The very best kids tablets certainly are a smart way for kids to understand how computers work, because they boast their touch-screen user interfaces and frequently simpler os’s. And in the event that you buy a kids tablet, you get comprehensive parental controls that will help you stop junior from browsing adult-oriented websites or making in-app purchases.

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The best tablets overall double as great kids tablets, because of their toughness and strong parental controls. We tested a bunch to provide you with an idea which will be the best kids tablets to get right now.

What are the very best kids tablets?
You seriously cannot fail with Amazon kids tablets. Amazon doesn’t blame you unless you trust your drop-prone child with a pricey, high-end tablet. That is why it made the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, a variant of its all-new Amazon Fire HD 10. Like its Fire HD 8 Kids Edition and Fire 7 Kids Edition predecessors, this child-friendly version of Amazon’s latest tablet packs comprehensive parental controls. Plus, it includes a complimentary two-year worry-free warrantee for the accidental, inevitable damage that’s to include the mundane mishaps of childhood.

Contrary to popular belief, the Apple iPad will make an excellent kids tablet. For $329 ($299 if you are students), you get yourself a speedy A10 Fusion chip, support for the Apple Pencil and usage of immersive augmented-reality apps. Other highlights include a lot more than 10 hours of battery life and a fresh iWork suite which makes the iPad an excellent productivity tool. However in an age of ultra-affordable Chromebooks and Windows machines, Apple’s refreshed tablet is more of a satisfying niche device than this is a PC for the masses.

If you just desire a really cheap tablet, you can’t fail with the Amazon Fire 7. 2019’s version of the Fire 7 tablet, Amazon’s cheapest slate, includes two slight upgrades. You now get doubly much internal storage (you start with 16GB instead of 8GB), and Alexa is currently a straightforward shout away, in order to trigger the assistant from over the room. This tablet costs only $50, so regardless if it can get damaged, it’s not really a huge loss.

The very best kids tablets you can purchase today
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
Amazon Fire HD 8 ()
Ipad Air (2019)
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018)
Apple iPad (2019)
Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition
Lenovo Tab 4 8
Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus
Amazon Fire 7 (2019)

Because of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition’s durable design and robust parental controls, it is the best kids tablet overall.

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
    The very best overall kids tablet you can purchase

Durable design with two-year accidental-damage protection

Robust parental controls

A great deal of free, age-appropriate content

Long battery life

Soft speakers

Near the top of the very best kids tablets chain may be the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. Not merely does it give a rubber bumper that’ll protect the tablet from drops and scratches, but it addittionally includes a two-year no-questions-asked warranty. The case is sturdy, with a rough texture and hook give, that could help small hands grip these devices better. The case could be removed and put back on without an excessive amount of trouble — a crucial consideration in case you have an especially destructive child.

In addition, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition offers long battery life, hitting 10 hours and 12 minutes. The sound on the Fire HD 8 is surprisingly good, albeit somewhat soft, at least provided that there is not heavy bass involved. In addition, it has a bright 8-inch, 1280 x 800 screen and relatively solid performance for the purchase price.

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If you want something just a little bigger for your children, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is easily the very best kids tablet at 10 inches. (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

  1. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
    The very best big kids tablet

Extensive parental controls

Included 2-year warranty

Impressive battery life

So-so camera quality

Overload on Amazon content

If you want to really get your kid something just a little bigger, we recommend obtaining the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. It lasted an epic 13 hours and 29 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Ensure that you it comes filled with a huge amount of parental controls in addition to a 2-year warranty, like its predecessor.

Its 10-inch screen can be super bright and will be offering decent color. It looked great while you’re watching SpongeBob SquarePants aka the very best kids show. The two 2.0-megapixel rear camera and 720p selfie cameras in the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet are passable for video chats, however, not much else. With FreeTime, parents have control over what their children can and cannot access. It comes preset with an easy-to-navigate collection of PG games and shows, and parents can toss in additional websites and content at their discretion.

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The Amazon Fire HD 8 is among the finest types tablets because of its 13-hour battery life and includes a USB Type-C port. (Image credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Future)

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8 ()
    The very best regular Amazon tablet

Super affordable

Fun Alexa features

Amazing battery life

So-so display

Ad heavy

If you’re buying a new affordable tablet it doesn’t necessarily must be kids-focused, then look toward the Amazon Fire HD 8 (). The tablets perhaps most obviously feature is its battery life. The Amazon tablet lasted an impressive 13 hours and 49 minutes on our battery test, which’ll become more than plenty of time to keep both you as well as your kids occupied during the day.

Alexa may be the Fire HD 8’s shining star, in particular when you command the digital assistant to carefully turn on Show Mode, which transforms your tablet right into a smart display. If you choose the pricier Plus model, you can prop it on the included wireless charging dock to carefully turn your tablet into an Echo Show-like device. If you plan on teaching your children how exactly to cook, one awesome use case for show mode is its amazing utility in your kitchen – ask Alexa for a taco recipe, for instance, and a carousel of delightful recipes from different websites can look. Alexa may also walk you through the instructions for the selected recipe step-by-step.

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Looking for a thing that you as well as your kids can share? Grab the Ipad Air (2019), which ranks among best kids tablets because of its long battery life and Smart Keyboard support.

  1. Ipad Air (2019)
    Well known Apple kids tablet

Big, beautiful display

Long battery life

Fast A12 Bionic chip

Supports Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard is a pricey add-on

At half of the price tag on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the iPad Air ($499) is a more affordable iOS product for your children. Its 10.5-inch, 2224 x 1668 is super bright and colorful, so whenever your child draws onto it with the compatible iPad Pencil (1st Gen), their work will really become more active.

A number of other neat features is that it supports Apple’s Smart Keyboard, to get your son or daughter into typing, and it even includes a headphone jack. The iPad’s Air Smart Keyboard ($159 extra) offers a decent typing experience. Along with all that, it includes a wild 11 hours and 54 minutes of battery life. In the event that you trust your kid with something pricey, among the finest kids tablets you may get is the Ipad Air (2019).

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Are your kids just a little older and need somewhat more oomph out of their tablet? Get the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018), which isn’t just among the finest kids tablets, but among the finest tablets overall.

  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018)
    The strongest kids tablet you can purchase

Thinner and lighter design

Immersive full-screen Liquid Retina display

Incredible A12X Bionic speed rivals or beats most laptops

Lengthy battery life

Entry-level model has just 64GB of storage

If your son or daughter is just a little older and you could trust them with some pricey tech, we’d recommend getting them a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Using its unique AR capabilities, your son or daughter may take a journey through a virtual world and bring creatures alive directly on the family couch.

And if they are into drawing, the most recent Apple Pencil may be the perfect companion because of its magnetic wireless charging and smooth flat-edge grip. In addition, they’ll reap the benefits of Xbox One S level graphics that may handle games like NBA 2K19. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro continues to be imposing, however now that’s due to a more immersive display rather than as a result of the device’s sheer footprint. Apple blasted away the big bezels from the prior model to provide something that’s virtually all screen.