Are you searching for the very best electric griddle for your kitchen? Choosing the best electric griddle that fits your preferences and budget is head spinning and real tough job. But don’t you worry; we are here that will help you opt for the best one for you personally. You just have to feel the information in this electric griddle buyer’s guide quite thoroughly and you’ll be a specialist in electric griddles.

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What is Griddle?
A griddle is a cooking appliance with the large and flat work surface. It is generally crafted from cast iron, aluminum or steel and the top is heated by gas, electricity, wood or coal. Griddles are being used for both residential and commercial purposes. Usually, the present day griddles have not-sticky surfaces. A lot of the residential and commercial griddles use flame or electricity directly or indirectly for heating.

Traditionally, griddles are being used to cook flatbreads like tortilla, crepes, pancakes, and oatcakes. In modern days griddles are mostly used to breakfast stuffs like pancakes, French toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and more. Griddles have become more and more well-known for commercial and even household purposes. They make the cooking easier and efficient with their large areas compared to the regular pans and pots. Also, griddles are far more convenient as you do not need to get several pans dirty and make your kitchen a major mess.

In broader terms, griddles could be categorized as traditional griddles and modern griddles. Modern griddles could be further categorized as residential and commercial predicated on their uses.

Traditional griddles are usually created from stone or clay and metal like aluminum, steel, and cast iron. They are mostly put over a fire for cooking.
Residential griddles could be manufactured from cast or wrought iron, aluminum or carbon steel, mostly with non-stick coatings and rectangular in form. They are lightweight and commonly use gas or electricity as the foundation of energy.
Commercial griddles will be the larger griddles that certainly are a freestanding countertop, mostly found in restaurants. Main pieces are plate, heat source and temperature control. They are usually manufactured from cast-iron or aluminum and also have ‘splashes’, vertical metal shields.
Types of Griddles based on the heat source
Modern griddles inside our kitchen are mostly manufactured from aluminum and will be set on the kitchen’s countertop. Such griddles use either gas-fired flame or the electricity for the heating purpose.

Gas griddles will be the most famous in the industry sector as a result of the ample option of natural and propane gas. Also, they are recommended because of their brisk heat-up and regular temperatures, which are crucial for the commercial cooking. Normal gas griddles use 25,000-30,000 BTU (1 BTU = 1055 joules) per linear foot.

Electric griddles are more famous as a kitchen gadget at children level. They are constructed of thinner plate material compared to the gas griddles plus they have an integral heating element. Folks are choosing electric griddles over common stove top pans because griddles have significantly more surface, heat evenly and full temperature control. Heating factors in the electric griddles are generally 4-5 kilowatt per linear foot.

Bit more on Electric Griddles
You can’t ever have pans and pots more efficient when compared to a griddle for anyone who is going to cook for a gathering. Griddles with inbuilt heating factor and use electricity as a heat source are called Electric Griddles. Electric griddles are roomy, simple to handle, heat quickly and evenly, and may be cleaned up easily.

More and more persons are purchasing the electric griddles for most various reasons. The large surface it provides may be the biggest advantage over the most common stove top pans. Plus they are portable, when you have usage of the electricity, you can merely make utilization of it just anywhere. They are simple and simple to use and ideal for cooking a more substantial amount of delightful food in a jiffy.

Electric griddles are simply awesome for breakfast foods like pancakes, French toasts, eggs, bacon, plus much more. The flat and large surface of the griddles makes tossing and turning of the breakfast foods easier and cooking for your family simple. Since most electric griddles have a nonstick surface, cleaning process after cooking is easier.

Most griddles are constructed of stainless and aluminum plus some with hard plastic aswell. Some griddles have dual controls in order that one side could be heated as the other side isn’t in use. That is useful while you are cooking two different items as well. They are constructed in a manner that they are light enough to be moved in one spot to another.

