JBL Pulse 2 speaker could very well be the most stylish and good-looking speaker by JBL. The sound performance of the speaker is merely amazing. It actually hits all of the right notes. The bass foot of the speaker is good and it generally does not suffer in treble too. JBL Pulse 2 speaker is definitely a fantastic lightweight Bluetooth speaker with some very nice features.

The speaker will certainly improve your music experience with the fundamental studio and interactive light display. As the speaker features multi-colored display lights, you can enjoy your music with a rhythmic glow. The speaker runs on the color sense technique like no other speaker in its range. You will certainly love the music with the display of wonderful lights. It’s an excellent choice for your home parties.

There is absolutely no significant change in the look of the JBL Pulse 2 speaker. The condition is cylindrical but it’s taller in comparison with other speakers of JBL. The speaker is splash proof to help you enjoy your music in the torrential rain even though traveling too.

The speaker can light with amazing high-quality stereo sound to provide you with an excellent music experience. The battery performance of the speaker is good and that’s exceptional. It offers you 10 hours of music playback with an individual recharge. With custom-made options and light display, that is indeed an excellent speaker from JBL.

JBL Pulse 2 Portable Speaker Review
Who’s it for and really should you buy it?
If you want to flaunt your speaker however you like, then that one is for you. It can help to raise your music experience to a fresh level. The interactive light feature along with sound will truly transport you to your own world of music. The multi-colored visuals of the speaker certainly are a treat to the eyes.

You may use this good sounding speaker at your party or playing your music loud. The prism colored sensors gives it an advantage over other speakers obtainable in this range. The style is indeed amazing and this is the highlight of the good sounding speaker.

If you want a hands-free experience, then JBL Pulse 2 speaker makes a fantastic choice. The speaker comes with an in-built speakerphone that allows you to receive and take your calls with an individual button. Also you can utilize the echo-canceling feature of the speaker to improve the voice clarity of the speaker.

Could it be for outdoors? Well, yes it really is indeed for your outdoor needs and traveling. The speaker is splash proof so that you can enjoy pool parties together with your friends. Its also stain resistant and that means you don’t need to worry about the spills. It really is durable so regardless if you drop the speaker, you won’t really affect the studio quality. It’s indeed an ideal companion for your traveling and pool party.

Key Features
There are many great benefits of the JBL Pulse 2 speaker, why don’t we look at a number of them.

JBL Pulse 2 speaker elevates your music experience to a supreme level. It features essential sound with the amazing interactive light show. The multi glowing colored visuals of the speaker will certainly improve your music experience. You can play it loud at a residence party or pool.
The speaker features full control prism color sensors. It is advisable to point and shoot the lens of the colour to amplify your music experience. The colour and the light feature will certainly blow your mind.
JBL Pulse 2 speaker has 6000 mAh rechargeable battery that provides an excellent performance. On a complete charge, it offers you up to 10 hours of battery backup. You can play your music loud and nonstop with the battery performance.
The speaker comes with an in-built speakerphone that enables you to make or receive all of the calls at the touch of the button. In addition, it features echo cancellation that enables you to enhance the audio tracks quality of the calls.
The speaker is totally splash proof so it’s good to take pleasure from playing along in the rains. Additionally it is stain proof in order to put it to use roughly. However, it isn’t waterproof so it can’t be submerged in water.
JBL Pulse 2 speaker includes a great connectivity too. Through JBL hook up it is possible to build your own ecosystem. It enables you to hook up to different JBL devices to amplify the sound to the max level. It offers you an incredible music experience through JBL connectivity.
The speaker features voice integration support. You may easily access Siri or Google now with this integration. With an individual touch of a button, it enables you to integrate and provides you easy access.
The wireless Bluetooth streaming of the speaker is merely amazing. You can stream music from online programs and hook up up to three smartphones at the same time.
The speaker though looks bulky in weight isn’t so heavy which means you may easily carry the speaker along while traveling.
You may charge the speaker through different micro USB sources. The charging is quick so that it saves lots of time.

Though it resembles the prior speaker of the JBL Pulse, the highlight of the speaker is its LED system that’s built under the box grill. The look is definitely stylish and construction of the speaker is sturdy. The light sensor on the energy button makes the speaker looks good.

All of those other controls are on the speaker and you could easily access through the touch of a button. JBL Charge 3 speaker is bigger than the JBL Charge 2+ and includes more bass. Even the controls are simple to access as the interface is easy. The build is excellent and which makes this speaker durable if you compare it with other speakers that are offered in this cost range.

Sound Quality and Speakerphone
JBL Pulse 2 speaker maintains the wonderful balance of sound which is where it scores the best. The sound performance is damn best for the price. It might not exactly be exceptional and superlative but its amazing for certain. The midrange with bass and treble is good. It generally does not really suffer in the high-frequency range aswell.

However, there is absolutely no distortion even when the quantity is on the bigger side. You can enjoy your music loud and clear with this speaker for certain. The vocal performance and overall dynamics of the speaker are also good. The LED light makes a lot more difference in the sound performance to improve your music experience.

Setup and Software
The setup and interface of the speaker are simple and the look is good. It features power control buttons and Bluetooth connectivity buttons at the top. The speaker features an in-built speakerphone that enables you to receive and make calls with exceptional clarity. In addition, it features an echo-canceling button that really helps to improve your voice clarity while speaking.

The controls enable you to easily integrate with other devices which means you don’t need to wait for integration. You may also set a custom-made light show to improve your music experience. You can set the speaker according to ambient light or the occasion.

Performance and Compatibility
JBL Pulse 2 speaker offers an outstanding sense of bass. In case you play the speaker at a loud volume, there won’t be almost any disturbance or distortion in the sound of the speaker. Being lightweight also, the music sounds great for providing you an incredible music experience. In the mid-range, the sound is clear and crisp which is where it scores the most.

The speaker works with with virtually all the wireless and Bluetooth devices. You can hook up the speakers to other JBL speakers to amplify your music experience. In addition, it integrates with other speakers to provide you with an incredible sound performance. JBL has really bought out strongly with JBL Charge 2+, then JBL Flip 4 and with the JBL Pulse 2.

Connectivity and Battery Life
The connectivity of the speaker is merely amazing. It enables you to hook up to all or any the Bluetooth and wireless devices to play your music loud and clear. A radio Bluetooth streaming connection enables you to stream your music on the run. There is absolutely no issue is connectivity to help you enjoy your music on the run.

The battery performance of the JBL Pulse 2 speaker is excellent but not outstanding. Although charging is quick, it offers you about 10 hours of playback, which is wonderful for a speaker with wireless and echo-canceling. You may also charge the speaker with other USB sources.


Great sound performance.
Its stylish in looks.
Has multicolored LED light display.
It’s splash proof.
It includes a built-in speakerphone.

No digital signal.
There is no travel case.
Can distort sometimes.
Is slightly bulky.
Not completely

The Final Verdict
In the event that you liked JBL pulse then pulse 2 will certainly up your music experience a notch higher. It’s not merely updated in features but that is a tad more stylish when compared with other speakers in this range. The sound performance of the speaker is amazing since it looks. The only drawback of the speaker is that it’s not waterproof.