A video projector can be an essential tool for business. It can even be used in the home for entertainment purposes. Instead of checking out any video projector, this is a good notion to go with the brand like Epson projector. When you’re looking for Epson projectors aswell, you will understand there are a number of options. Now Black Friday is here to give you amazing discount, offers, sales, right now.

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Based on your usage, you can select from the several Epson projectors very easily. When you have shortlisted the brand, now it’s time to look into the actual style of the Epson projector that you want to choose. Before we go in to the precise model, we can look into a number of the parameters which you should think about while choosing the video projector.

  1. Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector
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With 2500 lm of brightness, you should have no complaints at all out of this particular Epson projector. Also, it comes with an even higher dynamic contrast ratio in comparison with the predecessor. The dynamic contrast ratio stands at 60,000:1. Consequently, it will be possible to start to see the darker scenes in the movie or the images quite clearly.

You will have no interpolation of the frames. Moreover, just about every frame will be sharp and vivid. Also, you can certainly hook up this projector with the wireless screen mirroring applications. By using these applications, you can display the films, images along with other documents quite easily. By using this projector, it will be easy to see HD movies very easily. It includes a pixel density of 1080p which gives you with clear HD projections.


Works together with wireless screen mirroring applications
2500 lm brightness
Maximum projection distance of 11 feet
60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
Full HD projection
Easy to use

  1. Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD HOME ENTERTAINMENT Projector
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If you’re buying 3-D projector, this can be a perfect option for you personally. It can be located far away of 300 inches from the screen or the wall. Moreover, with the brightness of 2200 lm, you can make certain that the picture will be pretty clear aswell. By using 3LCD technology, the colour brightness is also very good. The colour brightness is 3X which means that it is possible to watch the films together with documents and images in complete clarity without the problems at all.

The pixel density which is projected out of this projector is 1080p. Thus, you should have no problems at all in viewing the films completely HD quality. Because of the fact that it could project 3D movies aswell, it is among the finest Epson projectors that you can buy.


2200 lm
1080p pixel density
Projection distance as high as 300 inches
3LCD technology
3-D compatible

  1. Epson EX3260 SVGA 3,300 lumens Projector
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If you are especially buying a projector with higher lumens rating, that one with 3300 lm may be the perfect option for you personally. As a result, it really is brighter when compared with the predecessors. Also, it might be linked with the aid of HDMI port which means that it is possible to hook up a multitude of devices with it.

Moreover, it is appropriate for a multitude of laptops along with computers. Thus, you won’t need to worry about converting files before with them with this Epson projector. It really is completely simple to use when you’re projecting images aswell. Thus, it becomes easier that you should make make use of it for presentations aswell for watching movies.


3300 lm brightness
Vivid color
3X color brightness
HDMI connectivity
Appropriate for computers and laptops

  1. Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300 lumens Projector
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This Epson projector also offers 3300 lm brightness. Subsequently, the display quality is very good. Also, with 3X color brightness, you should have no complaints at all. Along with that, you can certainly modify the images which are being displayed aswell. If you want to safeguard your notebook computer screen through the projector, that’s also a possibility.

It is appropriate for almost all of the laptops. You can certainly transmit and project the video files through the projector by connecting an individual cable. Thus, you won’t need to worry about using multiple projection cables aswell. In general, this projector is pretty versatile since it can be utilised for images in addition to videos.


HDMI connectivity
3X color brightness
Easy to regulate the images
Connectivity by making use of single cable
3300 lm
Compatible with virtually all laptops and computers

  1. Epson VS350 XGA 3,300 lumens color brightness Projector
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With 3300 lm brightness, you should have no issue at all using this type of epson projector. It will be possible to see just about every color in an in depth manner by making use of this projector. Moreover, the brightness is in a way that you’ll be able to even decipher small details in the picture. The technology which is employed is 3LCD. This further increases the output. Moreover, there is proper control provided for the image projection. Due to this fact, when you’re using it for presentations, it will be easy to regulate the image precisely. With 3X color brightness, you can view movies quite easily.

The best thing relating to this projector is that it supports HDMI connectivity. Therefore, it is possible to synchronize your notebook computer with the projector very easily. Moreover, it supports various media players that may run on the notebook as well. This means that there is no need to download any extra software so that you can use this projector together with your laptop. If you’re using the cable to be able to transmit the multimedia files, you will desire a single cable for audio tracks and video. That is an added advantage.


3X color brightness
Easy setup
3300 lm brightness output
HDMI compatibility
Works together with most laptops
Appropriate for media players and laptops
Single cable necessary for multimedia transmission
Image customization options provided
Sufficient for movies in addition to presentations
Things to search for before buying Epson projector:
A few of the factors which you should consider while picking the video projectors include:

Kind of the video projector: You must understand that when you’re looking at the sort, the video projectors could be classified into 2 types. The very first may be the digital light processing. Another one may be the liquid crystal display. The primary difference between both these may be the quality of the display. This is why you have to consider the difference and thereafter you must take a call. Even though you’re choosing the Epson projector, it is vital that you should check out the type and thereafter have a call.
The source of light of the projector: The next thing that you’ve to bear in mind is the source of light of the projector. The source of light could be LED or it’s rather a lamp or it might be even a laser. You should look at the source of light and compare different light sources before going for a call. Every one of these light sources has their own advantages together with disadvantages. This is why it is a good notion to determine about the source of light and thereafter have a call.
The frequency of usage: If you’re likely to utilize the projector on a far more regular basis, choosing the LED source of light is a far greater idea. However, if you wish to utilize the Epson projector occasionally, you can also go with one which has laser or lamp as the source of light. Thus, the frequency of use plays an essential role in selecting the Epson projector.
Light output: The light output will in the end decide if the picture which has been projected is noticeable evidently or not. You should consider the brightness rating aswell. The better the brightness rating, the better may be the projector. You should also consider the size of the screen and the length of which the projector will be located from the screen. When you look at these entire factors combined, you will know why the light output, plus the brightness, play an essential role in selecting the Epson projector.
Type of input: Nowadays, projectors work on a multitude of inputs. You can hook up it with the HDMI input or with the VGA input. This is why you should look at the sort of the input which is supplied by the projector. Once it is possible to look into most of these factors combined, it’ll become easier that you can pick the best projector.
When you’re buying projector, it will always be smart to go with a reputed brand like Epson. Among the countless different Epson projectors which are for sale to sale, you can proceed through our set of top 10 above and you’ll be able to find one which fits your preferences perfectly. We’ve curated this list after shortlisting and comparing a multitude of Epson projectors. It will be easy to pick the very best from our list above when looking for Epson projectors.