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as of May 16, 2022 5:15 am
as of May 16, 2022 5:15 am
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Having some kind of GPS or yardage finder is a must-have on the course because it’ll help a whole lot with distance control. In this article, I’m likely to be reviewing the Garmin Approach S2 and discussing whether it’s worth picking right up.

Long story short, the S2 isn’t perfect but it’s much better than a number of the other GPS watches out there. It’s a bit more expensive than most and the battery life could possibly be somewhat longer but I came across it a lot better to use and create compared to a number of the other units. Garmin is just about the best brand with regards to course selection and there are over 30,000 courses programmed in. There are no additional service fees for updates either so they’re always adding more. The largest downside to the S2 is that it doesn’t show the length to hazards (only greens and layup spots). Besides that, I must say i liked the S2.

If the decision was up if you ask me I’d get the Garmin Approach S40 instead. It’s quite somewhat newer and it provides features that the S2 doesn’t include. If that’s all of the facts you were looking for then great. If you prefer a more detailed overview of the S2 GPS, make certain to view the video or browse the weblog post below.

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Review

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Garmin Approach S2 First Impressions
There are several different versions of the S series from Garmin. We tested out the S1, the S2, and the S3 version and all of them includes a few more features and an increased price. The S2 does just about everything the S1 does but it addittionally monitors your score and provides distances to doglegs and layup spots.

The S3 does everything the S1 and S2 does but it addittionally includes a touchscreen display and it lets you move the flag around to have a more precise distance. That feature is super useful, however in my estimation, these three watches certainly are a little outdated. The S20, S40, and S60 will be the newer watches from Garmin and I really do like them more.

I’m not saying the S2 isn’t worth picking right up but I really do think you’ll get more value from another thing. I actually don’t know when you can still discover a new version of the S2 watch.

Getting things setup was actually pretty easy (greater than a number of the others). Whatever you really had to accomplish was charge it and transform it on. All of the courses were already programmed in, that was awesome. Here’s a demo video:

It has over 30,000 courses from around the globe (Garmin gets the most I believe) and all of the courses I normally head to were onto it. If you’re in a few remote location it could not be but almost all of them should. It usually takes a number of seconds to find the course you’re on and you should be all set.

If they add new courses with their database all you need to accomplish is download the Garmin App from their website, hook up your GPS to your personal computer, and it’ll download. The complete process from Garmin appears more streamlined in comparison to other GPS devices available to buy.

Was Navigation Easy
Compared to a number of the other GPS watches out there, the S2 was quite somewhat simpler to use for me. I wouldn’t say the other watches were hard to use, but exactly like other things out there, there’s a learning curve.

The screen is approximately 1″, that was smaller than I was used to. I’m not the largest fan of wearing watches and that’s why I favor by using a handheld device or among the smartphone applications (many of them are free).

There are just 4 buttons onto it so it’s not so hard to use and all you need to do to get started on your round is transform it on, select menu, select start your round, and choose your course.

What Info Does It Show
The S2 has 4 different modes that you can pick from. That is just about the case for all watches and it’s pretty easy to navigate through most of the various modes.

The foremost is Hole View. That’ll provide you with the distance to leading, center, and back of the green and in addition what hole you’re on and its own par. This is actually the feature you’ll utilize the majority of enough time.

Another is Layup View. That’ll provide you with the distance to different layup and dogleg spots on the hole, which isn’t too helpful for me. The downside to the is that it doesn’t show what lengths away hazards are. That’s the largest downside and why I would suggest choosing the Garmin S40 watch.

Then there’s Measurement View that will provide you with the distance of your shots. I came across this super useful. All you need to accomplish is hit your ball, walk up to it, and it’ll let you know how far it had been.

The last is Time Mode and it’ll demonstrate enough time and date. I don’t really utilize this feature but it’ll be really helpful if you wish to wear the watch off the course.

How Did The Watch Perform
Among the things I didn’t like about the watch was that it didn’t last a complete 2 rounds. It wasn’t an enormous deal but I don’t actually want to be charging finished . after every round.

Using it as a standard watch can last around 3 weeks which is correctly fine however the GPS mode only lasted us about 7-8 hours (most watches will be the same).

It’s not a huge deal because you can just charge it after each round but it’d be nice never to have to worry about any of it each and every time (the S4 lasts 10 hours).

As for the length and accuracy, it had been equally as good as any other watch we tested previously and was always within 5 yards of our laser rangefinder and the markers on the course.

Garmin S2 Pros
I found it a whole lot simpler to create and use in comparison to others.
Garmin is one of the better regarding course selection.
There are no additional costs for updates.
Garmin S2 Issues
It’s a little more costly than most entry-level watches.
It doesn’t show the length to hazards.
The battery life could possibly be longer.
The Breakdown
Performance score: 9
Price score: 8
Durability score: 9
Personal score: 8
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What’s the difference between your Garmin Approach S2 and the S4?

A. The Garmin S4 includes a 10-hour battery life and includes a moveable pin function.

Q. What’s the Garmin Approach S2 battery life?

A. We found it had been about 7-8 hours in GPS mode and 3 weeks promptly mode.

Q. What is the very best price for the Garmin Approach S2?

A. The cheapest place we’re able to find it (during this post) was on Amazon (link below).

My Final Thoughts
Overall, If you’re buying a unit which has a wide selection of courses and is absolutely accurate at giving the length to the green, this may be a great option for you personally. If it were my choice, I’d go with another thing which has more features.

The crucial thing I’d prefer to see may be the S2 getting the distance to different hazards. If it had that I’d have trained with a 9.5 or 10. {If you would like|