Sick and tired of jamming everything in to the tiny pockets of your golf bag? Travelling together with your bag a pain in the ass? Embarrassed of your sun kissed (faded) golf bag you haven’t replaced in a decade? Caddies looking at you prefer you’re a bum?

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I understand all those things.

But then I acquired myself a fresh bag. Oh just what a difference an excellent golf bag makes. Forget about wriggling my fingers around to discover a tee in underneath of 1 of the three pockets on the trunk. Forget about crusty golf gloves under my rain jacket. Forget about painful shoulder travelling abroad with my clubs. Forget about bag flying off the golf cart as you accelerate away!

These are everything I realized I hated only after obtaining a new bag. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome, falling deeply in love with your bag that’s keeping you captive.

And sometimes, as in my own case, I had just had enough of the 8-year-old take down Jack Nicklaus bag I purchased when I was on an extremely tight budget. The jokes from my buddies stopped when i upgraded and caddies actually wished to take my bag for a loop. My golf bag blues were over! I am hoping you find one for yourself employing this guide I come up with from my experience buying a new golf bag.

Warning! This is an extended guide. Browse the navigation below. I offer you five of the greatest bag in each category to provide you with lots of options according to your requirements for looks and price.

Here’s my top options for golf bags if you are short promptly and can’t look over the whole guide.

What forms of bags are there?
Stand Bags
These are generally very lightweight and have a strap that explains both your shoulders to distribute the weight evenly. You make it between shots and stick it on the ground. Something on the bottom of the bag extends two shafts that become the stand.

An average stand bag

Lightweight for travel
New designs cart friendly
You look less “old”
Won’t fall over in the wind
Taxing on shoulder and back
Pressure on spine and shoulders
Clubs banging when walking
Cart Bags
These are especially used for push or pull carts and golf cars. They don’t have pockets using one strip of the bag to fall into line with the centre shaft of a push or pull cart. Most sit flat on driveable golf cars and on the floor.

Storage for everything – a good 6 pack
No club chatter when walking
Fits all push carts and buggies
On push cart preferred way to walk
More protective of clubs when travelling
Extra cost of push cart
Single-shoulder strap sucks for travelling
Staff Bags
These are being used by the professionals. We don’t recommend these as they’re quite inconvenient and cumbersome. They’re used to promote on TV a lot more than actual utility. There is little value to an amateur golfer.

THE VERY BEST Golf Bag Brands
The best quality golf bags are created by the very best club manufacturers but here are a few names who specialise in making bags, specifically golf bags you might not exactly have heard of.

The very best golf bag brands
Bag Boy
Sun Mountain
The above brands are the best due to top quality materials and innovation in developing their bags. Bags they produce carry all you need; are durable, easy-to-use and appearance stylish.

There are less popular brands and budget brands available. The primary issue with the budget options may be the quality of the fabrics and zippers used. Usually the very cheap bags break apart after six months. Zippers break, lining comes undone and the finishing frays quickly.

How to pick the Best Golf Bag for you personally – Important Questions
There are a few important questions to consider before investing in a golf bag that may help identify which is best.

Could it be important your bag brand matches your driver brand?

Some golfers wish to match their clubs with their bag brand but often that is a non-issue. Totally your decision. One thing to bear in mind is that manufacturers who give attention to bags and apparel place more importance when compared to a club manufacturer would on creating an excellent golf bag.

Do you like walking the course or driving a golf car?

If you want driving a golf car when you play, a cart bag will suit you best. They’re made to fit and stand easily on the trunk of a golf car. The pockets are made to be easy to get at from a cart. The stand bags tend to be awkward to place upright on a cart. Newer stand bags have flat bases so don’t write them off prematurely. It all is determined by another few questions.

If you want walking, you have the choice of carrying the bag on your own shoulders with a stand bag or by using a push cart with a cart bag mounted on it.

Do you like walking the course with a bag on your own back or on a push cart?

If you prefer by using a push cart you are best served obtaining a cart bag. They were created particularly to give usage of all of the pockets and align appropriately to the cart. Weight of the bag is less of a concern because it’s rolled on the cart over the bottom.

Carrying a bag would need a lightweight stand bag with nice double straps to distribute the weight over your shoulders evenly. Cart bags only have one strap and so are cumbersome to transport around the course.

Have you got any back problems?

