I frequently get asked in what kettlebell to buy and in addition which size kettlebell weight to get too.

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Update September : My recommended supplier of kettlebells REP Fitness remain currently low or unavailable.

Below I’m likely to address different types of kettlebells, what things to search for when buying kettlebells, what kettlebell weights you will need, and finally a number of the brands of the greatest kettlebells that I would recommend.

OK, lets get started…

With the explosion of kettlebell training during the last 10 years nowadays there are many sizes and shapes available to buy.

“A kettlebell’s design allows its center of mass to increase beyond the hand. This facilitates full body ballistic movements, similar to movements within the snatch and clean and jerk in weightlifting. Common kettlebell exercises involve swings, lifts, and presses, but unlike weightlifting or powerlifting, kettlebell training can be carried out bilaterally and unilaterally in every planes.” (Manocchia et al. 2013)

Let’s have a look at what’s on Amazon.com at this time:

As you can plainly see there are many of various kinds of kettlebells that one could choose from:

Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
Adjustable Kettlebells
Cast Iron Kettlebells
Kettlebells with a Gorilla Face
and more…
You can, theoretically, use these kettlebells for a couple of the essential kettlebell exercises.

For example, the next exercises will be OK with these kettlebell choices:

Single Arm Deadlift
Single Leg Deadlift
The reason why these kettlebell exercises will be OK with these kettlebell choices is that they involve the easiest of movements that don’t require an excessive amount of interaction with the kettlebell itself.

The Single Arm Deadlift exercise can be carried out with any sort of kettlebell:

Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift
One of the main kettlebell exercises may be the kettlebell swing.

Providing the handle isn’t vinyl and/or includes a bad finish that cuts up the hands then a number of these kettlebells would be well suited for just the kettlebell swing.

So if you plan to just swing the kettlebell and perform the 3 other kettlebell exercises above then most kettlebells can do the job.

However, if you plan to develop and perform far more of the 50+ kettlebell exercises available i quickly recommend you are more careful together with your kettlebell buying decision.

The two 2 Best Types of Kettlebells YOU SHOULD PURCHASE
If you are likely to take your kettlebell training a bit more seriously then you have to select a kettlebell that won’t damage your wrists, forearms, or break up your hands.

There are 2 basic kettlebell types to select from:

Competition Kettlebells
As you can plainly see from your competition kettlebell image above the handle is a lot smaller and is squarer in design.

Competition kettlebells are created to by used with just one single hand and the size and condition stays the same size whatever the weight.

The benefit of these kind of kettlebells is that your hand doesn’t slide around as a result of limited space plus you can obtain used to the size even though the weight changes.

The primary disadvantage is they can only be utilized with one hand, therefore the all important two handed swing has gone out and are also the valuable goblet squats, halos, and several other beginner based exercises.

If you teach kettlebell classes, as I really do, then these kind of kettlebells just don’t work generally in most situations.

Cast Iron Kettlebells
The cast iron kettlebell is created from one solid little bit of metal so unlike your competition kettlebell the size increase with the weight.

You will observe that the handle is wider helping you to use two hands if necessary so those double handed exercises are actually possible.

If you’re a beginner then your cast iron kettlebell is a lot more different in its usage

Making the decision between Competition Kettlebells and Cast Iron Kettlebells
The choice ought to be quite easy for you personally now.

As a beginner your competition kettlebells don’t enable two handed exercises making learning the basics difficult, which means cast iron kettlebells will be the better choice.

However, assuming you have mastered all of the two handed exercises and want to take your kettlebell training to another level and even enter some competitions then your competition kettlebells are for you personally.

If you tend to choose the cast iron kettlebells then there continues to be some more things you need to know before you get.

Here’s an instant video telling you what things to search for when buying your kettlebell:

7 What to Avoid When Purchasing the Best Kettlebells
Here are some of my top tips about what to search for when you’re buying or upgrading your kettlebell.

  1. Super Thick Kettlebell Handles
    The first thing may be the handle. Be sure to don’t buy a kettlebell with a handle that’s too thick.

If you can’t wrap your fingers completely around the kettlebell handle, then your handle’s likely to be somewhat too thick for you personally.

A kettlebell with a handle that’s too thick will probably quickly tire out your forearms and finishing repetitions of a fitness can be extremely tough.

  1. Narrow Kettlebell Handle Width
    Next, is it possible to fit both of your hands through the kettlebell handle? Some kettlebells, just like the the competition ones, are just wide enough for just one hand.

If you’re likely to be performing a whole lot of two handed kettlebell exercises, that i recommend for beginners, then you’re likely to desire a kettlebell where you could get both of your hands through the handle.

  1. Kettlebells with Feet or Bases
    Better to avoid kettlebells with feet such as this
    Underneath of the kettlebell must have a natural flat nonetheless it shouldn’t have an attached rubber or plastic base.

Bases can be best for avoiding marks on your own floor but however they’re likely to really dig into arm and into the body when you’re using the kettlebell.

So if the kettlebell includes a round rubber or plastic foot onto it, I’d certainly avoid that kind of kettlebell.

  1. Sharp Kettlebell Handle
    The fourth thing is to make certain there are no sharp edges on the kettlebell handle.

Consider kettlebells which may have sharp items of paint and in addition check where in fact the handle meets your body there are no small nicks that may cut into the hands.

In case you have got a preexisting kettlebell with sharp edges, then you can certainly sometimes sand them down with sandpaper.

  1. Completely Round Kettlebell Body
    The next phase is your body of the kettlebell. Make certain it’s not too round.

If it’s round, such as a ball, when you’re in the racked position it’s likely to really dig into your forearm the same problem will connect with the very best position of the overhead press or kettlebell snatch too.

And that means you want a slightly oval kettlebell body and a handle that smoothly moulds in to the body of the kettlebell.

Avoid a kettlebell that’s a round ball with a big, sharp handle stuck at the top

There should be a good smooth little bit of continuity with the kettlebell from your body into the handle.