Before investing in a toaster, consider the sort of items you usually toast, just how many persons utilize the toaster and just how much space you have in your kitchen.

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What do you want to toast? Thick sliced bread from uncut loaves, toasted sandwiches, crumpets and bagels will require wide or adjustable slots. A bagel or bun setting provides option of toasting using one side, warming on the other. Accessories like warming racks are occasionally designed for toasting items such as for example croissants or pancakes. If you regularly toast small stuff like toasted tea cakes or crumpets, a higher lift bread carriage can make it simple to take them off from the slots without burning your fingers, or use a sandwich cage if one is available. Black friday is here for you to give amazing offers, deals, right here.

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If you desire a toaster for commercial use, such as for example in a hotel, B&B, café or canteen, in that case your considerations will much more likely differ slightly. The toaster’s output, for instance, may be the deciding factor.

What to consider


2 slice and 4 slice will be the most widely found toaster sizes. If there are greater than a couple of men and women using the toaster concurrently, a 4 slice will be most readily useful or for large families a six slice. Dualit’s Classic Toasters can be found to get in two, three, four and six slice versions. Safety Tip: When used, there must be nothing above the toaster that might lead to the heat produced to build up, so be sure to have space in your kitchen where in fact the toaster can be utilised that’s not under cupboards or near curtains.


Just how many watts does the toaster are powered by? The bigger the watts, the faster it toasts. A minimal wattage that provides a slower toasting speed will much more likely produce toast that’s chewy, instead of crisp externally, fluffy inside. An excellent power level for a two slice toaster will be 1000W or above and for a four slice toaster, 1800W or above. However, the sort of bread you toast gets the greatest effect; different varieties toast at different speeds, with different outcomes.

Browning control

The factors that are fitted in the toasting slot is what heats and browns the bread. The factor is wrapped with wire which may be the part that gets hotter. Although you can’t test a toaster before buying, you often will look inside slots and start to see the factors – the more spaced out and less wire there is, the higher threat of uneven browning and hotspots. Fewer gaps between your wire will produce more even toasting.

Energy efficiency

An option to select just how many slots heat-up will save energy when only toasting one slice. It will make toasting far more even; if there are two slots heating but only 1 slice of bread toasting the other side will always brown faster.

Independent slot function

If you pick a toaster with four slots, a separate timer for each and every pair is useful if you and your members of the family have different browning preferences or like different bread types.

Peek & Pop

This enables you to lift the bread to check on it without resetting the browning cycle.


Warms the bread then toasts it in a single cycle. Ideal in the event that you regularly have to toast from frozen.


If your bread finishes toasting and cools before you can eat it, the reheat function will warm the toast without leaving it soggy or burning the bread.


Crumb trays ought to be simple to remove and clean to avoid the build-up of bread crumbs, which is often a safety hazard.

Style and colour

Toasters will come in a huge selection of styles, from cutting-edge modern designs to people that have retro appeal. If co-ordinating appliances are essential to you, search for toasters that come in a number of colours and offering matching kettles.

Life Expectancy

This will be influenced by the grade of the elements, the construction and material. These factors will subsequently affect the price. Check out the fittings, switches, dials etc. Does the maker operate a repairs service? Are replacement parts available? There are actions you can take to help maximise the life span of your toaster; clean the slots regularly with a soft brush to eliminate bread particles and any oils from the bread, empty the crumb tray regularly and keep carefully the toaster in a dry place where heat and condensation cannot cause damage.

