While many people think about the Nest as the first smart thermostat, ecobee was actually the first available. They released their original device in 2008 and also have been innovating since.

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A good Wi-Fi thermostat is normally the first smart home product persons purchase. They are much better than standard programmable versions given that they can automatically adapt themselves predicated on whether someone is home. Furthermore, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats permit you to monitor and control the temperature if you are away from home.

Perhaps the biggest reason behind investing in a smart thermostat is to save lots of money on your own energy bills. Cooling and heating take into account almost half of your utility costs. Using the smart features and monitoring your energy use via integrated reports can cause a huge selection of dollars of savings every year. Wi-Fi thermostats generally purchase themselves within 3 years.

Our Verdict
As the Nest thermostats tend to be popular, we believe the ecobee thermostats will be the best with regards to features.

We find that the superior energy use reporting, HomeKit compatibility, voice assistant connectivity, and wider selection of settings make the ecobee thermostats the very best options that you can buy. Of course, we wish there have been other color or finish possibilities.

We recommend the ecobee SmartThermostat if you need built-in voice control or have to control humidification components. Otherwise, the ecobee3 lite is a fantastic device.

What We Like:
Voice control available from Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana
Multi-zone and Multi-Home control under an individual app
Utility rebates may less expensive
Remote temperature/occupancy sensors open to help address cold or hot rooms
Best & most detailed energy consumption reports on the web-based Home IQ dashboard
Wireless Room Sensors usually do not monitor humidity
No color options – only obtainable in a black finish
Requires at least 3 thermostat wires – only works together with a common wire or additional hardware
Before YOU GET:
Be sure to have a common wire or at least three control wires available. Make reference to “Common Wire Requirements” below.
Consider the Nest unless you have a common wire or if you need other color options.
Consider the Mysa or Stelpro in the event that you desire a line voltage thermostat for electric baseboards.


Ecobee currently sells two variations of their Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. We will discuss the dissimilarities below, but first we’ll cover what’s the same.

The ecobee thermostats are black square devices with rounded corners. They add a 3.5″ full-color LCD screen that’s touch-enabled for local control. The devices talk to the web over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using 802.11 b/g/n. There is also a low-power 915 MHz radio that is employed to talk to remote temperature sensors.

The ecobee thermostats are the obligatory temperature and humidity sensors. There is also a proximity sensor therefore the screen turns on when you method of make manual adjustments.

Both thermostats have a baseplate, mounting screws, installation guide, and wire labels. The box also contains a sizable trim plate that covers larger holes in your wall from existing thermostats. Finally, both versions add a Power Extender Kit (PEK) that is employed unless you have a common wire. We will discuss the PEK in greater detail below.

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control
The SmartThermostat may be the flagship model challenging great features. It measures 4.29″ square and stands off the beaten track 1″.

While both ecobee thermostats will control conventional multi-stage HVAC systems aswell as heat pumps, the SmartThermostat may also control systems that include humidification or dehumidification. Furthermore, it is with the capacity of controlling more complex systems that include heat recovery ventilators or energy recovery ventilators. Much like any thermostat, we advise that you check ecobee’s compatibility tool before you make a purchase.

The other big feature that the SmartThermostat includes is an integral (and fully functional) Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The machine has microphones that allow far-field voice recognition. In addition, it carries a speaker so Alexa can respond exactly like on other echo devices. You will find a blue LED strip over the the surface of the thermostat so that you can see when Alexa is thinking. The built-in Alexa can modify your temperature, nonetheless it can also do the rest that Alexa does, including setting timers, playing music, or adjusting compatible smart home accessories. You can also utilize the thermostat as a speakerphone to create calls. Of course, the SmartThermostat also works together with several other hubs and voice assistants (Apple HomeKit/Siri, Google Assistant, Wink, SmartThings) if you already own those devices.

The ecobee SmartThermostat comes with an on-board occupancy sensor that is employed to trigger Smart Home and Away. This feature can be used to override the standard home and away settings to keep your home comfortable if you are home and can help you spend less when you leave.

The SmartThermostat includes a remote temperature and occupancy sensor in the box. Allowing you monitor the temperature in another room. In addition, it serves as yet another occupancy sensor in order that the thermostat doesn’t trigger Smart Away when someone is home. We’ll talk more about the remote sensor later in the following paragraphs.

By October 2019, the ecobee SmartThermostat costs $249 (MSRP), nevertheless, you can sometimes think it is cheaper on Amazon. Additionally you want to consider the ecobee4, which includes lots of the same features as the SmartThermostat, but are available cheaper.

ecobee3 lite Thermostat
Ecobee’s less costly model, the ecobee3 lite, is an extremely functional smart thermostat in its right. These devices is somewhat smaller, measuring 4.05″ x 4.05″ and stands off the beaten track a little significantly less than an inch.

The ecobee3 lite controls most cooling and heating systems used in THE UNITED STATES, but it does not have the opportunity to control the more complex energy recovery and humidification pieces on some HVAC systems. As explained above, make sure to check on the ecobee compatibility checker before you get.

Just like the SmartThermostat, the ecobee3 lite easily connects to the favorite voice assistant devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s Siri (HomeKit). Furthermore, it works together with Wink and Samsung SmartThings hubs. However, it generally does not have an integral voice assistant just like the ecobee4. You’ll have to get a separate device if you wish that feature.

Ecobee3 lite doesn’t add a built-in occupancy sensor so that it cannot automatically trigger Smart Home and Away. You will need to count on manual adjustments. However, you can buy another Wireless Room Sensor that acts as an occupancy sensor and invokes the Smart Home/Away feature.

The ecobee3 lite includes a $169 (MSRP) price lately 2019.

Common Wire Requirements
There are two methods to power an ecobee thermostat. The easiest way is to use the normal wire that ties to your HVAC equipment. The normal wire, which is often black or dark blue, offers a regular flow of 24-volt capacity to these devices. This power keeps the Wi-Fi and screen running regardless if heat or cooling is off.

Unless you have a common wire, nevertheless, you have 3 wires (Y, G, R/Rc/Rh) or 4 wires (W, Y, G, R/Rc/Rh) then you can certainly utilize the included Power Extender Kit (PEK). The PEK requires you to adapt the wiring at your HVAC unit, but many persons are able to set it up without an issue. For anyone who is uncomfortable with this wiring project then contact your neighborhood HVAC technician or contact ecobee to be placed in touch with a specialist installer.

Unfortunately, simple boilers with 2 wires require somewhat more work if you wish to use an ecobee thermostat. Have a look at this support page, but remember that you’ll have to get additional components.

We have a far more detailed article if you want more info on common wires and smart thermostats.

WORKS TOGETHER WITH: Compatible Voice Assistants
Both ecobee thermostats use the major voice assistants and smart home hubs. You can hook up them to an Amazon Echo or Google Home. They easily integrate with Apple HomeKit and Microsoft Cortana. In addition they hook up to Wink Hubs and Samsung SmartThings hubs. When you get the most granular control using the native ecobee app, it really is helpful to hook up to other home automation systems as a central controller.