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Last updated on May 16, 2022 3:16 pm

If you want to awaken to music, the JBL Horizon is among the most satisfactory alarm clocks you can buy.

Excellent sound for this sort of device.
Ambient lighting.
Excellent display.
USB ports for charging smartphones.

No deep bass to talk about.
Only 16 steps of volume control.

JBL Horizon isn’t your run-of-the-mill bluetooth speaker in the sense that it includes a modern design, functionality and, ultimately, sound quality that stick out from your competition. Horizon is a concise, circular shaped tabletop speaker, measuring 5.8 x 8.5 x 7.3 inches and weighing 3.2 pounds, and it hides two speaker drivers with a diameter of just one 1.75 inches. Leading includes a sizable display – very simple to read – which displays info on enough time, date and the selected audio tracks source. The ‘glass’ that’s located over the display is constructed of plastic and is pretty reflective, almost such as a mirror, that may cause some problems when you make an effort to read it in a brightly lit room. The casing is constructed of soft gray plastic that is pretty enjoyable to touch. On the trunk is a big, white, shiny area for the superior ambient light.

Features, Great features
The Horizon uses power amplifiers of five watts to each one of the two channels, that ought to be adequate to fill smaller bedrooms with sound. It supports several audio tracks sources, the main is just about the bluetooth pairing for phones, tablets and similar devices built with this technology.

Increase this an Radio that may store up to five stations. We could actually tune in all of the major radio stations that people were alert to, but only once we linked the supplied antenna in the kind of a thin cable. Based on conditions, you could have to use an improved antenna to get the very best radio reception.

In the bottom are inputs for the energy supply, antenna, and a typical 3.5mm mini-jack that works extremely well for devices without bluetooth. The energy adapter includes exchangable plugs, allowing the Horizon to be utilized in america and Europe, like the UK.

As well as the radio antenna and power, a brief quick guide is roofed with instructions on the essential procedure and commands, especially the ones that need you to press certain buttons for a long period (usually a lot more than 2 seconds).

Just about the most useful things with the Horizon is two USB ports for charging other devices, such as for example mobile phones. These will come in useful if you lack a satisfactory number of power outlets in the bed room. In underneath you´ll find more useful things, such as a backup battery slot that may keep carefully the correct time but still trigger the alarm in the event of power failure, the buttons for setting enough time and date, in addition to yet another switch to easily change to daylight savings time.

Setting It Up
When you start the Horizon for the very first time you need to first set the right time and date, and since it doesn´t hook up to the web or any satellites, you should do so manually. We then tuned in and placed some radio channels, which was done rapidly through the use of short presses on the buttons to scan the frequencies manually, while pressing them for longer started the computerized scanning and stopped only once a radio station with good reception was found.

Setting the alarm can be carried out in a good way. Horizon has two alarms, in order that it can focus on two persons for instance. Setting the alarm time permits you to choose whether to repeat the alarm Weekdays / Weekends / Everyday / 1 DAY. Of course, you can choose how you intend to awaken; awful buzzing (very effective though), Radio or music via bluetooth. Also you can awaken to three predefined melodies: ‘Rise’ (guitar melody), ‘Solar’ (synthesizers) and ‘Groove’ (newer).

When you pay attention to Radio stations with top quality signals JBL’s Horizon sound very good. Dispersion and a broad sound stage isn´t its strong suit, however, as the size and the laws of physics prevents it from sounding such as a couple of full-size floorstanders, obviously, but that is to be likely from a device such as this. To achieve the most from it sound-wise, it should be fond of your listening position. That is of course not really a major issue when you make utilization of it as a alarm and the key purpose is to awaken.

For the purpose of a genuine sound quality test we used high-resolution music that people have placed on a PC. We did an instant comparison between your JBL Horizon and a clock radio of similar size and price, and we were delighted with the effect – the JBL sounded far better. It had more energy and details in the mid and high frequencies, and the bass was powerful enough. Up to now, so excellent, but Horizon is bound regarding the deepest bass, and bass-heavy songs won´t sound because they are supposed to. Hearing electronica evidently demonstrated this restriction. Alternatively, music with give attention to the upper frequencies sounded just as we are being used to.

If you want to awaken to music, the JBL Horizon is probably the most satisfactory alarm clocks you can buy. Several characteristics thrilled us; ambient light, two USB ports for charging cell phones, advanced alarm setup and, most of all, an extremely big snooze button. Sound quality is much better than we expected for this sort of device. However, this is simply not the first time that people are delighted with a device carrying the JBL logo. Recommended for all lovers of music and sl