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Fannie May is a make of chocolates owned by Ferrero SpA. Fannie May Confections, Inc. is a confectioner located in Chicago.[1] Fannie May manufactures a wide selection of products including enrobed, barks, caramels, squares, berries, twist wrapped, molded, flow wrapped, and boxed chocolates. In try to reach all consumers, Fannie May became allergy conscious carrying candy without gluten, milk, honey, oil(s), wheat, eggs, etc. together with listing the health benefits associated with eating chocolates.[2] The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America certified a lot of Fannie May’s products to be kosher aswell.[3][4]

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History & Ownership
After purchasing Fannie May from Archibald Candy, Alpine Confections moved production to the business’s Ohio based Harry London Candies, which have been purchased by Alpine Confections a year earlier, hoping to produce a profit with the annals of the confectionery’s brand and reopened it in October 2004.[6] Led by entrepreneurs R. Taz Murray and David Taiclet, the integration of the acquisition was highly successful.

In April 2006, Fannie May was sold for $85 million plus an earnout to publicly traded Internet retailer[7] Alpine Confections again tapped investment banker Paragon Capital Partners because of this transaction.[8] The e-commerce retailer has since built a fresh business division, Simply Chocolate, to displace their chocolate category. The brand new business was more of an online platform that allowed shoppers to pick from their wide range of candy, meeting their expectations.[9] The chocolates and candy continue being created in Green, Ohio, under Fannie May Confections Brands Inc, while their corporate headquarters remains in Chicago, Illinois.