The GoPro Fusion ($599 Amazon) represents a change in direction for the worlds best action camera brand. Unlike some of its previous offerings the Fusion is a 360 camera that may shoot atlanta divorce attorneys direction simultaneously. The camera can be greatest & most expensive GoPro camera ever. Why in the event you buy it? Could it be well worth it and why is it unique among the countless other 360 cameras out at this time? I’ll be answering each one of these questions and more with 5 types of why the Fusion is pretty awesome.

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5 Reasons the GoPro Fusion will probably be worth Buying
Let me start by saying that the GoPro Fusion isn’t an ideal camera; it needs two SD cards to work, the App is slow and the file sizes huge. With that said, it’s still the very best 360 camera out at the moment and arguably the most ground breaking GoPro product ever.

  1. 5.2K 360 Video
    The Fusion shoots the very best quality 360 video of any consumer 360 camera out at this time. This is partly because of its capability to shoot high res 5.2K video, but moreover as a result of superior optics found in the two lenses. Additional 360 cameras can shoot higher resolution video but employ less advanced lenses which mean they can not capture the same degree of detail or are well in low light.

Shooting clear and sharp 360 video is pretty difficult, and there are just a small number of cameras that may shoot 360 video that looks HD. The Fusion doesn’t quite manage this, but it’s pretty close. In the event that you wanted that HD look in 360 you’d be looking at a cost tag in the thousands, therefore the Fusion is a good you will get for as soon as.

  1. Overcapture
    This is this awesome feature that I believe it will become the key reason persons buy 360 cameras later on. Overcapture permits you to manipulate your 360 video and transform it right into a “normal” flat video with super smooth movement and panning. It enables you to shoot first and point later, checking a lot of imaginative potential. You don’t need to worry about missing a go for the reason that camera is always capturing everything. Here’s what overcapture appears like when shot with the Fusion:

Also you can use this sort of video blended with video shot with a standard camera for a few awesome effects. That is one of the best videos that uses Fusion overcapture footage:

Other 360 cameras have similar capabilities, however the quality of the Fusion video helps it be the very best for overcapture.

  1. 360 Audio
    Just about the most overlooked areas of 360 media is audio. While searching a 360 video is pretty cool, if the audio tracks doesn’t match then your effect isn’t as impressive. Ambisonic audio, or maybe 360 audio, is established using 3 or even more microphones to identify accurately that direction sound is via. When you play back your 360 video you’ll hear sound via its source, and in the event that you turn then your sound changes too.

This makes for a more immersive experience, and the GoPro Fusion is among just a few 360 cameras with the capacity of capturing this sort of audio. Using 4 microphones the Fusion can record Ambisonic music and sync it correctly together with your 360 video. There is even dedicated settings for rendering this sort of music for Facebook and YouTube, which require different settings so as to work.

  1. Stabilization
    Every modern 360 camera includes some kind of stabilization, mostly because viewing shaky 360 video is pretty nauseating. Some cameras are much better than others at stabilizing video using software alone, and I have a tendency to recommend the cameras that may do that best over others.

The GoPro Fusion had fairly basic stabilization when first released, but thankfully after a couple of months it had been improved with firmware updated. I’m very happy to say the Fusion is now able to stabilize moving 360 video exceptionally well, actually it might be the very best in the category in this regard. Browse the comparison video below between your Fusion, VIRB 360 and Rylo.