If you’re looking for a cosy night’s sleep a power blanket may be precisely what you need.
When temperatures drop, thoughts turn to hot drinks, woollen socks and a power blanket to ready your bed for a cosy night’s sleep. With respect to the amount you intend to spend, you may get a straightforward electric blanket from major chain stores, but additionally, there are options with some more bells and whistles.

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What features to search for
The basics
Overheat protection senses abnormal temperature variations and switches the blanket off if it gets too hot.
A fitted blanket is better to put on and remove, and stays flat and taut on the mattress.
If your feet get particularly cold, choose a blanket with an extra-warm foot zone.
In the event that you change your blanket’s settings at night time, choose a control with raised markings (so that you can identify the settings at night), or a light, that may also indicate the blanket is started up.
An illuminated LCD screen helps it be even much easier to see your settings at night.
Feel how thick the material is – it ought to be thick enough which means you can’t feel the heating elements.
Extra features
Dual controls permit you to control the temperature working for you of the bed independently.
Programmable settings let you pre-set a maximum heat setting at a specific time – say, ten minutes prior to going to bed.
Waterproof electric blankets are well suited for children.
Removable controls mean you can safely wash your electric blanket.
Wool-pile cover gives extra comfort, and works extremely well as an underlay through the warmer months.
Running costs
Predicated on our measurements, you mustn’t expect to pay a lot more than $20 per season to perform an individual bed electric blanket, which include pre-heating and leaving it on overnight, every evening, for 90 days. To be on the safe side, we advise against all-night use, regardless if the blanket comes with an all-night mode, so running costs ought to be even less.

Are electric blankets safe?
Numerous electric blanket recalls have already been issued through the years, typically having troubles with controller sturdiness recently with several electric blanket fires occuring. It has result in CHOICE positioning a greater focus on testing for toughness and electrical safety. Our tests have proven modern electric blankets are safe, but where electricity is involved almost always there is a tiny risk, and accidents can occur.

All electric blankets must carry AS/NZS 60335.2.17:2012, so search for this when shopping.
Browse the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s advice for use and care.
Fire and Rescue NSW recommends persons test their electric blankets before with them.
How exactly to check your blanket
To test a power blanket, lay it flat along with the bed and switch it on for 5 minutes. Visually inspect and feel the wires; make certain they’re operating properly and so are undamaged. Other suggestions to ensure you utilize the blanket safely are:

Turn the energy off and take away the plug when the applying is not used.
Ensure that your blanket isn’t wider compared to the mattress.
Don’t leave electric blankets started up all night.
Don’t switch the blanket on while it’s folded or when there’s something on the bed (such as for example books, clothing, a folded blanket, pillows or a pet). These may bring about localised overheating.
Place the blanket flat on the mattress with the switches at the pillow end, and secure it well.
Keep carefully the electric cord and switch beyond your bedding.
Be cautious with pointed or sharp objects that could damage the heating element.
Some models can not be applied to futons, rubber or foam mattresses, a water bed or under a mattress protector.
Don’t use a power blanket for a child, an immobile person or someone insensitive to heat.
Don’t make make use of it together with a warm water bottle (which might leak) or if it is wet.
Have your blanket checked by a professional professional every 3 years. Manufacturers recommend you take it to 1 of their service agents – check their website.
Don’t wash a power blanket unless the maker particularly recommends it.
If you would like to take your blanket off the bed in summer, fold it neatly however, not tightly, or roll it around a cylinder, and store it in a dry place.
Electric blankets cover all conventional bed sizes and cost between $50 and $400 according to features.