While roller skates have grown to be somewhat less popular since disco become extinct, they are still an excellent sort of exercise, transportation and fun.

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If you’re considering buying a couple of inline skates, you’ve come to the proper place!

In this review, we’ll educate you on about inline roller skates, piece by piece, and review among the best inline skates for men, women, and children.

Remember to always utilize the correct protective equipment and make sure you choose the right skates for the sort of roller skating you should do.

Inline Skate Reviews
Okay, given that we’ve briefly viewed the right rollerblades, let’s speak about them in greater detail. We’ll discuss a number of men’s, women’s, and children’s roller skates, their advantages and disadvantages, and any cool features they could have.

1 Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Fitness/Workout Skate

Rollerblade’s Macroblade line is excellent for individuals who are seeking greater than a simple cruise skate. Unlike the K2 Alexis series, these skates are actually designed for performance, rather that just recreation.

The aluminum frames are light and master energy transference, helping improve endurance.

Larger wheels (100mm diameter) with a higher amount of hardness (85A) and quick SG9 bearings further the speed and endurance advantages conferred by the lightweight frame. The skates are closed with a normal lacing mechanism, similar to a boot.

These skates are best for riders with some experience under their belt who are considering skating as a way of exercise or distance.

However, if you’re not used to roller skating, but fairly confident in your athletic ability, they could be fine for you personally. They have medium ventilation that makes longer rides somewhat cooler and dryer.


Medium price
High performance
Fast skates

There were some sizing issues (this isn’t uncommon with roller skates).
Lastly, this skate comes with an upgraded form-fit liner that promises to be very comfortable. If your looking to discover the best rollerblades for women, I believe the Macroblades are it!

2 Rollerblade Macroblade ABT Women’s Fitness Inline Skate

This couple of women’s inline skates we’re likely to review is easily the innovative. The Macroblade ABTs act like the Alexis 80s we previously discussed, however the harder wheels are faster and more desirable to advanced riders and racers.

Those intent on utilizing their roller skates for training purposes will surely like these skates, but inexperienced skaters will dsicover them greater than a little intimidating.

Apart from the size of the wheels that can be upgraded to 84mm, the other noticeable difference will be the bearings. Even though many skates include ABEC 3 or 5 -which are in no way slow-these come filled with SG5 bearings.

Combine people that have hard 80mm wheels and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a few serious speed.


For all those looking for speed, you’ve found it. These skates are quick
Smooth ride, thanks to the hard wheels
Not so expensive, given the top quality

Luckily Rollerbade equipped these skates with a mesh uppers once and for all ventilation and a higher cuff for hard skating.

3 K2 Skate Alexis 84 Boa Inline Skate

The K2 Kinetic 84 Inlines certainly are a value option for roller blades and best for anyone who has some experience with skating. The plastic boot and Tec Composite frame are made to absorb shocks and vibrations from the street.

The frames are designed straight into the boot to greatly help further eradicate shocks made by the pavement.

The wheels are on the softer side at 80A. As of this size (84mm) and durometer, these wheels aren’t terribly fast. Increase that the ILQ 7 bearings that include this skate and you’ve got a good mid-speed roller skate.

They’re ideal for fitness and recreational skating, made convenient by the relative softness of the wheels and the overall flexibility of the shell. Comfort may be the focus of the skate, and important for K2.

These skates are of a far more moderate speed compared to the K2 F.I.T. series – and an excellent mid range speed. Ventilation is middling upon this product, so that it is well suited for medium distances without sacrificing an excessive amount of stiffness.


Solid skate for a intermediate to beginner roller skater
Affordable price
Boa speed laces
Comfortable liners, K2 softboot

While these skates certainly are a good choice for a beginner/intermediate, they probably wouldn’t be the most notable choice for anybody with serious skating experience.

4 K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 80 Inline Skates

These inline skates act like the women’s K2 Alexis we discussed above. While they’re suitable for beginner skaters, they’re suited to intermediates and mainly designed for recreational skating.

They are speedy without having to be too much for a comparatively inexperienced roller skater to take care of and probably best inline skates for streets with 80mm wheels made to review sidewalk cracks and bumps.

The wheels upon this model have a hardness rating of 80A gives you good grip without deteriorating too fast on concrete. The bearings are ABEC 5 and the skates are fitted with K2’s well-known softboot liners.

The frames are aluminum along with composite materials providing a good amount of ankle support.


Great beginner to intermediate skate!
Ideal for urban environments

There aren’t really any but costing under a $100 they are basic level inline skates
They have high cuffs and have a traditional lacing and strap closure system that ensures rider stability. A great choice for the skater looking for and bargain priced couple of inline skates.

Today, most wheels are made of polyurethane. That is a marked departure from days gone by, if they were often created from plastic. The brand new wheels are a lot more durable and give a smoother ride.

Like skates generally, wheels are suitable for specific types useful. There are wheels built purely for speed, wheels built for rapid acceleration, and wheels built for stabilization, and everything among.

What sort of wheel performs depends mainly on three key variables: its size, hardness, and shape.
A wheel’s size is basically accountable for deciding the speed of the skates. The major skating wheels are 100mm in diameter, as the smallest remain 57mm.

Larger wheels are faster, and so are therefore more commonly entirely on racing skates. Smaller wheels, however, offer greater latitude in accelerating and decelerating.

Wheel Hardness
Also known as durometer–determines how forgiving the wheels will be on rough surfaces. In addition, it is important in predicting the accelerative ability of confirmed wheel. The durometer is indicated by lots from 0 to 100, accompanied by the letter “A.”

Generally, softer wheels are for indoor use, like roller rinks and indoor hockey arenas. If you’re likely to be skating outside, you wish to go with something harder (around 82A).

Softer wheels tend to wear out faster than harder wheels, particularly if taken onto rough surfaces. In addition they offer smoother rides.