The very best Huion drawing tablets are suitable for digital artists on a budget. The unit are reliable with regards to quality and functionality, plus they also tend to be accessible at very competitive prices. The Huion drawing tablets we’ve collected in this list don’t make any compromises in terms of features or performance to obtain low prices either.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 10:31 pm

Huion tablets constantly rank one of the better drawing tablets. At this time we think the very best Huion tablet you can purchase may be the Huion H610 Pro, which includes an ideal balance between price and functionality – rendering it perfect for an enormous swathe of creatives across different disciplines and skill levels.

But one Huion doesn’t fit all. There are many options available, so to assist you opt for the right one, we’ve gathered together our pick of the greatest Huion drawing tablets you can purchase at this time, whatever your level of skill or your budget. You could also want to monitor our Amazon Prime Day deals and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for upcoming discounts on the tablets, which frequently obtain prices slashed through the popular retail events.

The very best Huion drawing tablets currently available

  1. Huion H610 Pro
    The very best Huion drawing tablet you can purchase

Active drawing area: 10 x 6.25in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 2,048 levels | Connections: Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS

Very good performance

Great choice for beginners

Lacks some features

The Huion H610 Pro is an excellent graphics tablet and our selection of the very best overall Huion drawing tablet. It’s a brilliantly versatile device, with a lot of features, though it generally does not quite have all of the functionality that more costly drawing tablets offer. For beginners, however, that is a brilliant substitute for get started doing – especially as of this price.

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  1. Huion Kamvas Pro 24
    The very best high-end Huion drawing tablet

Active drawing area: 527 x 296mm | Resolution: 2.5K 2560 x 1440 QHD | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: HDMI/DP/VGA | OS: Windows or macOS

Beautiful screen

Responsive stylus


If money is no object, then your Huion Kamvas Pro 24 is the greatest Huion drawing tablet you can purchase. We mentioned that Huion does an excellent job of earning affordable drawing tablets, however the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 proves additionally, it may produce some excellent high-end tablets aswell.

For the purchase price you get yourself a gorgeous, and large, screen with an answer of 2560 x 1440. Thus giving you plenty of room to focus on comfortably, and with a contrast ratio of just one 1,000:1, and 120% sRGB gamut support, your artwork can look fantastic. The stylus that is included with additionally it is very accurate, making drawing upon this tablet a joy. However, it is extremely expensive, and it could sometimes be difficult to find stock. But when you can – and you will afford it – you will not be disappointed.

  1. Huion 1060 Plus
    The very best Huion pen tablet.

Active drawing area: 10 x 6.25in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS

Great stylus

Built-in microSD card

Not the very best at large drawings

The Huion 1060 Plus is an outstanding drawing tablet if you are seeking to get serious together with your digital art but you are not able to splash plenty of cash. It offers an excellent balance of responsiveness and features, while keeping the purchase price low. It isn’t quite as accomplished as Wacom’s finest – nonetheless it is much cheaper.

  1. Huion H640P
    The very best cheap Huion pen tablet

Active drawing area: 6.3 x 3.9in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS

Small and light

Good drawing experience

Bit on the tiny size

The Huion H640P is an excellent cheap Huion tablet, supplying a great drawing experience and a couple of shortcut keys for an extremely reasonable price. It’s small and compact, that makes it simple to take with you with you aswell – it measures just 10.2 x 5.8 inches – no thicker when compared to a smartphone.

  1. Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless
    An excellent wireless Huion graphics tablet.

Active drawing area: 11 x 6.9in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: Wireless, Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS


Large drawing area

Fiddly create on Macs

May be too large for some people

If you are looking for a sizable Huion drawing tablet, then your Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless will probably be worth considering. It has a massive 13-inch diagonal size, and it’s wireless, gives you more freedom unless you wish to be tethered to your personal computer. Construction can feel just a little cheap, but that is an excellent-value Huion tablet that’s worth looking into.

  1. Huion H430P
    The very best Huion drawing tablet for beginners.

Active drawing area: 4.8 x 3in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels | Connections: Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS

Brilliant starter tablet

Low cost

Four shortcut keys

Drawing area small for a few

If you’re just getting started with digital art, then it’s understandable if you are wary of spending lots of money. That’s specifically why the H430P is the greatest Huion tablet for beginners: it offers you all of the basics you must get started, but with out a high price. It’s just a little on the tiny size, but it’s an excellent – and affordable – way to begin with.

  1. Huion Kamvas Pro 13
    A top-end pro tablet – with the purchase price to match

Active drawing area: 11.56 x 6.5in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels | Connections: Micro USB | OS: Windows or macOS

Large anti-glare surface

Pen tilt sensitivity

Comparatively expensive

And lastly, though Huion specialises in less expensive tablets, it doesn’t mean they can not rock out with the very best. The Kamvas Pro 13 is the main top-end Kamvas range and it looks and acts the part, with 8,192 degrees of pen sensitivity, a sizable anti-glare drawing area and a screen with 120% sRGB colour gamut, providing greater and richer depth of colour. It comes at a substantially more expensive than others upon this list, if a budget can stretch then it competes well with similarly priced models from Wacom. Also worth taking into consideration will be the smaller Kamvas Pro 12 and larger Kamvas Pro 2