Choosing a fire bowl based on use
If you anticipate making use of your fire pitprimarily as a patio heating system, decide on a traditional pit fuelled by wood or charcoal instead of a gas or electric model. This implies you can enjoy the flames because they flicker. However, take the time to install your fire bowl from any flammable materials or surfaces.

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If you try to use your fire put to cook food – exactly like on the barbecue – get a model built with a grill rack. Some fire pits are even hung from a tripod letting you adapt the height of the grill to the flames and rotate your meal for even cooking. Quick tip: place somewhat of sand at the bottom of the fire bowl to greatly help absorb the grease.

How big is your fire pit ought to be chosen to suit your space and the amount of guests it can warm-up and/or feed. The major fire pits can warm-up up to 15 people.

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Fire pit

Fire pit shapes
Built with either feet or a base, fire pits can be found in a range of shapes to decide on predicated on the style you’re after.

Fire bowls
Whether round or oval-shaped, the diameter of your fire bowl should be chosen to complement the number of folks you intend on gathering around it.
A diameter of 50 to 100 cm should warm approximately four to over twelve people.

Fire baskets
Square, rectangular or round, fire baskets come in several heights and widths according to the quantity of guests. Fire baskets usually give a 360° view of the fire.
As they have a tendency to lose embers through their holes, these models should be create on a non-flammable surfaces and really should ideally be located on an ash tray to catch the ash from the fire.

Designer fire pits
Fire pits can be found in a range of other styles – from globe-shaped pits to lanterns and even pyramids – most of that can be considered decorative items within their own right.

Chimineas are shaped like large urns with an opening in leading and a chimney at the top. Traditionally created from terracotta or clay, additionally it is possible to find cast iron chimineas.

These models include a more concentrated and powerful type of heat in comparison to classic models with open fireplaces. While chimineas are well suited for starting to warm up your summer evenings, also, they are ideal for use as barbecues or ovens.

Fire pit materials
Fire pits can be found in three main materials, each which boasts its own group of advantages.

Cast iron fire pits
Cast iron fire pits are being among the most popular options. They provide great thermal inertia meaning the cast iron stores heat and releases it over a long time even after the fire bowl is extinguished. This material can be made to cope with high temperatures (for chimineas, for instance) and radiates more heat than steel.

Steel fire pits
Whether you choose stainless, enamelled steel or lacquered steel, steel fire pits are very rust- and heat-resistant. This metal is simple to use meaning it can be utilised to create fire pits in very unique shapes.

Terracotta fire pits
Terracotta fire pits offer good thermal inertia and distribute a straight sort of heat over a radius of several metres around the fire bowl. They are, however, more fragile than cast iron or steel models.

Fire pit fuel
For traditional fire pits, you can select from wood and charcoal.

An green and cost-effective option, wood should be properly dry before use. It lets you watch the flames flicker but does also produce ash and smoke.
Charcoal burns less quickly and includes a higher calorific value. Nonetheless, it can produce dust and is more challenging to light.

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Fire pit accessories
There is a variety of fire pit accessories which might or may well not be given your model. These things ought to be selected according to where your fire bowl is installed and how you intend on using it. From protective fireguards to ash trays, pokers to storage shelves, you have a lot of accessory options.

If you fail to store your fire bowl indoors over the wintertime, make sure to employ a protective cover. The cover ought to be strong, waterproof and suited to how big is your fire pit.

Safety rules
As suggested by the name, fire pits do contain fire… As such, you should make sure your fire pit is established on a correctly level, stable and non-flammable surface. The same applies to the area surrounding these devices.

Additionally, keepchildren and animals at a safe distance from the fire bowl. Finally, ensure that the fire bowl is properly extinguished before leaving it unattended.