Should you have a bad back, it’s better to have a cart bag you drive with on an automobile or you put one on a push cart and push your bag around easily. Carry and stand bags will place added pressure on and tire out your back.

Pull carts wreak havoc on your own lower back so it is better to avoid pull carts and decide on a push cart.​

Do you travel together with your clubs?

Travelling with a cart bag is a significant pain. The single strap is uncomfortable and the bags have not been ergonomically made to be carried.

If you travel together with your clubs, it’s better to have a carry/stand bag. You can hitch it up to cart you rent or make it around yourself on the golf courses you visit.

An excellent option is to have your cart bag for your house course and the courses nearby. Then for going to other cities or countries, have another, lightweight carry bag.

Is storage space important for you?

A cart bag on a push cart gives you maximum space for storage for all you need on the course. The push carts have their own built-in storage along with the cart bags many compartments. You’ll have sufficient supplies to live for weekly on the course.

THE VERY BEST Golf Stand Bag for Walking
Stand bags attended quite a distance. Nowadays, the very best golf stand bags have better legs, more club dividers, more pockets, less weight and can be utilised on carts. A double strap to distribute the weight comfortably over your shoulders will probably add enjoyment to your game.

THE VERY BEST Stand Bag: PING Hoofer
Top Stand Bag Alternatives
PING Hoofer Review
The PING Hoofer is our top selection for best golf bags because we just like the light-weight, intuitive storage options and easily adjustable strap.

A class of it’s own

PING have made Hoofers for several years which latest model lifts the 25-year Hoofer legacy even higher.

As with all Hoofers, this bag was created to last. It’s a simple design, the material is rugged and the zippers will be the best in the stand-bag class. The zipper pulls make opening and closing the countless pockets fast and simple.

The large numbers of pockets means you have place for everything in your golf bag. Pockets are located in such intuitive ways and so are easily accessible even though walking.

Excellent pockets and full length dividers. A good cart strap for riding

Everything is positioned correctly with focus on detail and the needs of the golfer at heart. You can access all you need while walking. The insulated drink pocket does mean your water isn’t likely to seep on your grips and valuables.

The easy and effective pen holder slot and golf glove Velcro pad put in a touch of class to the bag. Little things such as that and the rain cover that slides in to the pocket that presses against the sofa as you walk make the Hoofer ergonomic to the max.

Great legs and bottom that will not age
The stand mechanism is a masterpiece of design as the legs have only 2 positions: in or out. So many bags that you can buy have mechanisms that fail, resulting in legs that hang loose rather than tight against the bag when you make it. Not the PING.

The legs have already been designed with a tiny bend in them to create them more robust and sturdier than other bags that you can buy.

The bag is merely as comfortable flat on its base since it has been the legs extended on the stand. You can put this on a cart easy-peasy. Small base ensures simplicity on a golf cart.

Weight: 5lbs
5 way top divider
12 pockets
Cart strap channel so won’t fall off the cart
Sensor Cool Technology in straps keep moisture away
Many color designs
Hoofers last FOREVER
Best stand mechanism
Great pocket design and config
Top quality zippers
Easily adjustable straps
Pockets are numerous but could’ve been larger
Velcro glove pad is just a little small
Overall, the PING Hoofer’s focus on detail, storage and light-weight make it among the finest golf bags that you can buy. You can trust that you’ll be walking the fairways with this for many years to come.

THE VERY BEST Lightweight Golf Bag
For a number of golfers, the weight of a bag is a deal maker or breaker. As the Callaway Hyper Lite Zero can be an astonishing 2.5 lbs, the TaylorMade FlexTech Lite (4.3 lbs) offers more overall value regarding storage, colour options and style.

Best Lightweight Bag: TaylorMade FlexTech Lite
Top Lightweight Bag Alternatives
TaylorMade FlexTech Lite Review
Why is Taylormades Flextech bag range so excellent may be the similarity to PING’s latest designs. Just like the PING Anser putter has been replicated an incredible number of time since its patent expired, it appears the look of PINGs bags is indeed good, persons want in on them too!

It’s just like a PING Hoofer and 4 Series had a baby

It’s as though a Hoofer and a 4 Series PING bag had a baby and made this bad boy.

The stand is legit. It’s strong and is effective keeping the legs extended fully or contracted fully, no loose hanging legs while carrying. As with the PINGs, the bag reaches home in legs spread position in addition to flat on the bottom for cart hookup and storage.