Are you considering investing in a Keurig K55 coffeemaker? In today’s in-depth review, we’ll demonstrate why you need to consider buying this outstanding coffee maker. From unboxing the Keurig to outlining its key positives and negatives, find out all you have to to learn about the award-winning coffeemaker.

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as of May 16, 2022 8:11 pm
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I. Unboxing The Keurig K55
Would you like Starbucks-style coffee without having to leave home?

If so, you’re set for a genuine treat today.

At Fourth Estate, we’ve just taken delivery of our new Keurig. We’ve been putting it through its paces so we are able to last up with an extremely thorough guide to the awesome coffee maker.

As well as providing you all the information you have to know if this coffee maker makes sense for you personally, we’ve got a treasure trove of pictures and videos to bring what to life for you.

We’ll walk you through, unboxing the box​, preparing it for use and pressing it into action.

We chose this combo bundle which include 40 assorted K-Cups shipped under separate cover.

For a tiny premium, you can purchase the machine in scarlet rather than the black model we chose. Both colorways include the choice of a Keurig Dash at extra cost. This Wi-Fi-enabled gizmo orders your brand-new K-Cups at the push of a button but we didn’t see fit to pay extra because of this.

Alongside a genuine appraisal of where in fact the it stands and falls, we’ll also provide you with a thorough grounding on getting the very best out of this coffee maker.

The Keurig isn’t expensive although the K-Cups aren’t particularly cheap. The truth is, you should consider the cost of these set against a comparable sit down elsewhere in another of the chains. For the reason that context, our product actually represents exceptional overall affordability.

OK…Without further ado, we’ll move to unboxing our new pride and joy so that you can see precisely what things to expect from the award-winning COFFEEMAKER.

II. Start Brewing THE VERY BEST Coffee TOGETHER WITH YOUR Keurig K55
Once you’ve got everything out of your box and prepared to roll, it’s time to get that coffee on the run.​

  1. Electric Power
    ​The Keurig runs on standard 110 or 120 volts at 60 Hz. If your power is 220 volts, you’ll have to choose transformer so bear this at heart in order to avoid disappointment and unexpected expense.
  2. ESTABLISHING The Water Filter Starter Kit
    First up, you’ll have to setup the water filter starter kit.

That is straightforward but takes a little preparation.

Presoak the charcoal water filter for five minutes before inserting it in to the water filter holder
Rinse the stainless mesh for 1 minute. That is found beneath the lower filter holder. Just allow it sit under running water
Wash both lower filter holder and the upper filter holder to eliminate any potential dirt from transit
Insert the water filter in to the water filter holder
Set the replacement date dial for 2 months. This takes all of the guesswork out of maintenance and is a good touch
Put the fully assembled water filter holder into its slot in the water reservoir and you’ve got your starter kit all set
Inserting the water filter in to the handle and Set the replacement date dial for 2 months
K55 Water reservoir
Max line and 2 lids for water reservoir
Water filter handle inside water reservoir
It’s smart to run a brewer’s rinse before getting right down to business. This flushes the machine through for best results.

Taking the time to execute this dry run is well worthwhile. Don’t make an effort to save five minutes by skipping this.

Here are the easy steps you must follow to accomplish this:

  1. Fill the water reservoir using either water in bottles or filtered water according to preference
  2. Placed on the lid and pop the reservoir back on your own brewer
  3. Place a huge mug on the drip tray then hit Power
  4. The water will need 4 to five minutes to warm-up. The red heating light can be illuminated until it’s hot enough to pour
  5. At this time, the 3 blue lights seriously
  6. Lift and lower handle but this time around do not devote a K-Cup pod
  7. Press the tiny mug button and the water should come out ending your first brewer’s rinse
  8. 5 Steps To Brewing Coffee TOGETHER WITH YOUR Keurig
    Although you could be in need of a coffee right now, repeating the brewer’s rinse is a good move. This will make certain that you get that golden sit down elsewhere from your Keurig without the taint at all.​

When heating time has ended, the 3 brew buttons will light however they won’t yet blink
Inserting your K-Cup pod to start out brewing your coffee
Press the 06oz Brew buttonRemember: if these lights aren’t blinking, usually do not press the Brew button

  1. Making sure your Keurig continues to be powered up, place your selected coffee mug in the drip once more
  2. Take away the water reservoir and ensure it’s topped up to the Max line
  3. Hit the energy button. The red heating light will now illuminate. Keurig states that it requires 4 ½ minutes to heat the water fully. Many users report this is really done in much less time, from as quickly as three minutes. Be patient once more and sit it out. You’ll soon have a coffee on the run! You’ll see only 2 of the key buttons activated through the heating time
  4. Lift and lower the handle. When the 3 brew buttons blink, it’s time to start out brewing your coffee. Usually do not insert a K-Cup pod yet. It’s time to execute one final brewer’s rinse. Press the tiny mug button and the water should come out once again into your mug. Remember here that you need to lift and lower the handle every time you want to brew up some warm water. If you don’t do that, the 3 brew buttons won’t blink ready that you can press
  5. Now it’s time to brew your first proper sit down elsewhere! Empty the water from your own mug and replace it on the drip tray. Lift the handle and play your K-Cup pod. We’ll consider the mechanics of this in greater detail shortly. Lower the handle and choose your brew size (6oz, 8oz or 10oz) then await a piping hot coffee, relax and relax!

III. HOW EXACTLY TO Brew Coffee Properly With The Keurig COFFEEMAKER
As you can plainly see above, brewing coffee properly together with your new Keurig K55 is quite straightforward. Indeed, this simplicity is probably the key selling points of the single serve coffee makers.

You won’t be overwhelmed with menu options like you’ll see on more costly and intricate coffee makers. It truly is as simple as pushing a few buttons and letting the device do all of the work.

The initial step to obtaining the best coffee for your individual taste is to give attention to the K-Cup pod or freshly ground coffee you most enjoy. When you are worried about the price here, try comparing it to visiting the restaurant for a latte and it suddenly starts to seem to be like rather value. Get the coffee right and that’s half the work done.

Using water in bottles or at least filtered water may also make hook but important difference in terms of the standard of the coffee in your cup.