Lifetime European map updates
Built-in lifetime traffic via DAB radio
Premium design with magnetic mount
Traffic information much less comprehensive as TomTom’s
Key Specifications
Review Price: £239.99
5-inch capacitive widescreen with 800 x 480 pixels
European maps with lifetime updates
Lifetime digital traffic warnings via built-in DAB radio link
Voice-operation system
Smartphone Link live information
What’s the Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D?
The DriveLuxe 50LMT-D may be the flagship 5-inch sat-nav from Garmin. Where in fact the Drive, DriveSmart and DriveAssist build on features as you rise the number, but use simply the same physical design, the DriveLuxe opts for a far more stylish chassis. Otherwise, the features are broadly exactly like those of the DriveSmart.

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Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D – Design and Features
The main element physical difference between your DriveLuxe and other members of Garmin’s Drive range may be the way it mounts in your vehicle. Rather than clipping in and requiring another power connection, the DriveLuxe sports a magnetic mount similar to TomTom’s premium models. This integrates the energy connection, so after the mount is installed, it just requires a second to hook up or detach these devices itself.

Garmin hasn’t majorly overhauled its menu system for a few years, and the DriveLuxe does not have any innovations in this area. The original screen shows two large icons which will either take you to the map or the destination submenu. Beneath that is a row of four smaller icons for less commonly used functions such as for example settings, the built-in apps, and controlling the quantity.

Entering a destination within the WHERE YOU CAN? submenu requires a keyword-based approach, nevertheless, you can save a Home destination and also a set of Favourites, or browse your history. You can even browse for sights (POI) by category, and there’s a POI database from Foursquare included aswell.

A multi-destination trip planner is on this screen, too, and it’s also possible to include a custom shortcut. This is often a favourite keyword search, a POI category, among your Favourites, or the capability to visit a junction, town or GPS coordinates. Overall, it’s a thorough and flexible menu, which gives all the primary method of finding a destination.

The DriveLuxe also includes Garmin’s capable verbal control system. Simply say “Voice Command” and you’re led through programming a destination by speaking. Searching by address, postcode, Point of Interest, Favourites and History. It’s an efficient system, albeit not infallible, and far safer than trying to push buttons while driving.

The DriveLuxe version I tested was included with maps of Europe, including Eastern Europe and Turkey, however, not Russia, and there doesn’t seem to be a version with just UK and Ireland anyway. You almost certainly wouldn’t buy reduced model such as this just with one country. The maps have a lifetime subscription to updates, which is nearly the norm nowadays.

Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D – Performance
The map view is another area that hasn’t changed hugely for a few years in Garmin sat-navs. The route is displayed clearly, with POI icons showing up along the route, that you can select and reroute towards. Another turning is demonstrated evidently in the strip at the very top, like the name of the street you will be turning out to be, the length to the turning, and the direction.

Safety camera information slides across in the bar at the very top too, and also warnings of potentially dangerous road features such as for example sharp bends. Your speed is displayed in the bottom, turning red if you’re over the limit. The name of the existing road you’re on sits at the centre, together with your estimated arrival time on the proper.

The bar on the proper side shows any traffic along the way, thanks to Garmin’s Digital Traffic delivered via DAB. That is supplied by INRIX in the united kingdom, and other vendors elsewhere around Europe. The info on the right-hand side of the screen offers you a sign of how close you are to the incident and how long it’s more likely to delay you, in addition to the substitute for try another route.

The system is fairly effective, picking up all of the traffic I encountered during testing. If you ask me, Garmin’s Digital Traffic doesn’t quite achieve the detail of TomTom’s Traffic, nonetheless it picks up the key issues so that you can avoid spending an eternity trapped on the M25 or wherever. The subscription for Digital Traffic is for the duration of the device, too, over the whole of Europe.

The 5-inch screen offers a decent 800 x 480 pixels and is clear generally in most lighting conditions, automatically switching to dark colours at sunset. That is a capacitive screen, so it’s pretty attentive to your fingers. However, the bars top and bottom plus traffic on the proper decrease the active map area a lot, making the view just a little cramped.

On the plus side, the spoken commands are incredibly detailed and descriptive, letting you know which lanes to maintain, for example. Garmin appears to really have the edge slightly over TomTom in this specific area. With the Voice Command system, that is a sat-nav you don’t have to look at or touch frequently in the event that you don’t want to.

The DriveLuxe integrates all of the “Smart” top features of the lesser models in the number. It could warn you of driving fatigue at a normal interval, tells you actively about changes in the speed limit along the existing road, and in addition notifies you when you’re approaching a school zone and really should take extra care.

You can also attach the DriveLuxe to your smartphone via Bluetooth to make utilization of it as a hands-free device. If you install the Smartphone Link iphone app on your iOS or Android phone, you can receive weather updates on the DriveLuxe, and send a destination to the sat-nav from your own contacts list. You can even sign up to optional extra services such as for example Dynamic Parking (which include pricing and space availability), or photoLive Traffic Cameras (which ultimately shows you what the street surveillance cameras can easily see, instantly).

Should I choose the Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D?
The Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D goes head-to-head with TomTom’s recently announced GO 5200. At £50 cheaper (during writing), the Garmin offers less expensive, although it’s still not specifically a bargain. The traffic provision isn’t quite so effective as TomTom’s, nonetheless it will still assist you to avoid the key jams that will make your daily commute a misery. With various useful features and an attractive design, that is an extremely tempting premium sat-nav.