An excellent floorstanding speaker can quickly supercharge your audio system. Not merely do they look good, drawing focus to a audio system and so that it is stand out instead of merge, but they’re known for sounding spectacular. They’re made to slot in next to bookcases and TV cabinets, taking good thing about vertical space and producing a smaller footprint. A lot of them, especially the pricier ones, will quite happily fill even a huge room and create theater-quality sound. Also to complete your hi-fi system, have a look at our set of the very best Stereo Amps.

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Best Overall Floorstanding Speakers

  1. SVS Prime Pinnacle ($1,600)

Recommended Amp Power: 20-300W/8Ω
Sensitivity: 88dB
Drivers: 3 x 6.5” Woofer, 1 x 5.25” Mid-range, 1” Tweeter
What We Like: Genuinely brilliant sound, terrific design.
What We Don’t: You’ll desire a good amp to get the very best out of them.
The SVS Prime Pinnacle are appropriately named, because inside our thoughts and opinions they are really the very best floorstanding speakers you can purchase right now. In conditions of sound, value, and design, they just crush it. The audio tracks quality manages to be both breathtakingly powerful and surprisingly articulate, handling heavy dance and hip-hop as easily as delicate folk music. SVS held the prior top i’m all over this this list, with the brilliant but awkwardly shaped Ultra Towers. We think the Prime Pinnacle fix everything that people didn’t like about those speakers and with some added secret sauce (and a friendlier and more accommodating shape, rendering it simple to place them). Other speakers, just like the amazing Polk Legend L800s, may have better still sound, nevertheless they can’t boast the all-around quality of the Prime Pinnacles.

We should warn you that the SVS Prime Pinnacles are unforgiving. Powering these with an inexpensive amplifier will certainly reduce the sound quality, plus they need quality elements to get the very best out of these. At the existing price, this might not exactly be a concern for most of the people – it’s likely that when you can afford them, you’ve got an excellent amp anyway – nonetheless they are drastically less forgiving when compared to a speaker just like the Q Acoustics 3050i, below. Yet, we believe they are the very best floorstanding speakers you can purchase at the moment.
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Best Budget Floorstanding Speakers

  1. Sony SS-CS3 ($390)
    Recommended Amp Power: 20-145W/8Ω
    Sensitivity: 88dB
    Drivers: 2 x 5” Woofer, 1” Tweeter
    What We Like: Clean and clear sound at a hugely attractive price.
    What We Don’t: The treble could be a little harsh when watching movies.
    We recently re-evaluated our budget floorstanding speaker options. While there have been a lot of models available, we thought we’re able to do better, and discover a model for you that could just knock it from the park. And we did. The Sony SS-CS3s are everything we wish from an affordable couple of speakers, delivering clean and clear sound quality that feels natural and realistic. Unlike many economical speakers, the SS-CS3s have a good build, and looks that are as clean as the sound. They are very old now- released in 2014-but they have aged spectacularly well. Other affordable models just like the Onkyo SKF-4800 succeed, but why would you get them when you might have some speakers that are as assured and confident as these?

Inside our opinion, however, there are a few rough edges to the SS-CS3s. While generally, the sound quality performs well, we did observe that movie sound is actually a little harsh and grating sometimes, with the difficulty becoming hard to hear. This is a universal problem with affordable speakers, but somehow, we found a lot more frustrating here, given how well the speakers perform with things such as music. If you would like an affordable couple of speakers that master movie audio, browse the ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2, below. Otherwise, we think the SS-CS3s remain one of the better floorstanding speaker options as of this price point.
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Best High-End Floorstanding Speakers

  1. Focal Chora 826 ($2,190)
    Recommended Amp Power: 40-250W/8Ω
    Sensitivity: 91dB
    Drivers: 2 x 6.5” Woofer, 1 x 6.5” Midrange, 1 x 1” Tweeter
    What We Like: Huge detail and transparency, especially in the treble.
    What We Don’t: The Chora 826 are incredibly fussy about positioning.
    If you’re buying couple of floorstanding speakers that match brilliant sound with eye-catching design, it’s very difficult to argue against the Focal Chora 826. We couldn’t believe the amount of detail and transparency whenever we tested them- inside our opinion, they smoked more costly models from famous brands KEF and MarkAudio-SOTA. Focal have built the Chora 826s out of a fresh material called Slatefiber, a variety of carbon fibres and thermoplastic polymer which create a cabinet that’s both light and intensely stiff. The effect is extraordinary, a high-end speaker that both looks and sounds great. Focal speakers will often have massive pricetags-often up to five figures- so it’s a pleasurable surprise to see them releasing a comparatively affordable pair.

A very important factor we did find was that the Chora 826 were very fussy about their positioning, with a little sweet spot that took some work to find. This is surprising, simply because they come with especially angled stands that (we thought) must have made this just a little easier. That may be a problem assuming you have an unforgiving listening room. Worth noting: you will find a variant of the speaker, the Chora 826 Ds, that can come with a built-in up-firing Dolby Atmos module. We haven’t had an opportunity to try this yet, but given how good the essential Choras are, we imagine they are pretty spectacular.
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Best Floorstanding Speakers for Small Spaces

  1. Q Acoustics 3050i ($840)

Recommended Amp Power: 25-100W/6Ω
Sensitivity: 91dB
Drivers: 2 x 6.5″ Woofer, 1″ Tweeter
What We Like: Superb in a surround sound setup.
What We Don’t: Weak bass, not ideal for music.
Small rooms challenge a speaker, and the one which intends to rise compared to that challenge requires a technological advantage. The The 3050i from Q Acoustics gets the company’s Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer – a dampening tube inside cabinet, made to tackle resonance. The cabinet itself is exclusively braced, to greatly help with clarity. While we certainly don’t think they are the very best speakers available, plus they definitely involve some deficiencies exposed in rooms over about 150 square feet, they perform exceptionally well in this specific context. They are greater as of this than speakers from famous brands Jamo, below.

Those deficiencies may prove problematic, however. It really is most noticeable in the bass, which is weak and unimpressive when hearing music-although when paired with a subwoofer and surround speakers for home entertainment, the 3050i speakers crush it. In addition, it helps that the look is both eye-catching and clever, inserting all of the drivers in the very best half of the speaker. This results in an exceedingly wide sweet spot, making the 3050i speakers very forgiving. And again, when showcased in a tiny room, they {ar