Garmin inReach Australian Release
It was January this season during CES 2017 that Garmin finally announced their new inReach products. We’ve waited a year since Garmin purchased DeLorme the initial inReach creators for Garmin to place something out. Strategically, Garmin’s decision to obtain DeLorme was mainly centered on locking down a previously untapped part of their market that currently use or need SOS and two-way communication via Satellite network.

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The brand new versions of the inReach products released are really similar in proportions, form and function to the older DeLorme models however now include handheld GPS functionality. (DeLorme at first produced the InReach SE and the InReach Explorer) If you’re seriously interested in hiking or going off the map then you’ve likely heard about them already but I’ll provide a quick recap of their primary functions. The core functionality to supply a way of communication between you and rescuers/selected recipients that not merely updates them on your own status by chosen message but also where you are.

Features and Specs
Each unit will come in either yellow (SE+) or orange (Explorer+) according to which version you get. The InReach+ models remain the same size as a GPSmap 64. *Which is approximately how big is a can of coke as a far more universal method of scale.

The brand new inReach models have dedicated SOS buttons that will, when triggered, alert GEOS rescue monitoring centre (24/7/365) and open a communication window with them. You will get a confirmation alert aswell when you trigger the SOS. Additionally, you can setup the inReach model to send a preformatted text to certain recipients in the event you trigger the SOS anytime. This signifies that when you’re in real danger you can be confident that someone is arriving at assist you to and if you’re capable, you can tell them of your situation to be sure they know precisely how exactly to help when they arrive.

*In case you’re as scared of bumping the S.O.S button as I’d be, the ‘button’ privately is a cover flap for using the button underneath.

The messaging system with the inReach models is just a little clunky in the manner it types (using the arrow button to go around the virtual keyboard) but overall serves its function. You can even pair your inReach together with your smartphone via the Earthmate App for easier typing. There exists a whole selection of uses for messaging in the wilderness next to the apparent rescue scenario. You might have busted a tire on your own bike and have to allow group know you’ll be thirty minutes late, you could possibly be on a cliff edge inspired by the natural splendor around you and also have the sudden, powerful urge to create an extended stirring poem to special someone. It might happen, and with Garmin inReach, you’d be ready for it.

Additionally, the inReach messaging system does feature predictive text as navigating the screen keyboard with the arrow keys is actually a little cumbersome assuming you have meaty thumbs like myself.

GPS Features and inReach benefits
Purchasing any inReach device gains you usage of a free of charge cloud-powered portal to plan your trip with routes and waypoints. The inReach models likewise incorporate unlimited cloud storage and trip planning with the portal. Both devices work as a handheld GPS with basic features including navigation, location and tracking data.

Subscription Service
As the unit leverage the same Satellite network because so many Satellite Phones it’s unsurprising they have a subscription intend to accommodate your use. Based on the subscription service you select it is possible to set just how many texts you would like to send/receive (10, 40, unlimited) and how frequently the machine will update your tracking point ‘breadcrumb’1. They provide the choice of month by month or gross annual subscription billing.

All inReach devices communicate via the Iridium Satellite network which gives 100% global coverage. They don’t count on traditional cellular networks which are why is them convenient when you’re in a crucial situation within an area with little to no cellular coverage. Meaning you’re in a position to stay static in two-way communication to keep emergency crews aware or more to date on your own status.

Battery and Rugged capability
Both models have protective casings for rugged use and so are waterproof to a rating of IPX7. This implies these devices is rated for 1m submersion up to thirty minutes [We have a complete break down of Garmin’s waterproof rating system here]. Garmin has suggested 4 days of battery life (roughly 100 hours) in tracking mode (Tracking mode sending a breadcrumb every ten minutes) or more to thirty days in power saver mode (disables everything on the machine aside from tracking mode which breadcrumbs every thirty minutes). I mentioned previously the opportunity of using this product as both a handheld GPS as well as your Satellite Messenger – In the event that you intend to the inReach models such as this take into account the battery life will be drastically reduced.

Looking at both products and the purchase price difference between them $100 the true question you must ask is whether you have a handheld GPS already or other GPS solution? It’s quite helpful to get a two-in-one device that does both communication and GPS tracking but should come at a substantial cost to the battery.