Over 20 360 cameras have already been released for consumers and more seem to be to be announced on a monthly basis; if you are scanning this you then are most likely considering getting one for yourself. You could be thinking about questions like what features are most significant in a 360 camera? Just how much do they cost? Which cameras will be the best and which kinds are sufficient for professional use?To create your daily life easier I’ve created this definitive 360 camera buying guide to offer all the details you’ll ever have to decide which 360 camera is the foremost for you.

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Last updated on May 17, 2022 12:19 am

I’m not affiliated to any brand or product and there is absolutely no bias here, just the reality caused by hours of research. Actually I’ve owned and used practically every 360 camera so all of the information out of this post originates from first hand experience. First, let’s look into what makes an excellent 360 camera

What Features Make an excellent 360 Camera?
The primary reason behind investing in a 360 camera is to take the perfect quality 360 images or video. The primary features to give attention to whenever choosing which 360 camera to get are the kinds that ensure the camera takes clear, top quality 360° image and video that looks great on a VR headset, Facebook or YouTube. Knowing that, listed below are the features you should concentrate on:

Image and Video Resolution – 360 media requires high resolution to complement the HD quality of normal videos. 1080p may be the standard video resolution necessary for HD video in normal cameras, in 360 cameras at least 4K video resolution must appear HD in quality. An excellent 360 camera will be able to produce 4K video resolution or more, and images that are in least 15 megapixels.

Stitching – 360 degree photographs and videos are manufactured by stitching several images together using multiple lenses. An excellent 360 camera should either have the ability stitch images automatically within the camera software or on a accompanying phone app. It’s also advisable to look out for the standard of the stitching. You would like to minimise any evident lines where in fact the two images meet; you can examine this by watching 360 videos taken by each camera and seeing if the line where in fact the two images meet is obvious.

Stabilization – In the event that you plan to use your 360 camera while moving, then software stabilization is crucial. Some 360 cameras have awesome stabilization software that may erase most bumps and vibrations.

User friendly – May be the camera simple to grab and use, is there a stable iphone app and how exactly to you control the camera? Good hardware must be supported by equally good software. You may even want to use your camera in more difficult environments, so determine if its waterproof or if it has any accessories for instance a protective case.

360 Camera Buying Guide- Updated for
Now that you really know what to consider, let’s have a close look at every major 360° camera available so that you can analyse their specifications together with view a good example video. This list will be updated as new cameras are released.

Best Overall: Insta360 One R

The Insta360 One R is a dual action & 360 camera that may pretty much do everything. The cameras includes two interchangeable lenses which let you shoot 5.7K 360 video or 4K linear video. It’s like having two cameras in a single!

THE MAIN ONE R is supported by a really awesome video editing iphone app which allows you to create full length vlogs and awesome effects with simply a few taps. An AI editing feature chooses the very best elements of your video automatically, making the main one R a filmmakers dream.

Like its predecessor, the main one R features flow-state stabilization which will keep your videos super smooth in nearly all situations. The video quality is excellent in bright conditions but struggles in low light. THE MAIN ONE R is fully waterproof and includes GoPro compatible mount so that it is compatible with a large number of accessories.

The module design of the main one R permits you to buy extra lenses. Right now an added lens is available, the Lecia 1 Inch lens, that allows for excellent low light shooting.

It’s easy to understand why the Insta360 One R is among the most popular 360 cameras of and with new features released every couple of months it looks set to be the camera to beat.

Best for Video: GoPro Max

GoPro’s second generation 360 camera may be the GoPro Max. Featuring 5.7K video resolution, amazing stabilization, top quality audio tracks and multiple video modes, that is among the finest 360 cameras ever. The GoPro Max shoots the very best quality 360 video of any camera in because of GoPro’s excellent sensor and color technology. The Max is among just a few 360 cameras that is effective in low light environments.

It is possible to switch between shooting 5.7K 360 video using both lenses or shooting with just one single lens in “Hero Mode” which is similar to shooting with a standard GoPro. This makes the Max a two in a single camera and permits greater variety in your videos. Unfortunately the photography capacities of the Max are somewhat limited compared.

The Max can be an awesome action camera, fully waterproof and features near perfect stabilization software for keeping your videos super smooth. The Max is my camera of preference when shooting vlogs because of the top quality microphones and large screen.

GoPro’s application permits you to automatically create videos with music, transitions and text in simply a short while. The iphone app isn’t quite as advanced as the Insta360 iphone app but it’s not remote with regards to features. Those people who are loyal to GoPro will love the same top quality experience and premium hardware that the business is known for.