If there’s a surefire way to improve your PlayStation experience, then it’s by getting among the finest PS4 headsets into your setup. I’ve been recently playing The Last folks Part II with my Platinum headset and also have benefited enormously from the excess immersion and also have appreciated every extra audio tracks detail and cue that Naughty Dog created and designed. When I’ve briefly switched to my pretty-decent soundbar, the difference has been incredible. That’s because owning one of the better PS4 headsets is a real guaranteed way to take your setup, as well as your experience, to a fresh level – the one that you merely can’t get together with your TV’s speakers – regardless if it is one of the better gaming TVs – or in case you have among the finest gaming sound systems.

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And now, there’s an unbelievable selection of headsets available, all offering serious audio tracks quality. Gone will be the days where headsets are just viewed as multiplayer aides, with many being so excellent that they are the very best methods to enjoy games. Whatever you play, they’ll boost your immersion and increase your experience. While your TV speakers might seem to be good enough after first inspection, gaining among the finest PS4 headsets changes your brain completely – and permanently. Your in-game experience will be studied to an increased level over the board: the tiniest audio tracks details can be clear, some you’ve never heard before; you can suddenly locate enemy gunfire with an increase of clarity and accuracy; and you’re alert to other players and characters moving throughout you, their precise location made distinct.

What’s more, you truly need not throw money at the problem to have a top-quality set. You may easily get among the finest PS4 headsets for under $100 / £100. Though with that said, assuming you have the possibility to stretch your budget beyond that, then you will be in line for a delicacy as truly premium audio tracks experience lie that way. Expanding upon this, Razer headsets can cover the best music and features across this list, but also span the purchase price spectrum, so almost always there is something available from the big audio tracks players too.

We have to say now, as the PS5 has been revealed in every its curvy glory, those buying a headset may have an eye on the near future. All looks rosy initially as the DualSense controller retains a standard audio tracks jack – huzzah! Together with the reveal of the PS5 design the next-generation official headset was revealed: the Pulse 3D wireless headset. Consider our ears pricked and color us intrigued. Of course, we have no idea how much the expense of the Pulse 3D – or indeed the PS5 price – yet, but my guess is that the headset was most likely the premium model. If its anything just like a natural evolution and progression on from the PS4 Platinum headset then it will likely be one of the better PS5 headsets going.

In conditions of the fundamentals and the practicalities, most PS4 headsets only will plug straight into your PS4 controller – wireless models that hook up to your console via Bluetooth are somewhat rare beasts, so don’t just assume that whatever wireless headphones you possess will automatically be supported. We test our headsets with a PS4 Pro, and the minimum standard because of their inclusion upon this list is that they plug in to the controller and offer great audio. We also determine the comfort of every headset for long gaming sessions, and we, importantly, determine their price to determine affordability.

The very best PS4 headset for

  1. EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 370
    The very best PS4 headset of

Acoustic design: Semi-open back; around ear | Cable length: wireless; 1.5m charging cable | Drivers: N/A | Weight: 9.9oz | Compatibility: PS4, PC, Mac

Among the best game sound ever

Incredible battery life

Sennheiser quality design and build

A little expensive

‘Only’ PS4, PC and mac compatible

In a solid field of these considered the very best PS4 headsets, the Sennheiser GSP 370 set runs each one of them either in to the ground or very near it. It might nearly be top of the list but I’d quite definitely consider it in the most notable tier of the category together with the Kraken TE, Nari Ultimate, and the Sony Platinum headset. Where it can end up being the best, is in the premium wireless class, while also offering an immense battery life.

In conditions of sound quality, Sennheiser’s reputation shines through by the bucket load: there’s clarity, detail, and depth within bucketloads; the build and design are solid, strong and an ideal weight as the ear cups fit so they filter external noise through design alone; and the battery life is genuinely incredible, clocking in at practically 100 hours. The high cost will be somewhat steep initially, but it isn’t unusual for reduced gaming headset to can be found in above the three-figure mark nowadays, and if there’s one PS4 headset that does plenty of to justify that price, its that one.

If music quality and battery life (in the event that you had to choose two factors) are the main features in among the finest PS4 headsets for you personally, then you is going for the GSP 370s.

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  1. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
    The very best PS4 headset for

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.3m | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 322g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, mobile

Great price

Sturdy, comfortable design build

Exceptional sound output

Light on features

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition happens to be the very best PS4 headset you can purchase – and the very best Razer headset you can purchase – when you balance performance and price. While we’d also recommend the standard Kraken Pro V2, and the lighter and cheaper Kraken X, the TE gets the better audio. It’s an excellent all-rounder, with sound capacities that punch well above its price, and excellent bass that means it is ideal for gaming. Despite having the typical 5.1 audio tracks you get from a 3.5mm connection on PS4 (the 7.1 is on PC only), the Kraken TE is fine-tuned for online flash games like Apex Legends, assisting you to pinpoint enemy movements and gunfire accurately. Take it on PC, and you will even get THX Spatial music too, which takes what to the next level.

As a single-player headset, it performs well with most types of game, and even handles in-game dialogue admirably, which is a thing that catches out most gaming headsets. Sure, it lacks just a little subtlety in the mid-range and loses out to headsets which will cost you $150-200, but in most cases, the sound here’s excellent. It is rather comfy, because of the redesigned headband and cooler ear cushions, the mic is clear and loud, and the cable is a decent length. Overall, it’s an excellent package, and will substantially enhance the audio tracks for all PS4 games for under the four-figure mark.

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(Image credit: Sony)

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 Platinum headset
    The very best wireless PS4 headset, plus the official model

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Battery life: 6 hours | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 318g | Compatibility: PS4

Designed exclusively for the PlayStation 4

Super comfortable

Stylish look

Companion application is rather redundant

You’d be hard pushed to find another wireless headset with the sound quality and show group of Sony’s dedicated PlayStation Platinum headset. Actually we’d argue that it’s virtually an impossible task – the Sony headset includes a fantastic mixture of price and performance. If the Platinum is very costly, we’d actually really recommend the Gold version too, which is approximately $40/£30 less, but doesn’t quite provide same quality of sound or the excess metallic trim.

The 50mm drivers maybe lack just a little power at the low-end nonetheless they have an impressive degree of clarity with their overall audio. In addition they neatly attach to your PS4 offering game-specific audio tracks profiles. However the big tick for them may be the 7.1 virtual surround that links into those profiles. Well, that and the actual fact your headset battery will probably outlast your controller’s too.

It’s worth noting that as both Platinum and Gold headsets are Sony PlayStation official, they have already been made with the PlayStation VR headset at heart too. This means they’ll fit neatly and comfortably on your own head when wearing the headsets with the PSVR gear. Browse the best PlayStation VR bundles here to complete such a package.