Interested in investing in a gaming chair but don’t know the place to start? Don’t worry, all you have to to do is go through this comprehensive buyer’s guide and I’ll walk you through all you have to to know.

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In this ultimate buyer’s guide, I’ll be covering what your alternatives are, what features you should look out for, different brands available, and several other gaming chair tips! I’ll also be providing you a checklist you can utilize to judge any gaming chair before you get it.

Ready? Good! Let’s focus on the basics…

What exactly are Gaming Chairs and Who Needs Them?
Gaming chairs are specialized chairs made for the needs and comfort of gamers. The designers of the chairs have thought about how precisely gamers sit, how they move, and what they want out of their chair, and gone onto make a thing that meets those needs.

Regardless of the name, it’s not merely gamers who use gaming chairs. You could reap the benefits of a gaming chair if you:

Work within an office and want to improve your productivity
Home based and spend plenty of time sat down
Have problems with back pain
Have mobility issues and need extra support when seated
Spend lots of time playing games (obviously)
Or just wish to be more comfortable when seated!
The first ever gaming chairs were suitable for racing games to do something as car simulator seats. Therefore, they tended to reproduce sports vehicle seats, with high straight backs and thick upholstery.

Since that time, gaming chairs have evolved and the marketplace is becoming much broader. Nowadays there are many types of gaming chairs, to meet up the needs of several several types of gamers. That brings us nicely onto another portion of this buyer’s guide…

Several types of Gaming Chair
We are able to categorize gaming chairs into different kinds. The four broad categories you need to understand about are:

PC Gaming Chairs
Console Gaming Chairs
Racing Simulator Seats
Bean Bag Chairs
The probabilities are you’ll curently have some notion of which of the four types of gaming chairs you would like to buy, since it will rely upon everything you plan to make make use of it for. I’ll discuss all of them in greater detail below.

PC Gaming Chairs
PC gaming chairs are incredibly much the prototypical model; they’re what most of the people think of if they hear the term ‘gaming chair’.

These chairs are created to sit behind desks, making them a great choice if you play almost all of your games on your computer, or want a chair that doubles up as an office chair for a workstation.

They typically contain a mobile 5-star wheeled base with a pedestal seat mounted at the top. They also will often have swivel features to let you maneuver around freely at your desk, high armrests for wrist support as you utilize your mouse and keyboard, and a higher back again to support your neck preventing you from straining whist looking at your screen.

Virtually all PC gaming chairs are occur an upright position as default, but many can tilt backwards and secure various reclined positions.

Confusingly, these kind of gaming chairs are occasionally known as ‘racing gaming chairs’ due to the actual fact that they’re modelled off child car seats. However, they’re never to be confused with racing simultor seats, which I’ll move onto later.

Console Gaming Chairs
Console gaming chairs are – yep, you guessed it – made for console gamers. They’re a lot more versatile than PC gaming chairs and have a tendency to can be found in a much broader selection of different sizes and shapes.

That being said, the most famous kind of console gaming chair may be the classic ‘Rocker’. Unlike PC gaming chairs, Rocker gaming chairs don’t have pedestal seats or wheels. Instead, they feature L-shaped seats that sit on your floor. The name ‘rocker’ originates from the actual fact that the backrest could rock backwards and forwards as you move.

They’re less ergonomic than PC gaming chairs and aren’t designed to be utilized at a desk, but a whole lot of individuals see them convenient for consoles because they support convenient, ‘laid-back’ postures many gamers using controller pads prefer to sit in.

In addition they often feature additional technology that integrates them more closely together with your console, such as for example surround sound speakers and USB ports for charging.

Racer Simulator Seats
Racing simulator seats are advanced high-end gaming chairs designed especially for racing games. They’re typically mounted on a frame or ‘cockpit’ which you can mount racing game accessories such as a wheel, gear sticks, pedals, and more.

Some racer simulator seats are well suited for informal gamers, plus some advanced models are even used for professional racing driver training. These technologically advanced rigs could be really, really expensive – sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

Bean Bag Chairs
Bean bag chairs are large sacks usually filled up with even foam or beds and upholstered in either suede or microfiber. They’re not especially suitable for gaming, but many gamers choose them as a result of how soft and comfortable they are, and for just how they comply with your body.

While they’re not particularly ergonomic or supportive, one good thing about this sort of chair is they can accommodate a huge selection of postures and positions. The largest bean bag chairs may also enable you to construct flat with a good amount of room. Another reason many gamers choose them is that they have a tendency to be cheaper than other options.