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Many people, myself included, consider coffee essential for everyday life. You intend to have the ability to make a perfect, delightful cup of coffee once you want to buy, right in the comfort of your own home. Keurig understands our coffee obsession. That’s why they make it so simple to have that perfect cup of joe with simply a push of a button.

Who Needs the Keurig K200?
Why don’t we introduce a dream become a reality – the Keurig K200, that is a wonderful, easily affordable starter machine for folks who are simply beginning their journey with the joys of single-serving coffee makers.

But what about when you wish to make a lot more than just one sit down elsewhere? Well, that’s where in fact the Keurig K200 shines differently than its predecessors. The K200 can enable you to brew a complete pot of coffee to talk about with others or even to savor yourself. Other Keurigs can’t do this!

True to the brand, this model also uses revolutionary Keurig Brewing technology to learn the lid of your selected k-cup, k-mug, or k-carafe pod to make sure you get an ideal beverage, every time. It could even make specialty drinks like hot cocoa, mochas, or chai. Prefer iced coffee instead? Have a look at how!

Just look for your selected flavor in the k-cup 2.0 products. Brew up your selected flavor in a mug or perhaps a carafe to talk about with everyone. The Keurig K200 can do everything.

Why the Keurig K200?
Keurig is a fantastic addition to your kitchen to satisfy your entire coffee needs. Slim enough to match of all countertops without taking on an excessive amount of room, the classic black and silver design will match most decor. Prefer a different color? The K200 comes in various colors to complement any personality type.

The touch screen is easy to use and enables you to have full control of your cup of joe, from the size to the strength. Never worry about messes or overspills, because of the removable drip tray. When applied for, you can fit up to seven-inch cup in this coffeemaker.

You will have to be sure you turn the product off after every use, as there is absolutely no auto-shutoff feature. Bummer, we realize. But it’s an instant coffeemaker, filling your cup in under a minute, according to size and brew type.

There’s also a 40-ounce water reservoir, therefore you can enjoy multiple cups without needing to refill. It’s removable for easy fill-ups. And houses the included air conditioning filter so you can be certain your water gets purified before drinking.

Things We Like
Large water reservoir
1-minute brew
Single-cup or a complete carafe
Multiple brew sizes (4, 6, 8, 10-ounce cups)
Regular or strong brew/specialty drinks
Room for Improvement
Requires extra equipment for multiple cups
Doesn’t use all k-cups
K-cups aren’t recyclable
Top features of the Keurig K200
The Keurig K200 can be an upgraded style of single-serve coffee. You may expect the same excellent quality and easy usability with this machine that you’ll get with the other models beneath the Keurig label. However, there are several neat features the K200 has that you can’t find in the other coffee makers. Continue reading to discover what!

Carafe feature
Keurig is known to be the pioneer of single-cup servings of yummy coffee. Never again need to worry about throwing out a complete pot of coffee when all you have to is one cup. Just play a k-cup and hit a button. However, many persons dislike that you can’t make multiple cup at the same time.

But with the Keurig K200, they’ve solved the condition of making coffee for everybody, as well as simply a single serving. By purchasing the separate carafe, you should use your single-serve machine to create up to nine cups of coffee simultaneously.

To utilize the carafe feature, you’ll need the carafe and also the k-carafe pods, which brew 22, 26, or 30 ounces.

To brew an ideal cup of coffee each and every time, all you have to is to set up your k-pod and pick the appropriate size and strength and wait. Once finished, simply toss the k-pod away. They aren’t reusable.

There are 75 brands and over 400 types of flavors reso you’re sure to discover a taste that works for you personally. We know it might be overwhelming trying to narrow down your alternatives, so start by looking into our tips for the twenty best flavors here.

Remember that only Keurig pods use this machine. You cannot use other brands. You can decide on multiple pod sizes: 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounces k-cups, 12, 14, or 16-ounce k-mug pods, or 22, 26, or 30-ounce k-carafe pods.

Be Environmental Friendly
Throughout their production, Keurigs took a whole lot of heat for environmentally friendly footprint their product results in – the disposable K-cups which contain your coffee grinds. It really is difficult to recycle these as you must completely disassemble them and divide the several materials, including plastic and aluminum.

There may be the option to get the Keurig Plus Series My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter if you like to use your town grounds rather than the Keurig flavors. In addition, it works for things such as cocoa, tea, or espressos. And since it’s reusable, you don’t throw it away.

And there are companies out there that produce recyclable k-cups and reusable cups. We’ve even included a few on our top 20 list, so make certain you’ve checked it out.

Strong Brew Mode
With previous Keurig coffee makers, if you wanted a far more robust sit down elsewhere, you’d wrap up getting less coffee in your mug. It usually is frustrating to need to quit quantity for quality. But with the Keurig K200, that’s no problem.

The Keurig K200 has nine modes available, including four regular brews in sizes four, six, eight, or ten ounces; four strong brews in the same ounces; or carafe, which fills a complete pot.