Several types of Electric Griddles
You can get electric griddles in a variety of designs and styles. There are basically 3 types of electric griddles available for sale. You can opt for the particular one which is most effective for your interests.

This is actually the traditional style of electric griddle which has flat and smooth surface. It really is bigger than your regular kitchen pans providing you the possibility to cook many items at onetime. Also, the heating is uniform over the surface, making the cooking easier. You can cook stuff like grilled sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese plus much more.

Griddle & Grill Combo
This sort of griddle gets the grill insert offering you more cooking options. You may easily and happily do the outdoor cooking within your kitchen. The grill insert makes the cooking of burgers, hot dogs and any other item that requires grill possible. You don’t need charcoal or propane such as a traditional grill. Also, these grill inserts have ridges that enable you to get the grill marks just like the traditional grill.

Multi-purpose Griddles
They are the griddles offering more than just one single function. Aside from the functions of griddle and grill combo, the multi-purpose griddles could work as a Panini press or a closed grill. They have interchangeable plates and will be offering great variation in cooking options.

Some advantages of a power Griddle
Nothing becomes favourited without the advantage. There are various advantages of a power griddle and that’s the reason persons love it. Here are several benefits that electric griddles provide making them a must-have appliance in the present day kitchen:

Large surface area
As stated earlier, griddles offer larger surface than the regular pans and pots. Larger area means the opportunity of cooking so many foods simultaneously and in a single appliance. For instance, you can cook 2-3 tortillas at onetime. This saves you from dirtying many pans as well as your time.

Flat surface area
The completely flat work surface makes the tossing and turning of your foods easier. You can maneuver around your spatula more freely flipping foods.

Uniform heating
Electric griddle gets hotter uniformly over the area and the equal heating through the entire cooking process. Stovetop griddle will not provide this. Also, the temperature control and adjustment certainly are a lot easier in electric griddles.

Stove is free
The electric griddle could be set on your own kitchen countertop without the hassle. You can stick it in a single corner and plug it in and cook things. This will release your stove (regular gas stove) and you could cook multiple things as well. In this manner makes the preparation of big meal real easy.

Meals get healthier
Nonstick surfaces permit you to use little if any grease at all. Which means your meal gets healthier with a reduced amount of fat. So when you make the huge batches of greasy foods, there sure would be the extra grease on the griddle. But it’s not a major deal. There is often an excellent type part around the griddle where in fact the extra grease trickles off and gets collected in it.

Keeps food warm
Some electric griddles have a little bit of space beneath it that gets warm as the griddle has been used. Allowing you place your dishes in a helpful warming tray within the griddle. If you are still cooking, your already-cooked food it’s still warm.

Fast Breakfast
The electric griddle is best kitchen appliance if you’re planning to cook a complete breakfast for your loved ones. As stated earlier, the large and flat work surface area enable you to cook your breakfast food simultaneously. You don’t have to cook each item turn by turn or use many pans simultaneously so that they can prepare all at one time.

Easy Cleanup
Clearing up after large meals is always a hefty job. Cooking with the electric griddle makes the cleanup process lot easier. You won’t mind cooking big meals more regularly. Rather than dozen pans, you’d be cleaning just one single griddle. The meals won’t stick (because of the non-stick surface) and you could submerge the complete griddle in to the water after removing heat controls. Damp rag or sponge will do to completely clean the metal or the plastic frame.

Easy & Appealing designs
Electric griddles are so simple and simple to use and which makes them a fantastic choice for many who don’t cook much. The heat of the electric griddles is merely so fast and you could control heat turning the dial from low to high suiting your requirements. They can be found in great designs: stainless to black, flat or ridged surfaces.

General Top features of Electric Griddles
There are various companies manufacturing electric griddles of varied designs and styles. The major kinds are Presto, Hamilton Beach, Oster, Broil King and Black & Decker. They are famous brands plus they always supply the best products. You can decide one for you personally after checking the features, size, and price of every one.