Many persons start their day with a huge sit down elsewhere. This delightful dark elixir offers a shower of benefits, not least which is fueling your morning commute with caffeine. Coffee has turned into a fundamental part of our lives.

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If you love dearly your restaurant coffees but don’t just like the price tag, you may consider buying a coffeemaker to use in the home. Not merely will this save money, additionally it is more convenient to seize your coffee along the way out the door and never have to make a pit stop on the path to the office.

In today’s best Keurig coffeemaker reviews, you’re set for a treat if you discover the whole coffee maker buying process rather overwhelming.

Our Pick: Keurig K55/K-Classic COFFEEMAKER
Rack up 6 cups of piping hot coffee from an individual fill with the classic Keurig K55. Straightforward to use and clean, the K55 offers you all you have to and nothing that you don’t within a compact unit. The simplicity and quality of the pods combined with speed of delivery makes this our pick to find the best Keurig overall

You can decide on many types of coffee makers, the most frequent being the original drip coffee maker. This sort of coffee maker will yield from a few cups to twelve cups of coffee, according to its size.

Increasing in popularity may be the single serve coffeemaker.

There are a number of reasons you should think about investing in a single serve coffee maker rather than a normal drip coffee maker…

The main reason single serve coffee makers are so excellent is that you will get a fresh sit down elsewhere every time. Coffee in a pot tends to start out tasting burnt or stale after one hour roughly leaving you to manage the awful taste or dump the coffee. Just what a waste.

A few more advantages to deciding on a single serve coffeemaker are they are super-swift because you don’t have to await a complete pot to brew, they are simple to use, you get quality coffee unfailingly and each individual using the device can customize their coffee with their liking.

There are numerous single serve coffee makers available, however the firm favorite originates from the industry titan Keurig.

The Keurig company ‘s been around since 1998, plus they are the initial maker of the single serve coffeemaker in addition to the single serve coffee pods that their machines use.

Keurig offers over 400 types of beverages to decide on including over 60 brands of coffee. Regardless of what you drink, Keurig’s first got it!

You can check a few of our previous reviews here but in the event that you read on, we’ll breakdown the most famous models in the Keurig range in order to see which works best for you as well as your family…

Relax as you’re set for a treat!

I. Best Keurig COFFEEMAKER Comparison Table
1) Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Single Serve K-Cup Pod COFFEEMAKER

This one 1.0 Keurig is an upgraded for the mighty K45 and the K55 is an extremely worthy successor. Pick from 4 colors and constitute to 6 cups of coffee with this awesome single serve machine that takes any K-Cup pods.

2) Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve

If you would like the convenience of an individual serve Keurig with a bit more versatility and scope for customization, the K-Elite is the main latest generation that gives in fine style. Pick from a variety of brew sizes and revel in the very best iced coffee as an extra bonus.

3) Keurig K575 Programmable Platinum Single Serve K-Cup COFFEEMAKER (12 oz Brew Size, WARM WATER on Demand)

This full programmable range-topping Keurig is probably the revamped 2.0 models. Finished in sleek platinum, you possibly can make a variety of drink sized and in addition accommodate a carafe if you need even more coffee!

4) Keurig K475 Programmable Black Single Serve K- Cup Pod COFFEEMAKER (12oz Brew Size, Temperature Control)

The K475 packs a 70oz water reservoir and, although it’s limited by proprietary Keurig pods, this scaled-down machine offers top-notch coffee in under one minute with fully programmable functionality.

5) Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion Trial Pack

For an inexpensive commercial coffee maker, search no further compared to the Keurig K145. With auto shut-off, shotgun delivery and a construction to make sure it stays the length, you can’t fail with the K145.

6) Keurig K250 Programmable Black Single Serve K-Cup Pod COFFEEMAKER

The K250 is a straightforward and compact single serve coffeemaker coming in at an exceptionally attractive price. The bottom model of the two 2 series, this phenomenal little coffee maker may be the wave into the future.

7) Keurig K-Mini K15 Black Single-Serve K-Cup Pod COFFEEMAKER

From the original type of 1.0 Keurig single serve coffee makers, the K-Mini K15 only includes a single cup water tank. In the event that you live alone or have limited coffee needs, this mini machine is a good buy.

8) The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Whether you will want short or long espresso, a cappuccino or latte, the Rivo ensures you can enjoy your specialty coffees without the fanfare. Although it’s tasky to completely clean, the email address details are well worthwhile

9) Keurig K155 Office Pro Silver Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod COFFEEMAKER

For a good and reliable commercial coffeemaker with an exceptionally generous 90oz water reservoir, the Keurig K155 is tough to beat. Spend money on among these for your workplace and it’ll be money perfectly spent.

