Lenovo Legion Y720 detailed review
This year, we’ve already seen some extreme gaming machines, just like the MSI GT73VR and other basic level giants just like the Lenovo Legion Y520. These machines are priced differently, they might both suffice for proper 1080p gaming. Which means they’ll allow regular framerates of 60 fps across major titles. The Legion Y520 requires you to lessen graphics levels to accomplish 60fps frame rates, behemoths just like the GT73VR can effortlessly drive frame rates to more than 100fps.

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Last updated on June 21, 2022 10:26 am

The MSI GT73VR represents the top quality here, with two of Nvidia’s GTX1080s GPUs, as the Lenovo Y520 is from the basic level range, running on the GTX 1050Ti. Among these ranges lie the GTX 1060 and GTX1070. Both are VR ready and a lot more than with the capacity of providing 1080p gaming with little effort. Amongst these, the former happens to be the GPU of preference for some PC gamers according to Steam’s GPU survey. So, could it be to say that the GTX 1060 is all you have to for 1080p PC gaming? Well, Lenovo thinks so and it’s current top grade gaming laptop, the Legion Y720 is packing a GTX 1060 at its core, plus a 7th gen Intel Core i7. We’ve been playing onto it for at least fourteen days now and listed below are our thoughts.

Build and Design
Before we dive in to the gaming performance, we have to address the dress code first, which may be the usual red and black. As the red and black theme gets just a little monotonous amidst gaming hardware, we still do enjoy it. The machine is pretty good looking and its own design is similar to the Y700 Lenovo launched this past year. You get the same floating display hinge, along with front mounted speakers. The RGB keyboard and the red backlit logo on the trunk make the Y720 just about the most attractive gaming laptops at its price.

The build quality in addition has improved even though you do get metal on leading and back, the center frame of the notebook continues to be plastic. Moreover, unlike most metal clad laptops with a brushed finish, Lenovo has chosen a carbon fibre pattern, making the Y720 a lot more distinctive. The only design traits that I believe doesn’t fit with the entire look of the device will be the thick black bezels around the display.

I/O and Display
Arriving at the I/O, you have everything necessary for an excellent gaming session. You get three USB 3.0 ports, gigabit ethernet plus gigabit Wi-Fi, HDMI out, mini DisplayPort and a USB Type-C port that supports Thunderbolt 3. The USB 3.0 port on the left also supports fast charging and will charge your phone or tablet, even though the lid is down. The notebook computer also offers a headphone and microphone jack combo, which is pretty standard. Although, since Lenovo is aiming that one at mainstream gamers, we were expecting separate headphone and microphone ports to aid most gaming oriented headsets. Unlike the Legion Y520, the Y720 misses from a standard Sdcard slot.

The 15.6-inch IPS LCD display upon this machine gets the popular 1920 x 1080p resolution. Colour saturation isn’t great, nonetheless it is still much better than any TN panel out there. The display also offers a matte coat at the top, which does increase better viewability under normal daylight. It really is however isn’t very bright and is most effective to be looked at indoors.

We wish Lenovo could have removed the thick bezels, but it’s not at all something other gaming laptops have either. But, if the Ideapad and Yoga laptops can have thin bezels, you will want to give that immersive experience to gamers aswell?

Keyboard and Touchpad
The Y720 carries the same standard chiclet style keyboard we’ve seen on the Legion Y520. It gets the same large keys, that are tactile and also have decent travel. However, we were expecting deeper key travel and a far more tactile feedback as of this price. Nonetheless, the actuation point on each key continues to be defined sufficiently to be utilized for gaming. Unfortunately, our test machine had a wobbly right arrow key, that may be a unit specific issue.

In place of the typical red backlighting, the keyboard gets a complete RGB backlight. The backlighting may easily be altered using the pre-installed Nerve Sense iphone app by Lenovo and the keyboard offers four zone backlighting. Unlike most gaming notebook computer keyboards out there, the backlight intensity is fairly subtle and will not seep through under the flat keys, when you sit before it.

The large touchpad is pretty smooth and supports all Windows gestures. The left and right keys are embedded on underneath section of the touchpad itself and press down with an audible click. However, all it doesn’t matter since you will be by using a mouse for gaming in any manner.

The Lenovo Y720 pushes the graphics envelope just a little beyond the Y520, however the overall CPU performance is somewhat at par using its more affordable cousin. The reason behind that is that both laptops share the same Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, which coupled with 16GB of RAM is among the finest and popular mobile gaming CPUs on the market. Hence, it could tackle pretty much whatever you may choose to throw at it. The graphics performance is preferable to the Y520, because of the better NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU.

This mid-range GPU in blend with the 7700HQ provides ample gaming performance, and will tackle a myriad of games at high and Ultra settings. That said, the performance continues to be not enthusiast grade and you shouldn’t expect it to perform games on a 4K display. However, in case you are just in search of pure 1080p gaming, the Legion Y720 has satisfactory performance to punch through even the most demanding gaming titles, like Battlefield 1. We tested various games for multiple time frames and the dual cooling fan solution does the work well, without the throttling problems while gaming. However, we discovered that pushing the processor to max does make it throttle, but by a tiny margin only, dropping from 2.8GHz to 2.66GHz. That is at par with other gaming laptops in the category. Here’s how the Legion Y720 performed in games running at ultra settings in 1080p.

Synthetic benchmarks further solidify our findings and the laptop’s capabilities. We did observe minor heating issues after long gaming hauls (2-3 hours), however the heat only rises near to the arrow keys, which can be not used while gaming.

The gaming or multimedia quotient of the notebook computer is further increased by loud audio tracks output. The notebook computer features two 2W JBL speakers just above the keyboard and a 3W subwoofer below the laptop. The speakers does a decent job and so are definitely better compared to the most, nonetheless they lack proper bass, which appears to become a widespread issue amidst laptops. However, the audio tracks quality via the headphones is obviously among the best we’ve seen on a notebook of this calibre.

Battery life
Since that is a gaming laptop, we weren’t expecting stellar battery performance. But, it still manages to provide usable battery life. When using it for normal day-to-day work, like surfing the net, watching videos or maybe regular office work, the battery life was noted at 5-6 hours. The idea being that the CPU performance never dips, even on battery. The 60Whr battery however isn’t powerful enough to sustain the gaming requirements at full load. The notebook computer starts to stutter in demanding games while running them at ultra. However, if you just want to play Dota 2 and maybe even Overwatch, the Y720 provides ample frame rates even on battery and can last you almost for 2 hours.

We started this review let’s assume that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and a Core i7 are powerful enough to gratify your 1080p gaming needs in fact it is true indeed. Whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, the GTX 1060 is powerful enough to take care of all of the latest games at 1080p. The Lenovo Legion, which packs this hardware, comes out as an excellent performer overall and an excellent looking one at that. With the RGB keyboard and powerful audio tracks output, the Y720 has far more character than any other notebook computer in the same cost range. We still think Lenovo could have given the Y720 an improved display and a keyboard with greater key travel, but if you’re searching for a notebook with 1080p gaming capabilities, this may be among the options.

How it compares
The Lenovo Legion Y720 packs a whole lot of hardware, but there are lots more laptops offering the same hardware at a far more affordable price tag, if you do make compromises with smaller space for storage or looks. When you can live with that, then you can certainly relish the same gaming experience with Asus or MSI’s gaming offerings. However, if you wish the entire looks and performance package, the Lenovo Legion Y720 happens to be tough to beat.