In 1994, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick attempt to change the present day office. They may well not have known it at that time, but their mission to produce a healthy, inclusive, green chair for Herman Miller finished up exploding onto the scene and, 15 years later, becoming the most used chair in America.

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Dubbed the “Dot-Com Throne” by NY Magazine in 2006, the Aeron chair is a mainstay in tech-boom offices from its inception for this day. And it’s no wonder why. The Aeron chair has been meticulously designed (and recently redesigned) to stay a pioneering, progressive and customizable office chair for a long time to come.

Improving an Icon
Don Chadwick was tasked with remastering his and Stumpf’s iconic design in 2016, with an abundance of new research in to the “science of sitting” from manufacturer Herman Miller. Considering advances in technologies and materials, Chadwick improved after the initial blueprint while retaining the classic functionality that rocketed the chair to success and a string of design awards.

“…when you start dealing with Herman Miller, you’re looking at a few of the past, and yet, you intend to check out the future.“
-Don Chadwick

As the Aeron Chair could be today’s office staple, it really is by no means a straightforward design. Just what makes the chair great can be why is it somewhat intimidating to order. The sheer amount of choices possible (a lot more than 400 options in a single size/color alone) could be mind boggling. We’re here to breakdown the elements and help simplify your decision, in order to own a bit of design history without breaking a sweat.

THE FIRST STEP: Size & Color
When you seek out the Aeron collection, you will land on a full page that appears like this:

Let’s start with easy and simple decision you’ll make today: What’s your selected color? You have a selection of gray, gray or gray. Kidding aside, the updated color scheme offers Graphite, Carbon and Mineral as your preliminary choices, starting from almost-black to not-quite-white. Graphite is darkest, and closest to the initial Aeron chair color. Carbon is a neutral medium-gray designed to be appropriate for most color schemes. And Mineral may be the lightest, and billed by Herman Miller as well suited for open-office plans. The colorways are carefully engineered to coordinate with the chair’s other pieces and impart a seamless look whatever other options are selected.

Thanks to Herman Miller

Another simple choice is size. Each option is fully made to suit today’s office sitter’s ergonomic needs, which is partially accomplished with an inclusive selection of sizes that match the user’s height and weight. It might seem of the options the following:

Size A – Small roughly corresponds to a petite or slight individual
Size B – Medium is more the one-size-fits-all average most adults will select
Size C – Large is suitable to big and tall people.
No judgment here, remember; these sizes are approximated to supply the preferred and supportive options for an enormous selection of individuals. It’s simply a matter of selecting the number that fits you best.

There are 9 size/color selections for the Aeron Office chair on Yet another two products are in the collection; the Aeron Stool – Counter Height and the Aeron Stool – Bar Height are taller options which may be well suited for sit/stand workstations.

SECOND STEP: Product Options
When you have selected the colour and size you’ll need, it’s time to dig in to the specific product options. When you enter a product page, you will notice a set of options, such as this one for the Aeron Size A Office Chair, Carbon:

There are 432 possible permutations of every chair (we did the math), and selecting these options randomly could cause specifications that don’t do the job. So, let’s breakdown each component into digestible selections.

At the very top is finish. You may well be thinking, “Hey, wait, I already chose my color,” and that’s true. However, the final identifies the hardware of the chair, whereas you have previously made the choice for the fabric part and armrests of your seat. With the first finish option shown, Satin Carbon/Dark Carbon, you’ll visit a slightly shiny satin finish on the arm supports and underneath of the chair hardware, and a far more matte finish on the chair base.

The first/top color will always make reference to the armrest supports and the bottom of the chair, whereas the second/bottom color always identifies the bottom of the chair. Compare the next hand and hand to see accurately what parts change:

From left to right: Satin Carbon/Satin Carbon, Satin Carbon/Polished Aluminum, Polished Aluminum/Polished Aluminum

Back Support
In conditions of back support, the Aeron Chair offers three options. No additional back support emerges with the Zonal Back Support selection. This depends on the chair’s excellent engineering and 8Z Pellicle material for support and could be plenty comfortable for some users. Your posture may also dictate just how much extra support you will need. The Adjustable Lumbar Support option adds an additional 4.5” adjustable range to aid your lower back.

Finally, the Adjustable PostureFit SL option may be the priciest addition and goes as far up as your mid-back to stabilize the most area with two adjustable zones. As proven above, the lumbar support is made in to the frame of the chair–no add-on pillows or parts here.

Thanks to Herman Miller

Glide Options
Select your glide options (aka the casters or wheels on your own chair) based on the top you’ll be active on. The Hard Caster is suitable for carpet only, especially low-pile carpeting that’s commonly within commercial buildings. The center option is a typical caster well suited for most office flooring, as the Quiet Roll option carries a braking feature, which means that your chair doesn’t roll away.

Adjustability is essential, and the tilt of your chair could possibly be something you need to change during the day. All Aeron chairs will tilt in the trunk rest to some degree. Standard Tilt runs on the simple tension knob for manual adjustment, whereas the Tilt Limiter option enables you to select a comfortable selection of tilt if you want to bounce backwards and forwards somewhat from upright to reclined. (We don’t recommend bouncing an excessive amount of, though.) Finally, for many who perch on the chairs, the Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle adjustment option allows the seat surface to tilt forward up to 5 degrees.

Thanks to Herman Miller

The ultimate selection is arms, and it’s fairly straightforward. Simply decide if you want your chair arms to be adjustable. The Fixed Arms are stationary and can never have the ability to move from the positioning they’re set into at the factory. Height Adjustable arms can progress and down, while Fully Adjustable arms can pivot to inner or outer angles, tilt forward and backward and progress and down the backrest for the best customizability.