Folding chairs offer flexible support for changing needs, well suited for event and banquet halls, recreational facilities, schools, business, and seminar locations. Folding chairs are usually purchased in considerable quantities. For convenience, you can expect chairs in packages of two or four, according to the model, and with increasing discounts on quantity orders.

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as of May 16, 2022 4:24 pm
as of May 16, 2022 4:24 pm
as of May 16, 2022 4:24 pm
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Flat Folding
Folding chairs may fold flat, as in traditional folding chairs; hinged where in fact the legs meet as a way to accommodate a space-saving folded form. These traditional styles can be purchased in all metal, usually steel, with contoured seat and backrest, and offered in standard or optional color choices. Updated styles can be found with padded or cushioned seat and backrest, upholstered with vinyl or fabric.

Flat-Folding Chair
Nesting Chairs
Nesting chairs also fold somewhat, with a seat that lifts or folds upward to support nesting. The frames are relatively set, but with the seat folded up, the frames fit together for space-saving storage and transport. Most of the nesting chair styles are set on casters. When these mobile folding chairs are nested, the casters accommodate easier movement. Alternatively, lots of the nesting folding chairs also accommodate stacking, with the seat left down, much like traditional stack chairs. An optional chair dolly in custom-made design is designed for a number of the folding chair models.

Folding Chairs with Arms
Built-in arms are offered with the strong frame of some folding chair styles, while optional arms are for sale to others as another or additional purchase.

Ganging Brackets
Chairs with built-in ganging brackets simplify fixed rows and groups, with optional ganging brackets designed for other styles to customize folding chair use. Ganging brackets on many folding chairs cannot operate with optional armrests attached.

Folding Chair With Arms
Built-in handles on some folding chairs make carrying, moving, and lifting easier. The folding mechanism of all folding chairs carries a safety feature to guarantee the chair will not collapse when used.

Tablet Arm Folding Chairs
Left-hand or right-hand tablet arm enhances select folding chairs, with customizable color and finish options. The tablet arm folds with the chair to help ease storage and transport. Folding chairs with tablet arms are suitable for seminar and training spots where the user may decide to take down notes or review materials while seated, if folding chairs aren’t accompanied by tables for the function.

Traditional steel folding chair styles are finished with paint to safeguard the metal from exposure. Chairs with all metal or upholstered elements can be utilized outdoors, but are best kept indoors when placed or not used as contact with the components make a difference appearance and durability. Several folding chair styles with molded plastic seat elements are designed especially for indoor and outdoor use, with coordinating folding tables available.