Two great types of quality coolers at a cheaper price are from the Igloo Sportsman Series. Igloo is a name synonymous with coolers, and the Sportsman is their version of the top quality cooler. The question then becomes, did it match Yeti, Engel, Pelican, etc? We put a 40Qt and 55Qt Igloo Sportsman to the test against typically the most popular cooler brands. The results of our testing (see video & results below) will surprise a lot of people, especially considering the price of the Igloo.

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Igloo Sportsman Series Ice Challenge Results

Inside our Five Day Ice Challenge, where we tested all of the name brand coolers such as for example Yeti, Grizzly, and Pelican, we also tested two Igloo Sportsman Series Coolers. We tested the Igloo Sportsman Series 40 Q and 55Q. Why would we test two of the same style and manufacturer coolers? We wished to confirm if there is a notable difference in ice retention predicated on cooler size alone. Here we’d two actual same manufacturers and model cooler, the only difference being quart size; a 40 Q Vs a 55Q.

After five days there is no noticeable difference in ice retention between your 40Q and 55Q. [This theory has since been tested further, see findings below] Furthermore, both coolers held ice on par with a Yeti Tundra 45 and longer when compared to a Grizzly 40Q. The Igloo Sportsman series cooler often will come in at a substantial discount in comparison to a Yeti. Therefore, for anyone who is buying solid cooler your money can buy that may hold ice on par with the “brand name” coolers, the Sportsman Series requires a second look. (Individual Video comparisons at bottom of post.)

Available Sportsman Cooler Sizes
As stated previously, the Igloo type of coolers has stood the test of time. Igloo ‘s been around much longer than almost every other coolers plus they haven’t stopped working toward perfection. Igloo is continually enhancing their products in order that they can compete available on the market. Here are the available Sportsman Cooler Sizes.

Igloo Sportsman Coolers 40-quart cooler
The Igloo Sportsman Coolers 40-quart cooler offers 2 inches of insulation in the lid and a 3-point grab handle. Oversized T-Grip lid latches securely closed the cooler. You can be confident when taking this cooler camping since it is certified bear proof, and there can be an integrated fish ruler on its lid so that it is an ideal fishing cooler. However, you’ll likely want to lock your cooler shut to avoid wildlife or even undesired hands from gaining entry. When hauling the Sportsman in your truck or on your own boat, anti-skid feet will ensure it generally does not slide around. In addition, it drains easily, because of its’ oversized drain/plug. Although this cooler can be large in size, it isn’t in weight of them costing only 23 pounds. The very best feature we liked about the Igloo, which differs from all the coolers, may be the “notched lid hinge.” As you open the cooler you’ll feel just a little notch at the 90 degree mark. This can help the cooler lid stay open rather than blow/tip shut easily.

Igloo Sportsman 55
The Igloo Sportsman 55 has all the same features as the Sportsman 40-quart cooler along with aluminum hinges. It weighs slightly a lot more than the 40qt Sportsman cooler at 41.95 pounds. This also offers a locking point on leading of the cooler in order that there is no need to worry about bears or undesired hands getting inside. In addition, it features raised non-skid feet. This cooler also offers the notched lid that allows for the lid to stay open. Again, that is an attribute we haven’t observed in a great many other coolers. Ironically enough, the 55qt cooler can often be priced cheaper compared to the 40qt cooler.

Igloo Sportsman Price Comparisons
When looking at cooler prices online, Igloo coolers that people reviewed are substantially significantly less than other coolers of a comparable size. Strangely enough, the 55Qt cooler can often be times cheaper compared to the 40qt cooler online. When you compare the 55Qt Sportsman to other coolers of an identical size there is normally quite the purchase price gap.

What Our Ice Retention Tests Revealed
Furthermore to testing in Winter season (in videos below), we also tested in the summertime months of FL with afternoon temps achieving the mid 90’s each day. The results were the same; Igloo will keep up regarding performance. Thus, there is absolutely no reason to spend a lot of money to obtain a a lot more than capable cooler.