I’ve always dreamt of running a lightsaber. Since I was a youngster, the idea of running a laser sword that was branded with the Star Wars mark has appealed if you ask me. The dork side is a tempting mistress, and I’ve answered her call. For a long time, getting hold of the Force FX make of lightsabers locally is a pipe dream. It surely got to the main point where I’d duct tape underneath half a pool noodle, scribble onto it and pretend that was my elegant weapon, from a far more civilised age.

But times change, therefore do bank accounts. With the Force awakening, enough time has come for the Force FX type of lightsabers to be reborn once more. You’ve already seen Alessandro play with Anakin Skywalker’s legendary lightsaber, a blue-bladed legend that hums with the energy of the light side. And three AA batteries.

Now it’s my turn. But I’m no goody-two shoes. I’m dark side, completely. Which explains why I went with the Kylo Ren lightsaber. And I wish I had bigger hands in order that I possibly could wield it properly.

I’m not likely to beat around the bush here: The Kylo Ren lightsaber is massive. It weighs around four kilos, and is indeed thick that Personally i think like I’m choking a robot neck each and every time I grasp it with my dainty appendages. This is a heavy, cumbersome behemoth of a lightsaber, and how anyone could put it to use in combat without stabbing themselves in the chest with among the venting port blades is beyond me. And I really like it as a result of that.

In the Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is a conflicted being, one caught between your pull of the light and the dark. His lightsaber, properly translates this inner conflict right into a working weapon of unbelievable power. The metal includes a tarnished finish, circuits are exposed and a wire runs down the medial side, having leaked out from its housing.

Photos don’t do that lightsaber justice, as the finished product is totally metal with out a hint of cheap plastic dotted around. It appears like it’s crafted from plastic in official photos, nonetheless it genuinely isn’t. I possibly could utilize this as a blunt force trauma weapon easily wanted to. At the trunk, is a cap which can be unscrewed to gain access to the battery compartment. The Ren lightsaber will gobble up three AA batteries to power it’s trio of blades, but also for how long, I can’t say at this time.

The actual blades have an odd reddish-orange tint to them when they’re ignited. It’s nowhere near as bright as the Skywalker or Yoda lightsabers, but that’s fine. When ignited and in an adequately dark environment, it appears as if all of the light and energy of the lightsaber is targeted completely inwards. There’ll be some glow that hails from it, but the most it’ll be focused purely on the blades.

There’s also a neat shimmering effect that plays here, as the blades occasionally stutter and spit energy, that sets this aside from other Black Series lightsabers. For sounds, the Kylo Ren lightsaber is…ok. Look, it’s a fresh era, and a whole new lightsaber design for the Force FX series. They are uncharted waters for the maker of your favourite laser swords.

The problem I’ve here, is that the Kylo Ren lightsaber could possibly be louder. There’s a good amount of volume, but I’d like more. I would like to really hear it hiss, spit and hum. Because some of the sounds are fantastic. They’re straight from the movie, and I really like precisely how different Kylo Ren’s weapon actually sounds. Unlike the regular buzzing hum of the Skywalker lightsaber, that one appears like a cybernetic kitten that’s purring.

The slash and impact sensors produce something familiar yet otherworldy, dark and sinister. I enjoy that. I’d like it to be louder, for more persons to enjoy aswell. I love this lightsaber, I must say i do. But I could view it being more of a museum piece than say, something I’d lug to a meeting when I’m dressed check out toe in black fabrics and capes. It’s beautiful, but big. It sounds amazing, but it’s soft.

Maybe it’s the duality of the type it belongs to, shining through. And I’m pleased to own it propped on my desk, prepared to be displayed off to friends who visit. Just don’t ask me {to