During writing this review, the 7700K was priced greater than the 6700K. The performance great things about the 7th generation processor over its predecessor are nominal at best and therefore we opted to provide the 6700K a location on our charts. In the end, money continues to be a consideration and performance for each and every dollar you may spend is what should matter the most. Now the black friday is here with you so that you can get awesome discounts, coupons, etc.

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14nm Skylake architecture at its best – that’s what Intel promises with the 6700K. That is a quad-core processor with incredible clock speeds and even amazing performance. This processor costs significantly less than the Ryzen 7 and it performs much better than it in today’s real life scenario.

It includes a base clock speed of 4GHz and will rise to 4.2GHz, which isn’t a lot of a jump though overclocking the processor will get you from 4.7GHz to 5GHz with stability. The 6700K includes Intel HD530 graphics card, which is merely as capable as the newer HD630 card if not much better than it so very little difference there.

Where in fact the Core i7 7700K does differ is in its design optimization and power consumption, but only slightly. For performance indexes, the difference is too small to even consider. Hence, in the event that you plan on investing in a Core i7 7700K then you can certainly read this review as both of these processors are practically the same with just minor optimization and improvements. Besides, both CPUs utilize the LGA 1151 socket.

Performance Analysis
For this review, we are discussing why the 6700K is an improved choice instead of the 7700K with numbers and figures supporting our argument. This review is slightly not the same as the others of our series as we usually do not go much into actual benchmark scores. Simply because both processors generate practically the same scores with simply a couple or few points difference between your two. The one thing to bear in mind is that the 7700K does score greater than the 6700K in every tests, regardless if by simply a few points.

First thing we learned was the 7700K took 6% more power compared to the 6700K at its stock configuration. But, when both processors are overclocked the energy utilization difference between your two reduces to 4.7%.

The next lesson was gaming improvements were nominal. As the 6700K already provides impressive performance in every games, we expected the jump in framerates to be nominal with the 7700K and we were tested right. Take as an example our Metro Last Light Redux test where in fact the 7700K raked in about 15 fps greater than the 6700K. However, if you overclock both processors then your difference in frames drops right down to less than 5 FPS.

So far, it appears that the 7700K is merely a improvement over the 6700K so the slight price jump is justified. However, what worried us was the temperature readings from the Kaby Lake architecture. The 7700K ran hot hitting 54C when doing offers whereas the 6700K normally maintained 34C. That is astonishing and why is it worse will be the temperature readings when both processors are overclocked. The 6700K reaches 48C whereas the 7700K rises to 61C.

Basically, if we were to compare both of these processors face to face, the clear winner will be the 6700K simply as a result of its lower operating temperatures, stable overclocking skills and near identical performance to the 7700K.

Next up, let’s dicuss where in fact the 6700K stands against the Ryzen 7, which can be our top pick. Firstly, the Ryzen 7 isn’t yet fully optimized for games since it is a whole new processor but even then, it manages to come near the Intel i7 7700K and 6700K. However, in most games, the 6700K does win the race.

The only areas where in fact the 6700K does not match to the Ryzen 7 1700 is in Handbrake, 7 Zip, and other similar tests. Basically, any application that depends on multi-thread performance will fare far better with the Ryzen 1700. However, today’s applications are single core intensive and the Core i7 6700K could be cheaper compared to the Ryzen 7 1700. Hence, the Core i7 6700K wins the race for all of us in real life scenario.

Impressive single core performance and multi-core performance.
Minimal power consumption with lower operating temperatures.
Manages to complement the performance of the Core i7-7700K at stock settings.
Cheaper than both 7700K and Ryzen 7 1700.
Motherboards are cheaper for the 6700K and offer upgrade option if in future you choose to change to 7th
Multi-thread performance is hook concern taking into consideration the price you purchase this CPU.
Should You CHOOSE THE Intel Core i7 6700K?
Yes, you should purchase the i7 6700K when you can afford it. Assuming you have $300 for a processor and want the very best deal you can aquire, this is what you should look at. With the phenomenal efficiency, there is no reason why you ought not purchase the 6700K.

Ryzen 7 launch has definitely brought some stiff competition to the Intel type of processors, however, with the pricing strategy of Intel currently on the 6700K (by writing this review), we can not recommend the 1700 AMD processor over the 6700K. In future, things might change and we’ll certainly revisit this review and change our verdict but since it stands, the 6700K is what you ought to get whatever you do.

There are zero justifiable known reasons for spending higher on the 7700K as we’ve outlined. However, there are scenarios where in fact the Ryzen 7 1700 is an improved bet. Video editing, 3D programs, and similar multi-thread dependent applications will perform faster and better with the Ryzen. For the rest, which is practically 90% of usage, the Intel Core i7 6700K is a clear winner.

We recommend the Intel Core i7 6700K over-all other available processors available in the market. At the purchase price point it currently retails at, the 6700K outperforms competing models and manufacturers in a number of departments. 14nm construction, power optimization, and performance are impressive but what truly sets it apart may be the temperature readings we received on a stock cooler. It’s the cheapest, coolest & most reliable among all processors within this cost range.

For anyone who is upgrading from a mature 3rd or 4th generation processor, the 7th generation 7700K is an improved choice as you futureproof yourself. Actually, the Ryzen 7 1700 can be an equally great choice too. However, if you curently have a 6700K or a 5th generation processor then there is no reason to think about an upgrade at the moment. And for new buyers building a completely new machine, the Core i7 6700K is a high performer which should last you an excellent five years before needing any significant upgrade.