If you would like regular strength, just push the touch-button screen to choose the correct k-cup size. However when you will need that extra strength, switch the button to strong. And don’t forget, you may make specialty brews and teas aswell, just from a switch of the button.

Keurig Brewing Technology
You might be wondering how your coffee maker can make sure you get perfect tasting coffee each time. The answer is in the k-cup lid. Your Keurig reads the label of every k-cup before brewing so that it can know the correct amount of water to place out to create your coffee correctly.

Then, after the water gets heated up, a hollow needle punctures the foil top, and the water fills the k-cup. Another needle pokes a hole in underneath of the k-cup in order that your brewed coffee can flow through the k-cup, and built-in filter, directly into your waiting cup.

In under two minutes, you have a piping hot yummy cup of java that tastes as if you just purchased it straight from your chosen coffee house. And remember, with so many varieties, you could attempt a different flavor each day!

Simple to operate Touch Display
You don’t have to become a technology wizard in order to work the Keurig K200. The easy to read display enables you to easily see what settings you’ve chosen. Press the arrow up or right down to choose the size and the effectiveness of your brew. Or move right down to select specialty drinks like hot cocoa or tea.

The info is displayed in a fairly easy to view size which means you don’t need to worry in the event that you can’t see smaller words or numbers. But we are a lttle bit disappointed that there’s not really a clock on the screen. Nor will there be a timer or an computerized power-off.

Some coffee makers have a freshness meter, helping you discover how long the coffee has been made. Unfortunately, the Keurig K200 doesn’t have this program. The screen is simplistic and simple to understand, without the training. Have a look at this video to see what we mean!

Large Water Reservoir
With an ample 40-ounce water reservoir, you can brew up to four cups of coffee out of 1 refill. When it’s time to refill, just detach the tank by lifting and stick it under your kitchen faucet or refill from a bottle.

The filter is situated inside this tank. Keurig recommends that you change the water filter every 8 weeks for heavy use or after sixty tank refills if you’re an infrequent user. The filter is constructed of charcoal and takes significantly less than ten minutes to improve.

It should take that the water tank is empty. Place your brand-new filter right into a cup of water for at least 5 minutes before putting into your Keurig. Take away the old filter and replace it with the brand new one after giving it an instant rinse after you’re through soaking it.

There’s a good dial that one could rotate to create which month the filter should be changed again. Newer models provides the date you replaced the old filter, together with when you’re due for a fresh change. Here’s a helpful video to walk you through the procedure.

Alternatives to the Keurig K200
We love the Keurig K200 with all its excellent capabilities, like the substitute for make multiple cups of coffee simultaneously. But we were somewhat disappointed that people can’t set this coffee maker to auto brew – start making your coffee at a particular time, so you’re all set.

If you desire a coffee maker which can be programmed to carefully turn on and power off, Keurig also offers the Keurig K575, which includes an 80-ounce water reservoir and will make coffee cups up to 12 ounces rather than just 10, just like the K200. You have even control of your temperature with the K575. Nonetheless it is far more expensive and bulkier so it’ll take up more room.

Need a coffeemaker that’s compact enough to match into tight spots? The Keurig K-Mini single-serve K-cup pod coffeemaker could possibly be your solution. It’s significantly less than five inches wide and will brew cups from six to 12 ounces. It can only have a one cup water tank, so you’ll need to refill the water before every brew. But it has a 90-second auto power-off. And it cannot brew a complete pot just like the K200.

Keurig HAS Its Problems
Around we love the Keurig, we do want to indicate that you may experience some typically common problems. More often than not, there’s a straightforward solution to these issues. We recommend keeping this article saved somewhere easy to get at when you have any issues with your Keurig.

Chances are, your trouble is equivalent to we’ve experienced, and you could use our ways to get your machine ready to go and never have to call customer support or buy a new one. If properly looked after, your Keurig can last you through many uses and multiple months to years.

What are some typically common problems Keurig experiences?
Clogged Keurig – solution: breakdown and clean properly
Trying to reset your Keurig – answer: follow the simple steps listed in this specific article
Powers off/on automatically – solution: check auto-brewing feature
Leaking – solution: check water reservoir, gaskets for damage
Improper amount – answer: your machine is most likely clogged and needs cleaning
Bad tasting coffee – solution: clean your machine every 3-6 months
Weird noises – solution: unfortunately, the Keurig does sound odd when brewing, so these sounds could possibly be normal. If your coffee tastes normal, there’s nothing to worry about. Otherwise, try cleaning.
There are other issues that Keurig can experience, but we’ve covered the main types above. But once more, make sure to provide our linked article an assessment because it switches into step-by-step details for all sorts of trouble-shooting.

Get Your Own Keurig K200

The Keurig K200 may be the must-have coffee accessory for single-serve and group coffee making. Get your selected flavor k-cup, k-mug, or k-carafe pods in order to have a refreshing sit down elsewhere in only 60 seconds, right at the push of a button. The Keurig K200 is a must-have for beginners and experienced coffee connoisseurs.