Classic Toaster
Large selection of colours in bold, pastel and metallic shades with matching kettles available from (link)
Obtainable in two, three, four and six slice versions
Combi Classic Toasters include toasting slots and sandwich cages for regular toastie makers
Bun Classic Toasters available with extra wide slots
Sandwich Classic Toasters have a sandwich cage for each and every slot
Fitted with almost un-breakable, unique ProHeat® elements
Fully repairable or replaceable parts
Hand made in the united kingdom (search for the assembler’s name on the baseplate)
Stainless and die cast aluminium construction
Matches the Classic Kettle
Optional sandwich cage and warming rack available
£149.50 – £304.50

Domus Toaster
Oversize slots to match larger sliced loaves
Patented Perfect Toast Technology
Patented Peek & Pop® function
Fast, powerful toasting: 4 slot 2100-2250w 2 slot 1000-1200w
9 level sliding browning control
Defrost feature
Bagel setting to toast one side whilst warming the other
LED illuminated buttons
High lift mechanism to eliminate small items easily
Removable crumb tray
£100.00 – £130.00

Architect toasters
A variety of interchangeable colour panels and designer-inspired panels
Obtainable in two and four slice versions
Patented Perfect Toast Technology
Patented Peek & Pop®
Stainless and polymer construction with stainless bolt-on panels
Gloss or brushed stainless finish
Matching kettles available
Optional sandwich cage available
£85.99 – £115.99

Lite Toaster
Selection of colours available
Two and four slice versions and two slot long version available
Patented Perfect Toast Technology
Patented Peek & Pop®
Bagel and defrost settings
Stainless and polymer construction
Gloss and textured matt finishes available
Matching kettles available
Optional sandwich cage available
£70.00 – £115.99

Studio by Dualit™
Available in black
Two slot version available
Defrost and reheat settings
Dualit “crunch test” approved for creating regularly good toast
Lightweight polymer construction with stainless finish
Matching kettle available
£59.99 – £69.00

Six Slice Classic Toaster
Output of 240 rounds each hour
Obtainable in several colours
Fitted with almost un-breakable, unique ProHeat® elements
Fully repairable or replaceable parts
Hand made in the united kingdom (search for the assembler’s name on the baseplate)
Stainless and die cast aluminium construction
When four simply isn’t enough

Conveyor Toasters
Perfect for busy breakfast services and self-service buffets with a higher throughput of guests.
Obtainable in two slice and three slice versions
Output of 360 (two slice) or 500 (three slice) rounds each hour
Fitted with replaceable Quartz Red elements
Replaceable parts
Energy preservation auto-off and the stand by position modes
£859.00 – £959.00

Combi Toasters
Unless you know whether to get a sandwich toaster or a normal toaster, or want both but don’t possess the worktop space, the Dualit combi could possibly be your ideal solution. With the functionality, longevity and colour selection of our classic toasters, the combi is quite such as a pick’n’mix – a versatile 2 in 1 without the dependence on extras. You can select from two models: the two 2 slot bread + 1 slot sandwich, or 2 slot bread + 2 slot sandwich (sandwich cages contained in both). They’re exquisite for families with different tastes who would like to eat together without the hassle. And really should you ever want to use all three or four 4 slots cage-less for plain toast, then that’s fine too!

£181.50 – £214.50

Bun toasters and sandwich toasters
Our bun toasters and our sandwich toasters are at the mercy of the same controls and work to the same high standards as almost every other toaster inside our classic range. However, they’re especially created for the work at hand, so excellent for many who find themselves needing to cater for good sized quantities. Perfect for cafès and venues, the bun toasters can be found in 4 and 6 slot models, and also have ingenious components which will stand up correctly to sticky crumpets, muffins and more. They’ll toast one side whilst warming the other – which is merely the thing you need when cooking teacakes, buns and bagels. The sandwich toasters can be purchased in 2 and 4 slots, and come filled with cages that keep your sandwich filling where it’s designed to be, in addition to extra deep slots to handle larger loaves. Each is simply perfect for turning out good sized quantities, constantly well. The only limit is your imagination!

£189.95 – £304.50

Warming rack
It’s no exaggeration to state that the Dualit warming rack will transform your toaster! Along with enabling you to toast super-thick, home cut bread, you can crisp tortillas and heat croissants and naan breads and never have to turn the oven on once. It fits neatly total of our classic toasters and is straightforward and compact to store.