If you’re not used to grilling or prepared to upgrade your grill, the abundance of options available to buy can make picking the very best one feel overwhelming. It’s hard to learn whether to get a gas grill (fueled by propane or gas), kamado grill, charcoal grill, pellet grill or simply even a lightweight model.

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Gas grills certainly are a great destination to start for new grillers plus they make an excellent upgrade, too. Gas grills are easy to use, simple to control and roomy enough to feed everyone.

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We put six of the best-selling models you can purchase now through their paces at the CNET Smart Home that will help you find a very good gas grill. After cooking up 12 racks of ribs, 18 whole chickens and 96 burgers, here’s how everything shook out.

Note our original list included the DynaGlo 4-burner (DGE486GSP-D) and Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3-burner (DGB390SNP-D) among our top picks. These models are actually discontinued, and we’ve updated our advice accordingly.

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If burgers will be the mainstay of your cookouts and backyard barbecues, this Weber gas grill is a superb choice. Actually, it’s a fantastic choice for cooking throughout. Weber’s 10-year guarantee pertains to all its grill parts, so you will be set for a long time to come, despite having heavy use (like, if you let no weekend pass without having an opportunity to char-broil some burgers). Its steady performance inside our testing delivered burgers with an excellent char and a slightly pink center.

The Spirit II E-210 can be among Weber’s iGrill compatible models, yet another accessory line which includes Bluetooth temperature probes you can monitor with a companion app. If you will be preparing dishes that want additional time on the grill, the iGrill system can help you monitor things from a distance.

At $379, this gas grill sits in the center of the affordability spectrum. The cons are you that you will not get yourself a side burner or a cabinet to cover your propane tank, though there exists a rack to hold it on with a sliding gauge mechanism. Still, I was happy with the searing and even cooking across this Weber model, and I’d recommend it to anyone who dreams of an ideal Saturday spent grilling.

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The name says everything. This $499 gas grill is a great choice if you are looking for large capacity, and it feels as though working in a specialist outdoor kitchen. Built with four burners, two separate fireboxes and a side burner, this grill will easily conquer cooking for the most significant crowds.

The Char-Broil Commercial Double Header does a fantastic job of protecting against flare-ups, regardless of how greasy your meat. And it requires a low-and-slow method of cooking, therefore you can relax in a lawn chair without fretting about whether your meat will burn. However, it really is expensive. You may luck out with summer sales, but anticipate to spend big for a major gas grill that will aid up patties by the dozen. Read our Char-Broil Commercial Double Header review.

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Weber’s larger Spirit II model includes three burners. In addition, it includes a propane tank scale and six hooks for easy tool organization. It performs well and provides you the choice of an iGrill accessory, a $100 Bluetooth temperature probe that connects to your mobile Weber iphone app to monitor the temperature of your meal.

Priced higher at $479, the Spirit II E-310 looks great, offers smarts and is an excellent size for many people. If the tank scale and iGrill 3 accessory matter for you, the Spirit II could possibly be worth your money.

Other gas grills we’ve tested
The CNET Smart Home editors have already been cooking and serving up grill data for a couple of years now. As well as the models above, listed below are the other gas grills we’ve tested. These do include some models that are unavailable.

Char-Broil Signature Series 4-burner: This well-built and practical Char-Broil model was middle of the street inside our testing and is priced high at $600 (though we did view it for $500 at Academy Sports). It includes a lot of cooking space, a side burner and cabinet doors. If you are a fan of Char-Broil’s grills, this model is a safe bet, but there are better grills from other brands for your cash.
KitchenAid 720-0891C: KitchenAid’s style and color options are impressive, however the performance of the two-burner gas grill was underwhelming in every three tests. If you are buying two-burner grill, the Weber Spirit II E-210 is an improved choice.
Dyna-Glo 4-burner (DGE486GSP-D) (no more available): This model performed well inside our rib taste tests, outscoring Weber, Char-Broil and KitchenAid models each and every time. Furthermore to 40,000 BTUs across the key burners, gleam 12,000-BTU side burner, exquisite for warming up sauces or side dishes.
Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3-burner (DGB390SNP-D) (no more available): Dyna-Glo proved itself once more when it found low and slow cooking. The Smart Space Living three-burner was the winner of our rib taste tests each time. Chicken upon this Dyna-Glo model was average in cooking time, but was worthwhile for the crispy skin and tender meat.
Broil King Baron S520 (no more available): The Baron S520 tended to perform hot inside our testing, and we found ourselves burning food all too often while cooking. You will not get any extras either, like side burners or temperature probes, and it looks unavailable on Broil King’s website.
Royal Gourmet (GG3201) (no more available): We liked the grill for the total amount of its $200 value and decent performance. Other Royal Gourmet models will probably be worth considering if you are on a budget.
Char-Broil Performance XL (no more available): The $299 Performance XL was our top pick this past year given its great performance and reasonable price, but this five-burner model (#463243518) is no more available from Char-Broil’s website or Lowe’s, although folks at Char-Broil tell me you will find a practically identical model replacing it.
How we test
To look for the best gas grill and get yourself a feel for how these grills perform in a number of cooking scenarios, we perform three tests. Predicated on different meats, methods and heat settings, these tests show us how proficiently and evenly a grill does (or doesn’t) cook.

Our first test is ribs. It’s an anecdotal round, so there isn’t any linked thermometer set or software capturing specific data. We preheat each grill on high for ten minutes before turning it right down to low, indirect heat. Based on the grill size, which means turning a couple of burners off completely.

We take away the outer membrane on a rack of St. Louis style short ribs and season it with an all-purpose rub we use for ribs and chicken. Then, the ribs are located on a bit of aluminum foil and grilled for three hours with the lid closed the complete time.