The brand ‘GoPro’ is synonymous with action cameras, and the business has been making well-respected, T3-Award-winning cameras for several years. Because the mounts are interchangeable and each generation has been slightly improved, there is no wrong response to the question which GoPro to buy.

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Indeed, the very best GoPro for your unique needs is probably not the most recent and best, despite the fact that that’s the one with powerful specs. Selecting the best one for you is approximately deciding which features matter most for you, and that you can live without or will barely ever use.

A GoPro will more often than not be found at the most notable of our best action cameras ranking, and older models from the HERO range are also regulars inside our guide to the very best cheap action cameras. The overall guideline is that sensor resolution decreases as you head down the number, as does the power of baked-in software and battery capacity.

GoPro’s latest flagship camera may be the HERO 9, which beefs up nearly every spec over the HERO 8, along with adding a few unique tricks too – check the entire in-depth GoPro HERO 9 review for all your details. Preceding the 9 will be the T3 Award-winning GoPro HERO 8 Black and the 360-degree GoPro Max. The HERO 7 range continues to be in production and both models available are both excellent cameras too.

GoPro action cams are reliable, bombproof and with the capacity of capturing incredible footage, but most of all they’re really very simple to use. This not merely means you’ll capture better sequences, but you will do it with less faffing around with the camera and more having a great time – whether that’s hurtling down a mountain, catching huge waves, or something a bit more sedate. In a nutshell, there’s a GoPro camera to match all tastes, pockets and social situations.

But let’s quickly recap on what an action camera is in order that you are clear you will need one of these instead of a different type of camera.

Best GoPro: the key uses explained
Be it Kai Lenny surfing house-sized waves at Jaws, or Felix Baumgartner’s epic skydive from space, if you are watching an action sports video, it is likely that at least a few of the footage could have been filmed by using a GoPro.

GoPros will be the ultimate accessory for mountain biking, surfing, white water rafting, skateboarding, or perhaps about any action sport you can think about. However, their bombproof nature, excellent image quality and small size makes them versatile and useful devices for conditions where you wouldn’t want to risk by using a regular camera.

Their small size and the number of selection of mounts available (helmet mounts, handlebar mounts, even dog mounts, etc) also permits you to record from an enormous range of POVs.

Currently there are six cameras in the GoPro range, each offering top-level optics, image stabilisation, waterproofing and usability. But how exactly to opt for the best model for you personally? Well let’s look at what considerations you might like to make to assist you opt for the best GoPro for your hobby, sport or lifestyle pursuit.

How to opt for the best GoPro for you personally
The main points to consider before investing in a GoPro are: 1. Exactly what will you be mainly making use of your footage for? and 2. The length of your budget? The glad tidings are that there exists a GoPro camera for a myriad of different applications and for a variety of budgets.

The T3 5-star rated GoPro HERO 9 Black sits towards the top of our best GoPro guide. The flagship model is accompanied by the HERO 8 Black, then your HERO 7 Black in third place. Each one of these models is waterproof to 10 metres and includes a 2-inch touchscreen and voice control for optimum control. Apart from price, the big dissimilarities between these three cameras are slowly but surely bettering video resolution and image stabilisation, apart from the HERO 9’s new front preview screen and horizon levelling. When coming up with buying decisions on GoPro cameras, it’s worth taking into consideration whether a GoPro Plus subscription works for you personally, as you’ll receive a discount on newer models, together with cloud storage and easy replacement if the camera is lost – all potentially helpful for the pro and beginner alike.

If 360-degree video is your thing, the fourth camera in the GoPro line-up may be the twin lensed Max, that may shoot mind-blowing 360-degree footage up to 5.6k (at 30fps) resolution and features many facilities on the conventional cameras.