Braava 380t Design
The Braava 380t robot mop contains a distinctive design that people have not seen yet. Built-in a square, this robot mop differs than nearly every robot vacuum we’ve tested to date, and far different than most of iRobot’s Roomba vacuums.

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Braava 380t robot mop
CONTROL | Along with the machine is a sensor receiver and three buttons. The sensor receiver will there be to get signals from the Northstar navigation system employed by the Braava, to greatly help it remember where it has recently cleaned at home. The three buttons at the top serve the next functions:

power button
dry cleaning mode button
damp cleaning mode button
CLEANING | As you move down the robot, there is a tiny cleaning pad mounted on leading end of the machine. Two of the pads are incorporated with the machine and each could be individually located on the iRobot 380t. Small magnets help to keep these cleaning pads set up.

STYLE | Aesthetically speaking, the Braava 380t robot mop offers a sleek modern look. An all black color scheme is paired with blue button lights, keeping the machine simple but appealing.

How iRobot Braava 380t Cleans
The Braava 380t robot mop utilizes several different cleaning methods; dry and damp. The dry and damp cleaning styles aren’t vastly not the same as one another, but there are always a couple of features that produce each mode its.

DRY MODE | To begin with, dry mode, also referred to as sweeping mode; That is when the Braava 380t literally drives around your house and sweeps your floors.

No water or cleaning solution is necessary for this mode to use. When you have chosen the dry (sweeping) mode, this Braava robot mop will commence making passes down and back across each room it cleans.

To make these passes, users must set the included Northstar navigation cube somewhere in the area. This navigation system shoots a sign from the ceiling for the reason that room, which is then found by the Braava 380t.

By utilizing this form of navigation, the mop has the capacity to track precisely where it’s been for the reason that room, creating a competent cleaning pattern.

Braava 380t Northstar navigation cube
WET MODE | The wet mode, or mopping mode, also uses the Northstar navigation, however the way it cleans is a lttle bit different.

Rather than making long, single passes backwards and forwards over the room, the damp mode works to produce a few passes over the same area, ensuring it lifts the dirt and grime from the floor before moving to a fresh area.

Water can even be located within the reservoir, which can only help to keep carefully the pad damp as the 380t cleans the floors.

The length of the Braava 380t?
The Braava 380t is a fairly small unit, to arrive at 9.6″ long, 8.5″ wide, and 3.1″ tall. Additionally, this robot mop weighs 4 pounds.

Length – 9.6″
Width – 8.5″
Height – 3.1″
Weight – 4 pounds
What accessories include the Braava 380t?
The Braava 380t robot mop will not include a large amount of extra parts and accessories, but that’s simply because of the fact that very little extras are necessary for this mop.

The Braava 380t includes the next parts and accessories:

Northstar Navigation Cube: The Northstar navigation cube is a tiny block that emits a sign, allowing this Braava mop to track accurately where it’s been as it cleans an area.

Charging station: A little charging station is roofed with the Braava 380t, that allows the machine to charge before cleaning.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad: That is a magnetic cleaning pads that attaches to underneath of the robot for easier cleaning cloth attachment. The multi-purpose cleaning pad is employed for dry sweeping.

Pro-Cleaner Cleaning Pad: It is the damp mop and wet mop cleaning pad that also magnetically attaches to underneath of the Braava 380t. This cleaning pad has a tiny built-in reservoir tank that may hold water or cleaning solution, and can keep carefully the cleaning cloth damp.

Dry Cleaning Cloth: A dry cleaning cloth is roofed aswell. This cloth should only be utilized dry could be washed and reused many times.

Wet Cleaning Cloth: A wet cleaning cloth can be included. This cloth ought to be used for damp and wet mopping and can even be washed and reused many times.

Cleaning Tests
The following tests are made to show the way the Braava 380t performs as both a mop and a sweeper.

We tested the Braava 380t as a mop on tile flooring, spreading three different debris types over the floor and allowing the robot mop to completely clean the ground until it thought the work was complete.

Next, we tested the Braava 380t as a sweeper, and can operate on a dusty hardwood floor for thirty minutes. After doing this, we took a glance at the floors and analyze the cleaning performance.

