The brand new Garmin Zūmo XT GPS is a complete functionality, motorcycle-specific GPS. It has fast response, a huge and bright daylight screen, and provides you glove-compatible duplication of several of your smartphone features. On this black friday & Cyber Monday sale, you can get your dream gadget in low cost, so don’t waste any time and start focusing.

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The Garmin Zūmo XT boots in seconds, connects to the global satellite network quickly, and its own UNITED STATES maps are preloaded. Not merely does it have an incredible number of points of interest close at hand, but it also offers you built-in TripAdvisor ratings. The Zūmo XT creates routing almost as fast as your smartphone and has pre-installed software and linked programs that expand its usefulness far beyond point-to-point navigation.

When you open the box, the essential thing you see is a major sticker: “Welcome! The product is preparing to use”-and it really is. You won’t have to read the manual if you need to visit your bike and go from A to B. Just enter the address on the glove-friendly keyboard and go. If you wish to obtain the twistiest way to get from A to B, it’ll demonstrate via an on-screen slide switch the most adventurous route.

To achieve the full value from the top features of the Zūmo XT, you should do some connectivity. You should register it on Garmin’s website, pair it with the Garmin Drive iphone app on your own smartphone, and together with your helmet Bluetooth. For additional ride planning, download Garmin Basecamp to your desktop or notebook computer computer. For some folks, they are all standard pieces of setting up a fresh internet-connected device; for all those less technical, Garmin helps it be all easy and intuitive.

The Garmin Zūmo XT includes a full handlebar RAM mount and a cord to your battery. If you wish to use the awesome feature of suggesting gas stops, you then must be hardwired to the battery. Otherwise, you may use the included Mini-USB cable or get right up to six hours on the battery alone. The thoughtful folks at Garmin provide four zip ties to greatly help with the routing of the energy cord.

The Zūmo XT RAM mount is a clip-in holder that are secure, though I advise you confirm that it really is clicked in before going on a ride. The mount holds the Zūmo XT in either landscape or portrait orientation. If you opt to change orientation, you need to stop, loosen the glove-friendly wing nut, swivel the GPS, and re-tighten the mount. I don’t think that is an issue-after the first few rides, you should understand which orientation you like.

There are many methods for getting to know all of the top features of the Zūmo XT. The easy-to-follow manual is really viewable on the machine, taking up just somewhat of the 32 GB internal data space for storage. Don’t hesitate to tap on the icons and see what they do. If you just want a sizable screen, fast response, rugged, waterproof (IPX 7) GPS for navigation, and don’t want all of the awesome features I am describing later, you then will still want the Garmin Zūmo XT on your own handlebars.

The Garmin Zūmo XT has Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you don’t have to access a computer to get free lifetime software and map updates. The 5.5-inch 720p screen has room for all types of route and travel info, as well as the map navigation.

Visually, you see lane information, your speed, and junction signs, plus alerts for sharp curves, school zones, exceeding the posted speed limit, and more. You can view the existing time on the screen-not all competitive GPS do that-or 23 other items of selectable information instead of the time, such as for example when sunlight will set, time to destination, time to next stop, your elevation or fuel range.

For those folks who want a lot more than just quick, simple to follow, read out loud navigation instructions from our GPS, Garmin has generated your kitchen sink in, too. Although my iPhone is mounted directly before me on my Yamaha Venture, there is absolutely no way to gain access to it without going for a glove off. When you hook up to your smartphone and choose to, the Zūmo XT glove-compatible screen enables you to see and hear popups of your smartphone texts and notifications.

Your phone’s music library reaches your glove tips, too. You can view current weather radar within a 250-mile radius, see your present location’s temperature, six-day forecast, and road conditions, along with answer or reject calls.

Traffic conditions display on the map screen, and the GPS offers rerouting ideas as time passes to destination changes. If you own a Garmin inReach satellite communicator, you can seamlessly connect, control, and talk to it through the large Zūmo XT screen and keyboard.

I will be doing an off-road ride soon, and I searched the net for GPS tracks for a great adventure route near me. The Garmin Basecamp program made importing the GPX (GPS eXchange format) routes I came across online easy and stress-free.

I used the Garmin Basecamp program to plan my next visit to Sturgis also to average eight hours of saddle time each day. I understand from experience that keeping it moving, however, not hustling, on all interstates, I average about 55 miles each hour for the day.

The Basecamp program asks you just how many days you wish to take and just how many hours you can be in the seat every day. It calculates where your nightly stops ought to be, based after travel hours. Travel hours don’t consider stopping for breakfast, lunch, scenic rest stops, extra bathroom breaks, and many fuel stops. If you would like to pull into the motel at 4 p.m. rather than 6 p.m., I advise you tell Basecamp a couple of hours significantly less than your actual desired day-length.

There are several more features to find when you get your Garmin Zūmo XT. The Track Recorder, Where I’ve Been, something History log, the Round Trip creator, and more, all enhance the value of this hottest Garmin motorcycle-specific GPS. This is actually the right GPS for just about any kind of rider or riding style, on- or off-road.

Coming in at $500 with a one-year warranty, the Garmin Zūmo XT is a feature-packed computer navigation system that can even be a glove-friendly mirror of your smartphone. If you work with your smartphone as your GPS and very good music player, and you are frustrated using its limitations, then get hold of a Garmin Zūmo XT and allow adventure begin.