The Jaybird X4 will be the latest wireless workout earbuds from Jaybird that are supposedly much better than the favorite X3s. But are they actually an upgrade? Now get black friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, offers right now, right here.

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Note: We bought the headphones with this own money, and we’re not payed for the report. That is our independent review, and we’re by no means linked to a bigger media corporation or entity.

What’s new in the Jaybird X4?
For the very first time, the Jaybird X4 earbuds are sweatproof and waterproof with IPX7 documentation (waterproof up to 1m/3ft underwater for 30min). It could be an important upgrade because Jaybird’s sports headphones are recognized for lackluster durability. The brand new additional water-resistance might prolong their life.
Small variations include; a fresh conical condition of the foam ear tips (that are as effective as the old).
Softer ear wings which supposedly create less friction and provide better comfort
Replacing the cable clips with a cinch.
Another change worth mentioning may be the quick charge function. You can aquire 1h of playtime with 10 min of charging.
What exactly are the old features?

You get premium sound with custom EQ (equalizing) that fits all music tastes, however the older version (X3) gets the same application support.

The “Sport Fit Plus” makes them simply perfect for any sports activity in which a secure fit is necessary. The older version is equally excellent at it, which was hardly ever really a problem. Which means this is nothing new.

You can make calls on the run or throughout a working, but that’s exactly like with the old model.

Moreover, the capability of the lithium-ion battery may be the same, under 8 hours. Unfortunately, the charging dongle hasn’t be swapped to a far more convenient USB-C charging. You need to utilize the proprietary charging cable which is somewhat annoying.

Overall, the variations when compared to previous model are small, however the new IPX7 documentation might make all of the difference because the Jaybird X3s have problems with sturdiness issues.

We put them under stress by showering water onto them, plus they organized fine, but it’s hard to state what their overall strength is merely in one test. Only time will tell.

Should you have them?

If you’re a sports person, for $30 more (when compared to old model by writing this), you get great sounding wireless sports headphones with fantastic fit and an IPX7 water-protection making them among the finest in the category.

Comfort & Fit – 5/5 Perfect
Just like with the prior Jaybird X models the fit is superb. The soft foam eartips from Comply (now conical) will be the best non-custom tips you can aquire. You get 2 sizes, one pair smaller and one larger.

They offer ample comfort because they comply with the size and condition of your ear canals. The 3 sizes of silicone ear fins or ear wings are soft to your skin (more elastic than with X3s). You almost don’t feel them, nevertheless, you must select the right size.

If you don’t utilize the right size of tips and fins, you’ll complain because you won’t get the comfort.

Silicone tips (in pic) are fine, but foams are better for comfort.

Due to plastic design, they’re lightweight, only 14.7g which supports comfort over extended hours.

There are multiple methods to wear them.

There’s under-the-ear way which is how exactly we wear regular earphones with wires heading down. In the X4 case, the cables can go beneath the chin or even better, behind the neck as thus giving better stability.

You might observe that sometimes the wires rub against the trunk of your neck and because they’re rubbery can pull on the earbuds. The force could be enough to eliminate the buds out of your ears, which means you have to readjust.

Thankfully, you can play with the cord management clip and get the wire length perfectly to reduce the problem.

Over the ear fit is most beneficial.

But the preferred is over-the-ear fit.

It’s what Jaybird promotes as the very best because it happens to be. Setting it up right for the very first time takes some fiddling around with the tips and ear fins, but once you get accustomed to it, you won’t change it out.

The wireless workout earbuds stay static in place just like a rock. You may easily run and jump around, plus they don’t budge. That’s why they are one of the better headphones for runners.

Stability is simply perfect for all sorts of activity, and you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them.

The only problem could possibly be bench pressing. When in the positioning you lay your mind on the bench. As the cables are in the manner, the over-the-ear fit isn’t optimal.

In the fitness center, you should put them on like standard earbuds, before you. It could look somewhat funny but does the work.

Overall, these are just about the most comfortable and stable workout headphones you can aquire today. It’s no real surprise because other Jaybird in-ear headphones have equally fantastic fit.

X4s can fit small ears after testing different ear wing positions.

Noise Isolation – 4.5 Almost Perfect
The Jaybird X4 have impressive noise isolation because of in-ear design and foam eartips. Take into account, they are not noise cancelling, as that’s another technology.

If you wish to get the very best passive noise isolation, you need to use the foam rather than silicone ear tips. They offer a considerable upgrade to the quantity of ambient noise that’s blocked.

In the event you’re running outside in the location and need environmental awareness you need to use smaller ear ways to let in more noise. It’ll improve your safety-hear more sound around you-which should be your first priority.