Cleaning Score
To start out our mop test we put our 3 messes down on our testing lane. The mop test contains:

Dirt / mud
Each one of these debris types give a different degree of stickiness and consistency, allowing us to check the Braava 380t robot mop against a light, heavy, and liquid substance. All three debris types are spread across our testing lane in three separate sections.

What our mopping test look liked before we starting cleaning
Throughout our mopping tests, we make an effort to give real-life examples and become as regular and fair as possible. The mopping test procedure goes the following:

Measure out 3 oz of soda and spread the soda over the back of the testing lane.
Squirt honey in the center of the testing lane, covering most the width of the lane.
Create a muddy substance from dirt and water then spread the mud with a shoe.
Make a cleaning pass over the testing lane and compare the volume of each debris type mopped through to pass someone to the untouched debris.
Make cleaning pass number 2 over the lane and analyze the volume of each debris type mopped up.
Make a third cleaning pass, if necessary.
Mopping Tests
The mopping tests were a lttle bit of a surprise. After letting the Braava 380t run for 19 minutes (that is when the machine stopped itself), we discovered that this Braava robot mop could completely tidy up the dirt and honey. However, the soda was more of a concern for this mop.

Cleaning Soda
With soda being truly a liquid substance, the 380t includes a hard time soaking everything up while mopping. Instead, the microfiber cloth assimilated what it might and pushed around the rest of the soda. Therefore, the soda finished up being spread across our testing lane. The total amount spread had not been dramatic, nonetheless it was a little a lot more than I would’ve prefer to see.

To handle larger levels of soda or other liquids see our Bissell Crosswave review.

The Braava 380t removed almost all of the soda, however, it wasn’t in a position to absorb the complete 3 oz.

Cleaning Honey & Mud
In regards to to honey and dirt / mud, the Braava 380t had no issues whatsoever. Since it worked its triple pass strategy over each one of these messes, it was in a position to clean them 100% of just how, not leaving any extra on our testing lane.

Overall, I was impressed with the mopping performance of the Braava 380t. Although the soda was tough because of this specific unit to take care of, it isn’t necessarily designed to tidy up large liquid messes just like the one we used.

Our testing lane following the cleaning cycle finished. All the mud and honey is removed, with a number of the soda remaining.

Cleaning Time
Probably my biggest complaint, the speed of which this Braava robot mop cleaned. It seems sensible that it moves slowly as a way to deeply clean the region, but the pace of which this mop moved was much slower than I expected. On the other hand, the 150 minute mop run time ensures that the Braava 380t comes with an ample period of time to mop your floors.

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Sweeping Tests
Following the mopping tests, we set the Braava 380t loose on a sweeping mission. We allow unit run for thirty minutes on a comparatively dirty / dusty floor. After the thirty minutes were up, we took a glance at the dry cleaning cloth to observe how much dust and dirt was removed.

Braava after thirty minutes of dry cleaning on a more substantial wood floor area.
With that said, I was impressed. The 380t did a good job of clearing up the dusty floor and could hold adequate dust and dirt on the microfiber pad.

The unit could have probably ran for more than thirty minutes, but I stopped it as of this mark to be able to determine how well it performed for the reason that short time of time.

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Is it Convenient to use?
It doesn’t get any easier than using the Braava 380t. As a robot mop, the effort and labor is completed for you personally. Just opt for the mode you’d just like the robot to maintain by pressing the correct button and allow 380t do all of those other work for you.

Braava charging station
As a robot mop, you don’t have that you can follow the machine around, or push it for example. This Braava mop uses navigation to map your house out, creating an instant and efficient cleaning pattern around your house.

Control buttons on the Braava 380t
DRY MODE | If you’re looking for a dry sweep, simply add the dry cleaning cloth and multi-purpose cleaning pad, press the dry sweep button, and relax. Your task is almost done from there on out.

WET MODE | Same applies to mopping. Place the Pro-Clean reservoir on underneath of the Braava 380t, add the damp cleaning cloth, choose the damp mopping mode as soon as again, you’re prepared to relax and allow robot mop do all of those other job for you.

