The Hydro Flask isn’t simply a VSCO girl gimmick: It’s a good, trustworthy water bottle that’s convenient to move and simple to use.

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Last updated on May 18, 2022 8:09 pm

Right now, it’s fairly simple to assemble a VSCO girl starter pack: A thick scrunchie, a Fjällräven Kånken backpack, a bottle of Mario Badescu rose facial spray. And, to go together with your stainless straw, the most iconic VSCO accessory of most: the HydroFlask.

The stainless water bottle is ubiquitous among the teenage VSCO set, and it’s really simple to understand why. They’re bright. They’re cheerful. They’re an ideal blank canvas for stickers, and they are simple to take with you between classes. And because they’re a more sustainable option to plastic, they’re an ideal fit for VSCO girls’ environmentalist aesthetic. (Hydro Flask donates to a slew of conservation nonprofits within its Parks For All initiative.) But are they good beverage receptacles? The answer, in my own non-VSCO opinion, can be an emphatic yes.

Hydro Flask water bottles can be found in two styles – wide mouth and standard mouth – and in capacities which range from 18 ounces to a massive 64 ounces. I chosen the 18-ounce wide mouth option in a light blue, excited at the chance of putting ice within for extra coldness. (Sadly, I cannot fit ice in to the tiny opening of my beloved 32-ounce Nalgene.)

One oft-repeated comment about Hydro Flasks is that they are loud. Like, in the event that you accidentally drop yours on a difficult floor, everyone within a mile radius will know you’re trying to DRINK MUCH MORE Water. I regret to see you these jokes are absolutely rooted the truth is – this bottle is loud as hell.

When I dropped ice into my Hydro Flask’s stainless interior, I felt less like I was putting ice in my own water bottle and similar to I was PUTTING ICE IN MY OWN WATER BOTTLE! Packing my backpack for a vacation one morning hours, I feared briefly that the aggressive ice sounds would wake my neighbors. And the clanging in my own backpack? In a quiet room, it often felt such as a lot. If you are pursuing a career in spying or work in a silent office where persons already can’t stand you, this may not be your water bottle of preference.

By the end of your day, though, the loudness is merely a inconvenience. (If you need everyone around you to learn how hydrated you are, maybe it’s a good plus.)

For me personally, the first mark of an excellent water bottle is that I actually find myself using it during the day. Here, the Hydro Flask succeeds: It’s light, therefore i don’t mind carrying it around; it includes a nice handle, therefore i can hold it just like a little purse while I walk outside; its opening is large enough for ice, however, not so big that it sloshes around me when I take an overambitious sip.

If you wish everyone to learn how hydrated you are, the clanging is an advantage.
While a more substantial option may possibly be good for somebody who can’t refill their Hydro Flask regularly, I love the 18-ounce Flask because it is the perfect size for another VSCO girl mainstay: a stainless straw. Putting a metal straw in the metal water bottle is, for me, the perfect hydration experience. The water is cold, the straw is cold, the bottle is cold (however, not too cold); the turtles aren’t in danger as a result of you, specifically. Who could require more? And if you thought your Hydro Flask couldn’t get any louder, try putting a metal straw within. You’ll essentially ring a cowbell each and every time you have a drink!

Most of all, the Hydro Flask keeps water cold all day long, and ice stay intact inside all night when the bottle is sealed. Since I favor the ice from the own fridge to the ice in the office (it’s a condition thing, nothing personal), I love to fill my Hydro Flask in the home and cart it to any office in my own backpack. It works wonders. Plus, like a great many other stainless bottles, the Hydro Flask doesn’t form condensation, which signifies that it will not moisten your paperback copy of Normal People throughout your commute.

It’s worth noting that the Hydro Flask can be an investment even at its smallest size. An 18-ounce wide mouth bottle costs $29.95, which isn’t unreasonable but nonetheless fairly steep for a water bottle. If you are looking for a choice that costs less, the brand Contigo makes stainless bottles just a little less pricey. They don’t really include VSCO cred, though – or, moreover, handles.

So if you’re searching for a fresh water bottle, the Hydro Flask is a high-quality, easy-to-use, and frankly very cute option. Worried it’ll cause you to look basic? Oh, buddy. You’re most likely not prepared to face our eventual VSCO girl overlords.