If you’re any thing like me, a remote control could just be the single most readily useful accessory you can purchase for your GoPro.

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as of January 23, 2022 9:59 am
as of January 23, 2022 9:59 am
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I’ve personally been using the GoPro Smart Remote (official GoPro accessory) for many months. There are many conditions where I find myself reaching for this.

I’ve had the opportunity to test multiple remotes and feel pretty confident about writing a buying guide for them. Listed below are the items I’ll cover:

Why you may want a GoPro remote
GoPro remote recommendations
Charging your remote
Smart Remote vs. Smartphone app
GoPro voice control – an alternative solution to purchasing a remote
Situations that require a GoPro remote
Riding my bike: My GoPro is mounted to my helmet and the remote is mounted on the handlebar. I could extend my thumb going to the record button and make an instant look into its display to make sure it’s actually recording.

Launching your smartphone’s GoPro iphone app or fiddling with the GoPro on your own helmet are significantly less than ideal solutions.
Positioned from the GoPro: When I leave my GoPro on a tripod, using the smart remote is by far the simplest way to begin recording.

Group photos: When I have a step back from the camera for an organization shot, I don’t want to count on the GoPro’s timer and pray for an excellent outcome. Instead, I could activate the shutter at an ideal moment.

…And I get all that use from it as a everyday GoPro user. I am positive that those engaged in extreme sports like surfing, kayaking or skydiving will locate a remote control essential for shooting videos.

Best GoPro Smart Remote In
If you’re looking to discover the best GoPro handy remote control, I’ve got you covered.

Besides GoPro’s own offerings, I’ve also had the opportunity to have a look at and test several unofficial remotes that are popular available to buy.

Here are my recommended GoPro remote controls, ranked to be able:

Best Overall: GoPro Smart Remote
Max. range: 600 ft (180m) | Waterproof: 33 ft (10m) |Compatibility: HERO5/6/7/8 Black, HERO5 Session, Fusion, Max 360

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The GoPro Smart Remote is GoPro’s official remote accessory. It succeeds the older remote called the “GoPro Wi-Fi remote”. As an official GoPro accessory, it costs slightly a lot more than unofficial remotes.

The natural upside of this is way better compatibility with existing and future GoPro models. It’s also made with GoPro’s high standards, meaning it truly is waterproof up to 33ft (10m) and operational at a 600ft (180m) range in optimal conditions.

As you’d expect, you can power your GoPro on / off and hit the record button to get started recording remotely. It enables you to add HiLight tags to mark key occasions and the LCD display tells you things like the rest of the battery life and how long you’ve been recording.

Among the key top features of the Smart Remote may be the capability to change settings using the remote. Third-party options and even GoPro’s previous Wi-Fi remote don’t let you change settings using the remote. Though I don’t find myself using this button much, it’s definitely a neat addition.

Contained in the box certainly are a key ring and wrist strap. The wrist strap could be adjusted to add to a myriad of gear. When cycling, I take advantage of this handlebar clip making for a stylish gear setup.

Best Unofficial: Suptig Waterproof Wireless HANDY REMOTE CONTROL
Max. range: 160 ft (50m) | Waterproof: 6.5 ft (2m) |Compatibility: HERO5/6/7/8 Black, HERO4/5 Session, HERO3/3+/4

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This GoPro remote from Suptig is a wonderful choice If you wish to save lots of money and don’t mind heading down the unofficial route.

The look closely resembles the first-generation GoPro Wi-Fi remote. It doesn’t include a settings button just like the second-generation GoPro smart remote (above), nonetheless it has the rest of the features including an LCD screen which displays key information.

It’s not at all the flashiest third-party GoPro remote you can purchase. However, a major plus in my own book may be the fact it gets the same mounting clip as the state remote. Most third-party options lack it, meaning you’re limited by by using a wrist strap or generic adjustable cradle.

Overall, it gets the work done and the actual fact it uses the same mounting clip as the state accessory is a huge plus. However, I’d still select the GoPro Smart Remote when you can afford it. It has superior durability, waterproofing, WiFi range and provides you the capability to change settings.

Max. range: 160 ft (50m) | Waterproof: 6.5 ft (2m) |Compatibility: HERO 5/6/7/8 Black, HERO 4, Session 4/5

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TELESIN came near making a worthy option to the state smart remote. Initially, it looks equally as good while costing less.

It enables you to change settings because of its dedicated settings button. It even carries a programmable button that the state Smart Remote doesn’t feature.

However, it’s disappointed by a couple of things:

Firstly, despite being IP67 waterproof, it doesn’t handle connection with water well at all. I came across mine let water in after dunking it in the sink, ruining the OLED screen.

In case you don’t take it underwater, it doesn’t have the mounting clip that the state remote and Suptig remote has. Given how important mounting options for GoPro users are, it’s a major drawback.

It can have one redeeming feature, though. That’s its OLED screen which is evidently noticeable during the night. Compare that with the LCD displays on the other remotes which would want an external light. That said, how often do GoPro owners film videos during the night?

Best With Monitor: Removu R1+
Max. range: N/A | Waterproof: 3 ft (1m) |Compatibility: HERO 3/3+/4/5/6 Black, HERO4 Session

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Removu have created some awesome GoPro accessories during the past. One example may be the Removu S1 gimbal I previously reviewed.

The Removu R1+ is a GoPro handy remote control that also includes a live monitor.

This implies you don’t have to get back to your GoPro’s screen to obtain a live preview. Just consider the R1+’s 2.0-inch colour LCD display instead.

As neat as the R1+ is, it’s not an excellent purchase anymore. Costing over $200, it’s way too expensive for what it really is.

Furthermore, the HERO6 may be the last generation of GoPros it supports. At this stage, we are able to only hope someone develops a remote and monitor combo for the newer GoPros.