hobby photography editing.

We would not advocate using this product outdoors. The reason why: the way too low screen brightness cannot defy bright outdoor conditions in sunlight. Furthermore, the glossy surface causes further restrictions that produce use extremely difficult even in the shade.

The screen in Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 320 makes an excellent impression inside our viewing angle test. The test image reproduction is good to very good in nearly every position. The panel only has problems in the corner photographs that are covered with a light grayish haze. Here, the upper two photographs are influenced a lot more than both lower photos. However, this will not cause restrictions in routine use since this phenomenon only occurs in an exceedingly flat viewing angle.