II. Keurig COFFEEMAKER Reviews
1) Keurig K55 K-Classic Programmable Single Serve K-Cup Pod
Replacing the now discontinued K45, the Keurig K55 is a 1.0 model that regularly tops the set of the very best Keurig single serve coffee makers.

Although it might initially appear to lack a number of the great features of more upscale coffee makers, this very simplicity without sacrificing core functionality is among its main selling points.

Obtainable in black, blue, red and white, you can choose something to mesh nicely together with your kitchen décor.

You’ll manage to enjoy a variety of K-Cup pod sizes (6, 8 and 10oz) in order to tweak the strength according to your palate. If you employ the 6oz option, you’ll get the strongest coffee.

The generous 48oz removable water reservoir is wonderful for 5 or 6 cups before it requires topping up.

With the K40 and K45 now consigned to the annals books, purchasing a Keurig K55 could possibly be among the wisest decisions you get this to year. For top-notch coffee in 60 seconds flat, road test the K55 today!

Keurig K55 Special Features
Programmable so enjoy your coffee on demand
4 colorways suitable for all kitchens
Brew 6 cups without having to refill
Auto-off feature kicks in after 2 hours of inactivity
Various strengths so simply perfect for the whole family
HOW TO BEGIN Brewing With Keurig K55
Making coffee with the K55 couldn’t be easier.

Top the water reservoir up and grab your K-Cup pod.

Hit the energy button and hold fire until it starts blinking. Lift the lid and pop your pod inside.

Pick from the 3 sizes (6, 8 and 10oz for a little, medium or large cup) according to how strong you want your coffee.

In only 60 seconds, your piping hot coffee is served.

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Versatile coffeemaker offering 3 different strengths so well suited for all the family
Substantial 48oz water reservoir best for 5 or 6 cups for your convenience
Extremely cheap for such a hard-hitting single serve coffeemaker
Auto-off feature ideal for safety and saving electricity
4 pods and 2 water filters thrown in so enjoy premium coffee straight out the box

Some users have complained about problems developing as time passes
A few reported problems with coffee being served almost lukewarm but that is fairly subjective
2) Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker
We grasp that money is tight and that not everyone wants a ruthlessly expensive drip coffeemaker. Knowing that, our next featured product may be the best drip coffeemaker under $100, the Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ.

There are a handful of 12-cup options but we rolled with the 14-cup range-topper, tailor-made for a good sprawling family. We realize you don’t always want or desire a huge flagon of coffee. Just hit the button on the far right and revel in 1-4 cups for all those occasions where there’s less dependence on caffeine.

Although some mid-range drip coffee machines seem to be almost bereft of features, the Cuisinart strikes an excellent balance. You get yourself a simple control panel and the capability to program the things you will need without having to be swamped by unnecessary great features.

Cleaning your drip coffeemaker could be a real chore. Just take away the charcoal filter then pop some water and cleaning liquid in the reservoir. White vinegar is a good choice in a 1:1 ratio with the water. Press and contain the Cuisinart’s Self Clean button then allow it do its thing. Just run several pots of warm water through, replace the filter and you’re back business.

This helps care for descaling. For regular cleaning, the carafe, filter and filter basket are removable and dishwasher-safe.

Many drip coffee machines are one-trick ponies forcing you into buying multiple packs of coffee unless everyone in your household gets the same palate. With the Cuisinart’s nifty Brew Strength Control, you can create adjustments to the strength with absolute ease.

Speed is definitely among the key selling points with single serve units and you’ll get coffee in your cup within one minute which is really as good since it gets.

You can use a wide spread of K-Cup pods with none of the restrictions you’ll find on some Keurig second-generation machines. With those DRM limitations history, you can opt for the coffee you like without having to be hemmed in. You’ll have over 500 different alternatives so you’ll never get bored.

Do you sometimes hanker after an iced coffee? If so, just brew over ice using the designated setting and you’ll be rewarded with a rich and full-bodied cold drink with none of the weakness that may spoil iced brews.

There’s very little we are able to tell knock the K-Elite. The one thing to understand is the price tag on pods on a continuing basis. While they are cheap in comparison with coffee chain drinks, if you drink a lot of coffee you will probably find this machine becomes a pricey vice.

For the perfect combo of convenience and quality with gorgeous looks thrown set for good measure, we’re confident the Keurig K-Elite will attract a loyal following very quickly so check one out today and you won’t be disappointed.


Adjustable brew temperature from 187 to 192 degrees Fahrenheit so start your coffee with perfect water
Strong brew in the event that you enjoy an extra kick
Iced setting suitable for cool drinks in summer
Selection of brew size settings gives added choice
Striking brushed metallic finish

Price of pods mounts up as time passes