HyperX approach gaming peripherals with a simple design ethos. Its number 1 concern is the number 1 requirement from you, and it’s really a philosophy that’s largely paid for the relatively young company. The Cloud Revolver S, announced at CES 2017, may be the biggest, baddest headset in the business’s range.

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Going back compared to that design principle, HyperX is targeting comfort first and sound second. But between your foam cups, wider steel headband, 50mm drivers and plug-and-play Dolby 7.1-channel surround sound, the Revolver S isn’t messing around with performance either. There’s simply a couple of issues with how it delivers.

The gentle elasticity and foam cups make the Cloud Revolver S feel custom-made for your mind.

Luke Lancaster/CNET
Key Specs
50mm neodymium drivers
Memory foam cups
Weight: 360g, 376g with mic (roughly 0.8lb)
3.5mm jack or USB connection
Dolby Virtual 7.1
Control box with discrete voice and sound control and 3 sound profiles
Some minor lip gymnastics are required if you are trying to squeeze drinks among respawns. Or you could utilize a straw. The main point is that the mic itself, once plugged in, isn’t retractable or easily folded away. It’s bendable, nevertheless, you really can only do so much with it whether it’s in the right path, and I came across myself missing the low-profile or folding mics on other headsets I’ve used.

The mic is detachable, but that isn’t really a solution.

Luke Lancaster/CNET
Sound quality itself was superb, both for gaming, comms and general music playback. I wouldn’t be caught replacing my usual bluetooth headphones with these to use at work or within my commute, but you are getting crisp, multi-channel quality and clear voice chat both ways.

Likewise, the in-line music control box felt cumbersome. It’s quite large and the clip on the trunk is okay for a pocket or a lapel, but it isn’t much use if you are in an ordinary t-shirt. Or I assume, no shirt. I’m not judging how you play games. As it’s home to both your voice and audio tracks volume controls and mute buttons, you need to keep it in easy reach, but it’s hard to discover a good location to put it.

Oooh, branding.

Luke Lancaster/CNET
The audio tracks box does have the ability to pull its weight. It is the way to obtain the world-first plug-and-play Dolby 7.1 virtual surround, offers up bass boost, flat and vocal equalizer modes and it keeps everything in line about the same cable. It’s compatible on PC and PlayStation 4 with the audio tracks box, but you’re limited by 3.5mm if you are an Xbox One ($500 at Amazon) owner.

Those two minor foibles aside, plus they are minor, the Cloud Revolver S is merely stupidly comfortable. I wish I were causeing this to be story up, but I had a pal put on the oversized foam cups and elastic headband, and he said it had been “like wearing a cloud.” I called him an idiot and told him the name of the merchandise. He’s not wrong though — the lightweight design and perfect springiness of the cups and the headband make the Cloud Revolver S the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever worn.

You’ll find your entire controls on the in-line audio tracks box.

Luke Lancaster/CNET
The Cloud Revolver S is currently available for $150 or AU $250. That converts to around £120. If you are after comfort most of all in your headsets, your ears with many thanks for picking right up the Cloud Revolver S.