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Can Braava 380t clean corners & baseboards?
Maneuverability of the Braava 380t is probably the most impressive features concerning this robot mop. This Braava has the ability to turn 360°, has edge sweeping capabilities, and has several sensors to greatly help it avoid running into furniture or other obstacles at home.

Weight: 4 pounds
Width: 8.5″
Height: 3.1″
Turning: 360°
The opportunity to turn 360° is an enormous plus for the Braava 380t. In so doing, the unit can wrap itself around chair legs in a single pass.

Typically, users need to make a few separate passes across chaos if it’s around a chair leg, or other furniture piece.

Square design and large cleaning cloth allows the Braava to completely clean into corners and along baseboards.
Edge sweeping technology is another great feature connected with this robot mop. Built-in a square, the Braava 380t has the ability to get flush against the wall and use its microfiber cloth to sweep the edges of baseboards and walls.

This is a tiny addition, nonetheless it certainly is important in the entire cleaning performance.

Up close shot of leading end of the Braava 380t – that’s where the cleaning cloths are held
Just how much does it cost to keep up the Braava?
The next table indicates the frequency of which you’ll likely want to replace the many parts and elements of the mop. However, your own encounters may vary.

Maintaining the Braava 380t is pretty simple. There are just a few key areas to focus on, none of which need a large amount of time or effort.

Change the cleaning cloth – The cleaning cloth should be washed or changed after each major cleaning cycle.
Change cleaning pad – The cleaning pad must be changed in case you are moving from wet or damp mopping to dry sweeping.
Replace the battery – Replacing the battery ought to be completed if you spot the battery of the Braava 380t not holding a charge, or if it has died entirely.
Annual maintenance charges for the Braava 380t lands around $5 / year. This covers replacing the battery every three years.

Once you go out of the cleaning cloths that include the Braava we recommend obtaining a pack of washable microfiber cloths. Plenty of good and economical options here.

Is Braava 380t an excellent Value?
The Braava 380t robot mop offers an excellent value. Though it is somewhat saturated in price for a mop, its features plus cleaning performance are strong enough to balance the price.

After testing this Braava against some pretty harsh substances, it’s evident that robot mop has enough cleaning capacity to lift extremely sticky substances.

The unit had not been as successful with soda, but that was to be likely, generally.

Maneuverability is another major plus because of this robot mop. Its capability to turn 360° and sweep against the edges of walls and baseboards is great.

In regards to to warranty, iRobot offers a 1-year warrantee and 30-day return period through

Braava 380t Specifications
Below is a complete set of important specifications and features included on the Braava 380t:

Who CAN PURCHASE the Braava 380t Robot Mop?
The Braava 380t is a well-rounded robot mop that takes almost all of the effort out of mopping. The advanced navigation and cleaning process combines to make a solid performer that could benefit a multitude of users.

I would suggest the Braava 380t if you’re looking for the next features in a robot mop:

Want fewer chores – If you’re sick and tired of the manual labor that is included with mopping, the Braava 380t robot mop is actually a great choice. The Braava 380t is excellent at automatically maintaining your floors cleared of all typical debris, dust, and other mess that get tracked in. Having said that, you will still probably want a far more typical mop for deep cleaning.
Like the notion of a mop and sweeper in a single – The Braava 380t isn’t only a mop, but also a sweeper to some extent. Attach the dry cleaning cloth to underneath of the machine and allow it loose. From there, it’ll work to dust / sweep your floors using its microfiber cleaning cloth.
Want to are in the near future – It’s a robot mop! After all, c’mon…I’m about robots doing might work for me 🙂
To find out more on the Braava 380t click here.

Not Perfect, But Very Good
Cleaning – 95%
Performance – 95%
Quality – 95%
Usability – 95%
Value – 95%


The iRobot Braava 380t is a robot mop that works extremely well to wet or dry clean your floors. An extraordinary 150 minute mopping time means it could cover a whole lot of ground. It had no problems with almost all of our cleaning tests, but did have a problem with large volumes of liquid. This probably won’t be considered a alternative to deep cleaning your floors, {b

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