Typically, I put them on on an as-needed basis on an extremely rainy day. If it’s raining and I’m headed to work, I throw a couple of flats into my bag and change when I get inside. They’re also great to wear in the event that you know you’ll maintain a muddy area in order to avoid ruining your shoes.

Hunter Boot Sizing:
So far as sizing, Hunter boots are just offered entirely sizes. If you’re between sizes, I would suggest heading down a half-size. Hunter boots certainly are a little clunky and I believe you’re better off just a little snug versus too large! I’m typically a 7.5 or 8 and I sized right down to a 7. They provide an adjustable buckle, but I must say i don’t view it as a good feature apart from for appearance.

Hunter boots aren’t designed for snow/wintry weather
Despite all of the cute photographs on Pinterest in the snow (I’m guilty of wearing them in the snow here!), Hunter boots aren’t designed for in snowy weather. I don’t are in a snowy climate, therefore the hardly any snow showers we enter GA I wear mine with thick socks to play in the snow for a brief period of time. In the event that you stay in a wintry climate, you certainly want to search for something a bit more weather appropriate if you’re wanting a boot for the snow.

They aren’t the preferred shoe.
I wouldn’t want to wear these Hunter boots for extended periods of time but I can easily had a need to. They have a good cushion on underneath and so are comfortable to wear, however the boots themselves are incredibly stiff and limit a standard heel to toe gait pattern. I’ll always bring a supplementary pair of shoes to improve into when I reach focus on a rainy day. But, it’s worthwhile to safeguard my shoes, pants, and keep my feet from getting wet. Should you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis you really should avoid walking long distances in them as a result of this.

Don’t put them on without socks.
Take my word for this, you don’t want to slide these on without socks. The rubber will basically suction to your skin layer and you may burn at least 500 calories looking to get them off.

They have an antibacterial fabric lining.
I’ve had mine for a long time and haven’t had any problems with them smelling. This is obviously a perk to purchasing a couple of Hunter boots over other brands. Rubber could make your feet sweat and stink so it’s an excellent added measure.

Don’t be alarmed if they bloom.
Hunter boots proceed through what’s called “blooming” if they get yourself a powdery white film on them when you initially have them. I noticed my black pair definitely experienced a rougher phase if they bloomed and it had been a whole lot harder to shine them up. Following the first blooming, I haven’t noticed either pair carrying it out again. Some persons choose the “character” the blooming brings to the Hunter boots, to each their own.

Cleaning guidelines
I purchased a cleaner on Amazon that worked just fine, but I’d definitely recommend the Hunter boot shine sponge aswell to shine up your Hunter boots as needed. I haven’t had to completely clean mine in years given that they bloomed. I’ve also heard you can shine them up with essential olive oil and a nonabrasive cotton towel or old shirt.

Matte or glossy finish?
I have always been attracted to the shiny version, but lately, I wish I had among each. The matte pair look more natural/outdoorsy if you ask me, however the shiny pair increases results dressed up. I believe it depends upon your individual style concerning which you’ll be attracted to!

Look at a kid’s size if you’re on a budget.
If you’re between a size 5-7, you can purchase a kid’s Hunter boot if you’re on a budget. A child boots are $75 verse $148 for a grown-up pair. Here’s how to convert between woman and kids sizes: size 5 to 5.5 = size 3 kids, size 6 to 6.5 = size 4 kids, size 7 to 7.5 = size 5 kids

Choose the shorter version or the packable tour boots if you want to walk long distances:
I don’t own the short version personally but I’ve tried them on and they’re lighter compared to the tall pair. If you’re buying a boot for your long walk to work you might want to choose the shorter pair for a supplementary comfort level. Assuming you have your heart set on the tall version but want them to feel lighter, in addition they make a Packable Tour boot that includes a thinner design and is lighter! Both are also much easier to travel with.

shop Hunter boots on sale
I’ve two pairs of Hunter boots in lipstick (pink) and black. The pink boots were my first purchase and I put them on far more than I thought I’d, given they’re so bright and pink. A couple of years later I found a shiny black pair. Between your two colors, I love and wear my pink pair far more than black. They’re definitely a great statement on a rainy day!